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Re: I need help picking out a Christmas present!12/2/2007, 1:39 pm
Re: Then there was "FREE" health care10/11/2007, 3:39 pm
Re: Man are we a sensitive bunch!7/22/2007, 12:59 am
We Lost a Good Man *LINK*6/13/2007, 9:07 am
Where Hardwood Comes from 6, log carriage *PIC*6/13/2007, 9:04 am
Dust in my cyclone filter help.6/13/2007, 8:12 am
Happy Birthday Terry Hatfield !6/13/2007, 7:54 am
OT Military Rules (complete)6/13/2007, 7:07 am
Help needed to identify this chest of tools *LINK* *PIC*6/13/2007, 4:58 am
Rubbing compound for wood6/12/2007, 9:47 pm
What wood goes well with Mahogany (cabinet)6/12/2007, 9:01 pm
Planning a shop.6/12/2007, 7:26 pm
Hammer ID? *PIC*6/12/2007, 4:52 pm
Figure-8 things that attach table tops to aprons6/12/2007, 2:28 pm
Clear Wood Filler?6/12/2007, 12:18 pm
Hey Mark Goodall, about those CMS settings....6/12/2007, 12:08 pm
?Regarding painting built in bookcases6/12/2007, 11:34 am
Hey Dennis Peacock Happy Birthday!6/12/2007, 10:05 am
After ROS, what sanding device to get next?6/12/2007, 9:40 am
OT - Do you prefer Mary-Ann or Ginger?6/12/2007, 9:04 am
Tensioning a Bandsaw/Guitar tuner?6/12/2007, 8:03 am
Tuesday Night Hand Tool Chat6/12/2007, 7:47 am
Dishwashing detergent usage6/11/2007, 11:45 pm
concrete statues6/11/2007, 10:45 pm
Where hardwood lumber comes from 5- mill front end *PIC*6/11/2007, 9:32 pm
OT - Safari for Windows6/11/2007, 6:53 pm
Dewalt Power Shop6/11/2007, 6:39 pm
Knockdown hardware ID needed6/11/2007, 6:38 pm
huge fiddleback cherry6/11/2007, 6:12 pm
OT- Cutco Knives6/11/2007, 5:24 pm
More eye candy from Patrick Edwards *LINK*6/11/2007, 3:18 pm
yellowing6/11/2007, 2:54 pm
Olson Band Saw Blades.6/11/2007, 1:54 pm
Mike's Shop is now dried in... *PIC*6/11/2007, 1:51 pm
Great Gloat6/11/2007, 12:36 pm
Veneer Damage Control . . .6/11/2007, 11:21 am
Freud Rail adn Stile matched Bits6/11/2007, 11:03 am
Here's what Barbara Gill uses to place logs on, *PIC*6/11/2007, 11:01 am
So like how many subpanels in your shop? *PIC*6/11/2007, 10:55 am
jam extensions?6/11/2007, 10:16 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....6/11/2007, 9:48 am
Repainting Furniture6/11/2007, 9:38 am
Die6/11/2007, 12:51 am
splicing underground phone cable?6/10/2007, 9:27 pm
Andy Lincoln Idea for table6/10/2007, 8:24 pm
Applique Finish6/10/2007, 4:27 pm
Cookie *NM*6/10/2007, 3:31 pm
Where hardwood lumber comes from 4- saw mill *PIC*6/10/2007, 1:33 pm
Learned a little about Gel Stain today6/10/2007, 10:24 am
Making drawer slides ?6/10/2007, 9:02 am
Target Machinery TT-18FP Drill Press6/10/2007, 12:26 am
I thought I had lost an old friend yesterday6/9/2007, 11:49 pm
Rockwell 22-201 planer - - head bearings6/9/2007, 9:45 pm
Looking for Chicago Furniture Maker For Custom Job *LINK* *PIC*6/9/2007, 9:39 pm
Packing - ebay rant6/9/2007, 6:38 pm
High School Graduation Procession6/9/2007, 5:42 pm
Opinion ? 50 s ? . . . *PIC*6/9/2007, 4:18 pm
What's the "O" in BORG stand for? *NM*6/9/2007, 2:50 pm
Basement shp/dehumidifier revisit6/9/2007, 9:43 am
OT Is it something in the water?6/9/2007, 12:31 am
Shop lighting: dead ballast6/8/2007, 10:49 pm
Have you read the FWW review on Glue6/8/2007, 10:11 pm
