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question of how

Bill Tindall
Early on we knew the military experimented with this stuff and used it for wound closure in Vietnam. I did more prosaic stuff like gluing glass or rubber horse shoes to horse feet (both were failures) or devious stuff like gluing unsuspecting persons fingers around a coffee cup handle or what ever. The person that first made it glued his arm to a lab bench before it was known that it glued flesh.

I knew it was used for wounds but never knew how. I would think that it would sting like crazy if applied to a cut. So how is it applied/used to seal, bring together ??? cuts. The formulation used for medical is not the stuff in the hardware store, but its related.

I tried it for sealing tail stumps after lamb tail docking but failed to stem bleeding probably because I didn't know how to use it. Burned the crap out of wife's leg when I spilled some on it and it rapidly polymerized. Boggling amounts of heat are given off when it goes. Not a problem on a joint but don't ever get a bottle of it going or you will be leaving the shop.

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