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Re: Ingersol Rand compressor -Emerson Motor -long

Randy Johnson
>Voltage around here tends to run on the high side. I have never had any trouble when running any machine with the cyclone running anyway.

The run from the panel to the compressor is under twenty feet. Fitting #8 into the pressure switch would be tricky and I think fitting #6 into it would be impossible. After the pressure switch there would have to be a real load problem because the wire from the motor to the pressure switch is only #12. But that's plenty for 15 amps on a side.
If you Google IR 23220064 or IR 54421193 you will be able to read a number of threads on at least three forums about troubles with these particular motors.
Since it was too cold to do much else today I took a little roadtrip to Richmond,IN where I bought my compressor. Part of the trip was to look at what was available in motors in case I have to replace the one I have on my own. While at Tractor Supply I noted that none of the three 5HP IR compressors on the floor have one of the two motors that have caused all the trouble.

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