found Falcon child's wood drop-leaf table6/8/2007, 7:29 pm
OT Wireless Video Sender6/8/2007, 7:03 pm
Thanks, Ellis!!6/8/2007, 6:26 pm
miter gauge setting on table saw6/8/2007, 5:01 pm
Fast & accurate countersinking?6/8/2007, 3:02 pm
Epoxies,bottle caps and poker6/8/2007, 2:08 pm
Need help with making doors for cabinet. *PIC*6/8/2007, 12:00 pm
General Finishes Country Colors discontinued?6/8/2007, 11:21 am
Basement/shop dehumidfiers6/8/2007, 10:00 am
Anniversary6/8/2007, 9:31 am
Jigsaw - top handle or barrel?6/8/2007, 9:01 am
OT - It's heck getting old...6/8/2007, 7:43 am
Finished at last *PIC*6/7/2007, 9:54 pm
5 Barns Dates6/7/2007, 9:40 pm
Dado or Groove6/7/2007, 9:23 pm
Did anyone have the same reaction . . .6/7/2007, 9:21 pm
Liquor Cart6/7/2007, 5:22 pm
OT- Shuttle launch tomorrow6/7/2007, 4:59 pm
Hunter Day Sailer Paddle?6/7/2007, 4:43 pm
OT Good news/ Car insurance6/7/2007, 3:18 pm
OT: Critters under the shop6/7/2007, 2:33 pm
Fixing a 333 PC ROS6/7/2007, 1:06 pm
Finishing ? - shellac and aromatic cedar6/7/2007, 11:21 am
OT - Nikon CaptureNX6/7/2007, 11:19 am
Woodrat6/7/2007, 11:07 am
Me and Gord and the Queen6/7/2007, 9:50 am
OT - Virtual LPT Port for USB printer?6/7/2007, 9:43 am
Magazine article search6/7/2007, 9:38 am
how would you do this6/7/2007, 6:34 am
On Topic: Air Return Ducting Question6/6/2007, 11:44 pm
Spent the day in Colonial Williamsburg6/6/2007, 9:57 pm
Link to some pics of some of my recent work. *LINK*6/6/2007, 9:24 pm
OT-Chipmunks!6/6/2007, 8:30 pm
Insulating a shop6/6/2007, 8:30 pm
Looking for a Fine Woodworker6/6/2007, 8:09 pm
Homemade Air Filtration System6/6/2007, 7:20 pm
what glue to use for cutting board6/6/2007, 6:26 pm
OT-Pavement Art *LINK*6/6/2007, 5:31 pm
OT $475.00 A night6/6/2007, 5:02 pm
OT----Garage floor paint6/6/2007, 4:06 pm
Way OT - Windoze Pet Peeve - Long6/6/2007, 3:35 pm
English furniture6/6/2007, 2:08 pm
need a Greek or Roman colomn6/6/2007, 10:32 am
Bubinga & Tung Oil - Which Method is Correct ?6/6/2007, 10:24 am
Right place at the right time !6/6/2007, 8:19 am
Enigma *LINK*6/6/2007, 2:52 am
Home Depot Made Another Lasting Impression6/5/2007, 9:06 pm
compound Miter settings6/5/2007, 6:13 pm
Some one elses new shop... *PIC*6/5/2007, 4:03 pm
Oh, Great Web Gurus...,6/5/2007, 3:35 pm
wood dye lasting properties6/5/2007, 1:29 pm
So this duck walks into my shop and asks....6/5/2007, 9:27 am
Finished my kitchen table *PIC*6/5/2007, 8:03 am
Tuesday Night Hand Tool Chat - Blacksmithing6/5/2007, 7:58 am
Pocket-hole jig6/5/2007, 12:00 am
lumber storage6/4/2007, 11:57 pm
OT--diagnosing bad fan motor6/4/2007, 11:10 pm
OT---Strange e-bay activity6/4/2007, 9:41 pm
Inca Lathe6/4/2007, 9:24 pm
OT - Canon A520 manual needed6/4/2007, 8:51 pm
Grandpa Augustus6/4/2007, 8:34 pm
Rosewood Studios closed??6/4/2007, 8:19 pm
OT - Here is a neat program some of you may enjoy *LINK*6/4/2007, 4:41 pm
flattening Carborundum stone6/4/2007, 2:05 pm
Cutting a circle, WITHOUT a drillpress?6/4/2007, 12:05 pm
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....6/4/2007, 10:24 am
OT-Things to do in Denver. . .6/4/2007, 9:24 am
HVLP Sprayer6/4/2007, 5:03 am
Finishing Padauk6/3/2007, 10:01 pm
OT - New tool gloat *PIC*6/3/2007, 9:44 pm
