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Planing with the capiron close

This weekend I have been making some door sills from wallnut (they look fantastic next to our new maple floor!). So I tried the trick "capiron very close to the edge". I ran into a bit of a problem though. Up till something like .3 .4 mm everything goes fine. But a tighter set immediately leads to a jammed mouth. I have a replacement blade from Ray Iles in this plane which is rather thick. And even with the frog pulled back as far as possible I still have that tiny mouth.

So I was planing with about .4mm (didn't really meassure). Fine shavings. It is not entirely free of tear out. Around a knot and on some ripples in the grain I see something that looks like tearout, but you can't really feel it. It is very shallow and easilly removed with a scraper. With the capiron set back further it tears a lot deeper!

It was also fun to play with an old woodie on some pine. The shavings shoot out vertically from the plane with the capiron rather close. Setting the capiron on the Stanley Bailey is easier though. Like David wrote, it's just a matter of tightening the screw halfway, then sliding the caprion forward using the reflection as a guide. Finally tighten the screw all the way down. Not difficult at all when you have good vision and a light source.

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