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Re: Doesn't sting for some reason...

For those who use CA and I have been known to close small cuts quickly should know that the edges of the cut are held together before the glue is applied ,so that no glue penetrates the cut, a spritz of accelerator will speed up the process and sometimes you even see and smell a little curl for smoke for a second or two. ;-))

As far as glue life is concerned , I have lost track of how many Picture frames and Wainscot panels I held together with this stuff in a Gel form, haven't any failures yet and we are going on thirty years for some the stuff.

My Brother for years was into heavy duty RC airplanes and boats and he used it by the case to beef up Balsa frames for 4 cycle V-eight model engines on the planes.

Somebody remarked that the secret to long life glue joints depended on how well the fit of the joint was and that is exactly right in my estimation.


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