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Bill Tindall, E.TN.
I realize that there has to be both rift and quarter sawn boards produced when a log is flat sawn).......Check my article on hardwood lumber production in the Articles section to see how a log is sawed "for grade", meaning to get the most high grade lumber and concentrate the worst. This technique doesn't produce any rift or quartered lumber. Occasionally if the logs are poor, cants will be produced and these gang sawed which will make rift and quartered but it will likely be in the lower grades. Occasionally one of these boards will be trimmed to yield a top grade board which will be rift or quartered. I have seen such show up but not commonly.

The tiny mills that saw with a portable band mill will saw rift and quartered lumber if they don't turn the logs, a practice that is inconvenient on these kind of mills.

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