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Jim Dillon
Another thought I had was that the tannic acid content of the wood might influence the long-term creep/strength properties of the CA. The tannic acid content, combined with moisture/humidity etc., might catalyze the breakdown of the pendant ester groups - the weak link in the CA polymer. Degradation of that functional group would likely alter the properties of the CA, especially in a load-bearing (static or dynamic) situation. So, CA may give "acceptable" long-term performance with some woods, but poor performance with others. Personally, while CA has many useful applications in woodworking, I would never use the stuff for building quality furniture that I wanted to last a "long" time.

As an aside, I wonder if there is any open-literature on the long-term properties of CA in woodworking? I can't recall seeing its use in comparative testing of woodworking adhesives in woodworking mags, but then the CA suppliers likely don't recommend it for use in woodworking joints intended for long-term use, so it is not tested.


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