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Tom MacGregor
I'd complete the board with a finished pivot point and a single counterbored hole sized for a 1/4" shoulder bolt. With the plane and fence in place I'd use drafting and/or machinist's angles to establish where I wanted to be able to set the fence. Then I'd install a press-fit 1/4" drill guide bushing in the bolt hole. Using a 1/4" drill bit I'd drill into the board, then enlarge the hole for a threaded insert. The fence could then be bolted exactly in place. Repeat for other angles. I would consider using drill bushings in the board and the pivoting fence support to use a piece of steel rod instead of a bolt. It could also be done with simple drilled holes and dowel, but wouldn't be as rugged or long lasting. There would be lots of ways to do it if you accurately set the angle and then drill it with everything clamped in place. Good clear plastic drafting triangles are inexpensive, accurate and very handy. I own 30/60/90 and 45/45/90 angles in several sizes. And there's a Lee Valley/Veritas polygon available for setting many common angles including 22-1/2 degrees. McMaster-Carr has assorted drill bushings.

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