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Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi Derek,

Great project!

To answer the 'how would you do it?' question, I break it down into two parts:

Part 1. Most accurate initial setting of the fixed angles....You've already drilled your variable hole in the darker wood. Using an accurate protractor (I have two electronic ones from LV that I like a lot!), get the fence to the selected angle and lock up the assembly with clamps so nothing moves. Use the single already-drilled hole as a drilling guide, and drill through the base. Tom McGregor has already covered the hardware better than I am able.

Part 2. Microadjust. No matter how good your fixed drilling is, wood can and will move, and every drilling operation has a tolerance. Including drill skating and drill press runout, etc etc. I would suggest putting two stiff springs between the brass angle iron and the fence, at the two points of connection. And put a thumbscrew on each connector. The springs could be stiff coil springs let into the wooden fence, or better yet, disc washers or disc springs to give you just a little bit of play.

When setting up, use your protractor in coordination with the thumbscrews to zero in on your selected angle.

Beautiful project--all your projects show nice attention to detail, including hardware in this case, and selection of a stable native wood for the fence assembly.



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