Side 1 done, side 2 left to go *PIC*6/3/2007, 9:04 pm
OT - Chance of lightning damage?6/3/2007, 7:00 pm
Labeling shop drawers....6/3/2007, 6:44 pm
green speckling on cherry6/3/2007, 6:16 pm
Perseverence Rules! Still Smokeless!6/3/2007, 3:38 pm
Bedroom set, Walnut or Cherry6/3/2007, 3:33 pm
Lathe for sale6/3/2007, 3:12 pm
Where hardwood comes from 3-log yard *PIC*6/3/2007, 1:24 pm
OT replacement window6/3/2007, 11:42 am
flattening waterstones *LINK*6/3/2007, 9:36 am
Happy birthday, Jason Roehl!6/3/2007, 8:08 am
Long - botched floor refinishing - what to do?6/3/2007, 8:07 am
OT - Definition of Purgatory6/3/2007, 7:38 am
Little electrical problem *PIC*6/2/2007, 8:58 pm
traeger grill users6/2/2007, 6:26 pm
OT-Generator Advice6/2/2007, 2:20 pm
epoxy6/2/2007, 1:54 pm
Question: fixing polyurethane runs6/2/2007, 12:52 pm
Extending a grinder arbor...6/2/2007, 11:56 am
A little OT: epoxy filler6/2/2007, 11:53 am
OT-MS Access 20036/2/2007, 8:29 am
Totally OT, but if you like art... *LINK*6/2/2007, 1:54 am
OT? Truss Design6/1/2007, 9:56 pm
OTish - Welders6/1/2007, 7:15 pm
Digital angle gauge6/1/2007, 6:22 pm
Pricing question....6/1/2007, 4:36 pm
finishing to bring out the grain6/1/2007, 12:14 pm
Dodge Dakota evaporator6/1/2007, 9:46 am
The desk in the May Lee Valley catalog6/1/2007, 9:28 am
OT--finding a broken wire6/1/2007, 8:32 am
use for an old router motor?6/1/2007, 12:03 am
Question - hinges - lid support for blanket chest?5/31/2007, 9:46 pm
Mark Goodall - thank you for your help *NM*5/31/2007, 9:11 pm
Wither Wilke?5/31/2007, 8:06 pm
Iron men & wooden ships5/31/2007, 6:33 pm
OT - IE 7 Question5/31/2007, 5:41 pm
Its Been A Pretty Good Day5/31/2007, 4:38 pm
Washing machine died- but still on topic5/31/2007, 4:21 pm
O T lawnmower motor kickback5/31/2007, 3:13 pm
Well, it ain't pretty, but it works... *PIC*5/31/2007, 2:36 pm
Kreg Video Download (torrent) *LINK* *PIC*5/31/2007, 1:59 pm
OT-Propane Plumbing5/31/2007, 12:38 pm
Kudos to Lee Valley Tools5/31/2007, 10:27 am
Fencing gun! *PIC*5/31/2007, 9:25 am
OT-My "Truck"5/31/2007, 8:35 am
OT So I went to HD to get a plastic5/31/2007, 7:38 am
Happy Birthday, Barbara Gill!!5/31/2007, 12:27 am
Veneering Problem5/30/2007, 8:39 pm
how to get the wax off?5/30/2007, 8:09 pm
Powered jointer vs. jointing with hand planes5/30/2007, 4:58 pm
Ok so I took the day off to clean the5/30/2007, 4:19 pm
Ohio Forge contractor's saw update... *LINK*5/30/2007, 1:56 pm
Pella wood window Finishing5/30/2007, 12:37 pm
Spraying finish (Mishap)5/30/2007, 11:40 am
Carving out stump pic *PIC*5/30/2007, 10:42 am
Carving out top of tree stump -winner!! *PIC*5/30/2007, 10:40 am
Cedar chest *PIC*5/30/2007, 10:36 am
Another kind of woodworking *LINK*5/30/2007, 9:39 am
OT Finishing metal yard furniture?5/30/2007, 7:26 am
OT - interesting eBay feedback5/30/2007, 12:50 am
Sorta OT Relocateing a Washer and Dryer5/29/2007, 10:24 pm
vacuum for ROS5/29/2007, 10:01 pm
jointer5/29/2007, 7:24 pm
Adjustable bench legs,5/29/2007, 7:09 pm
sugar plums dance in my head5/29/2007, 6:36 pm
Plywood supplier in Baltimore5/29/2007, 5:44 pm
10 Really Cool Trees *NM* *LINK*5/29/2007, 5:37 pm
RELIANT MORTISER5/29/2007, 5:11 pm
OT- Virginia Beach5/29/2007, 4:56 pm
