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Manual for setting up a multi-angle fence
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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I prepared a pictorial to aid others installing a multi-position fence such as this. Note that this fence requires only two inserts in the shooting board for the fence to cover any amount of angles you may wish to use. I will show you how this is achieved.

As I mentioned at the start of the thread, blame this on the boredom of painting ceilings.

The first picture shows the fence with the two main threaded holes. The one on the left is a threaded 6mm (M6) that acts as a pivot. This is a snug fit (nil slop). The threaded hole on the right is 8mm (M8). This acts as a micro-adjuster for a 6mm bolt – in other words, 1mm movement either way. I may change this to a M10 threaded hole, which will double the adjustment. At this time it is not needed as the method for installation creates a very precise placement of the holes.

I made two “tools” to aid accuracy in placing the holes. These are simply two bolts that were turned to points at the end (on a disk sander).

Installing the fence

I began by drilling a 5/16” hole for a metal insert 2” off the side of the board.

Chamfer the inside edge to enable the insert to sit flush with the table top.

Now attach the fence at this point, square it to the side, and clamp it in place.

Using the M8 centering bolt, thread this through the far hole until it pieces the table top.

Again drill this out with the 5/16” bit and insert the thread for a M6 bolt.

You can now use a M6 bolt to use the fence in the 90° mode. Attach with a hex key ..

Setting up angles

Here I demonstrate setting up a 45° angle. Other angles (30- and 60 degrees) are completed in the same manner.

The first thing to do is unlock the 90° hex bolt, and clamp the fence at 45°. Be accurate.

Carefully place the board on its side and – from underneath – thread the pointed M6 bolt up and through the empty metal insert ..

Here is a side view ..

That marks the precise position where you need to drill the fence base for the 45° setting. This hole should be drilled with an 8mm bit to match the micro-adjustment on the 90° setting.

Do the same for other angles.

Installation of your fence is now completed.

Regards from Perth


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