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Re: Joint life ( how long will glue last)

"the content of which will no doubt be dismissed by those unwilling to believe anything useful in woodworking has been invented in the last 100 years."

Well as someone who buys epoxy by the drum on occasion, and probably has 20 varieties of glue on the go at any one time, I have learned that not all glues are equal, or equal to the task. The problem with science is that even when it works 100%, it does so in response to specific design criteria. These criteria may include deliverables like: competitive pricing, shelf life, toxicity, ease of use, etc... that have nothing to do with bond. Also, it is normally unusual for the design criteria to match all the projects we have on hand. So to me it is unscientific to forget how well matched a particular product is to an intended use. Sorta like taking the scientifically designed puppy formula and feeding it to your cows.

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