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One of CSI's early mistakes.

Jason Roehl in Lafayette, IN
I've used SuperGlue to close small cuts for a number or years now. In one of the episodes of CSI, possibly even the first season, there was a clue that involved someone dripping SuperGlue because they tried to use it on a cut and it stung (or something to that effect). I knew immediately the exact opposite was true--there's no stinging or burning sensation.

What others have said is true, too--SuperGlue (and other CA glues) do not work well on "wet" cuts--you have to get the bleeding/oozing stopped first. Leaking bodily fluids just push the uncured CA glue out of the cut. Since CA glue is an anaerobic-curing glue (though there is solvent that evaporates also), you definitely need a way to keep the cut tightly closed until it cures--usually just holding it closed for 15-30 seconds is adequate. For that reason, it also works best on very clean cuts, such as from a razor. Ragged, torn cuts are more difficult to close with CA glues.


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