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unnecessary fretting about technical details

Bill Tindall, E.TN.
I, and many others, have built many drawers 6" and greater in height from randomly oriented poplar and never had a sticking, cupping or splitting issue. If the joint is securely made the side can't cup. Personally I have never seen a split drawer side, but I can see that it could happen, but not with furniture in a modern home. One fits a drawer to the season, but it is hardly an issue if a furniture maker is going to own the furniture. If it sticks next year, plane some off.

We interpret these shrinkage tables like they are worth something for predicting something. There are many reasons why they are not. In my experience, and for some valid reasons, they over predict wood movement. The standard deviation on the publish values are substantial. The values are rough guides at best for "average" lumber.

Looks and wear are the only things worth considering. Wear in a small drawer is likely not relevant unless you keep your coin collection in it.

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