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Bill Tindall, E.TN.
As the tree grows it sheds limbs, so that the clearest lumber will be on the outside of the log. The log is turned to saw as much high grade lumber off the outside of the log as possible and concentrate the low grade lumber into center of what is left.

In the simplest case, a cut is taken off one side of the log to provide a flat secure surface to support the log on the mill carriage. The log is turned down to rest on this flat face. A second cut is taken to remove a slab of bark 90 degrees to the first cut. Then boards are sawed until a defect is hit that would lower the grade. The log is turned 180 degrees and the process repeated. The the log is turned 90 degrees and sawed until a defect is hit. Then 180 degrees. A multitude of other decisions are made to optimize the yield of high grade lumber.

A hydraulic device turns the log and the process is very quick. There is little time lost hunting for the high grade lumber. The low grade cant is often sent off to a gang saw to rip it into low grade boards very quickly.

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