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DIY Motor Brake?

John M in Mid Mich
>I love the automatic brake on my planer/jointer (Rojek) and on my miter saw (Makita). I think it is a huge safety advantage compared to the other machines in my shop. Sometime I make a cut on my table saw and have to stand bent over my piece in discomfort/terror while I wait patiently for the blade to spin down. I have a foot brake on my band saw, and this is better than no brake, but the brakes that engage when I turn off the power are such a pleasure. Can one add a motor brake to any motor? Are they electronic or mechanical (or both)? Anybody have instructions/plans/links/advice? The way my planer works, I'd guess we're talking some kind of solenoid actuation, but I'm not sure. I "did a google" and all I got was a DC circuit design. I'm thinking I'd love to put one on both the band saw and table saw if I knew how.

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