Clear/natural finish for maple5/29/2007, 4:01 pm
OT - Website hosting.5/29/2007, 3:56 pm
Question - Wedging and extended through tenon5/29/2007, 12:38 pm
new shop wiring5/29/2007, 11:45 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....5/29/2007, 11:01 am
TS Blade Guard Plans5/29/2007, 10:53 am
OT--Anyone know about pumping water?5/29/2007, 10:43 am
OT: A/C in 2-storey house5/29/2007, 10:02 am
OT AC5/29/2007, 9:34 am
Steel City moving out of Tennessee?5/29/2007, 9:34 am
Tuesday Night Hand Tool Chat5/29/2007, 7:30 am
Thanks to Ron Hildreth...5/29/2007, 12:09 am
Amazon 20% off many saw blades5/28/2007, 11:55 pm
Dewalt 735 planer - no snipe?5/28/2007, 11:44 pm
Cross-braced chair plans5/28/2007, 10:18 pm
OT: Back after computer meltdown.5/28/2007, 9:00 pm
Adjustable Height Infeed Table *PIC*5/28/2007, 8:29 pm
lost my cookie ;( *NM*5/28/2007, 5:04 pm
Gabe Doyle- Smell'in the Roses5/28/2007, 4:25 pm
Pretty while it lasted.5/28/2007, 2:54 pm
Band Saw Outfeed Table, Version 2.0 *PIC*5/28/2007, 1:34 pm
Need Generator Advice5/28/2007, 12:07 pm
Router Table Upgrade Question...5/28/2007, 9:09 am
Quick shop storage shelf5/28/2007, 7:58 am
Woodworker II worth the money?5/27/2007, 10:57 pm
Blum Minipress5/27/2007, 7:44 pm
Where Hardwood Lumber Comes from 2 *PIC*5/27/2007, 7:28 pm
Vertical Push Stick5/27/2007, 7:07 pm
Anyone Serviced a PC 333 VS ROS Quicksand ROS?5/27/2007, 6:32 pm
Irwin Marathon table saw blade5/27/2007, 11:57 am
No official chat tonight5/27/2007, 10:29 am
Performax drum sander - kitchen cabinet making5/27/2007, 6:38 am
How would you cut this?5/26/2007, 10:37 pm
Flag Case Dimensions?5/26/2007, 6:18 pm
OT - What snake is this? *PIC*5/26/2007, 3:10 pm
How do the experts do it?5/26/2007, 2:41 pm
OT - Utility trailer problems5/26/2007, 12:28 pm
OT-Bats in the belfry and those ivy covered walls.5/26/2007, 10:25 am
Smell'in the roses-wk 3 without cigs!5/26/2007, 10:24 am
Please recommend a new rip fence5/26/2007, 9:19 am
Router technique questions5/26/2007, 8:56 am
Questions on nail gun nails?5/26/2007, 8:25 am
OT- Screen display distorts?5/26/2007, 2:21 am
Totally OT for airplane lovers *LINK*5/26/2007, 1:32 am
Warped Sanding Bed5/25/2007, 10:24 pm
Big Pushblock *LINK*5/25/2007, 10:16 pm
mailbox post *PIC*5/25/2007, 10:05 pm
Gloat Worthy? - Jointer Purchase5/25/2007, 4:27 pm
OT- MP3 Recommendations?5/25/2007, 4:22 pm
My shop is under new management5/25/2007, 3:45 pm
securing mahogany T&G porch decking5/25/2007, 3:39 pm
Connection question...5/25/2007, 1:24 pm
OT - brick pavers over concrete walkway5/25/2007, 1:20 pm
Filling knot hole in counter top5/25/2007, 12:31 pm
Grandpa X 35/25/2007, 12:13 pm
Resawing info?5/25/2007, 8:57 am
Which Nail Gun to buy for fencing???5/25/2007, 8:17 am
Varnishing Cedar5/24/2007, 9:15 pm
Ever hear of Fiddlewood?5/24/2007, 7:31 pm
Cleaning rubber rollers5/24/2007, 6:53 pm
Work Sharp review on WC5/24/2007, 6:48 pm
OT Refinishing prefinished oak floor questions5/24/2007, 6:29 pm
Stone Box5/24/2007, 5:40 pm
Sheared screw5/24/2007, 3:57 pm
OT Unable to access secured sites5/24/2007, 12:09 pm
Poxywood5/24/2007, 11:33 am
Miter Saw Stands...5/24/2007, 10:36 am
New Book Review *LINK*5/24/2007, 10:14 am
Arrgh!!5/24/2007, 8:51 am
Fisheye eliminator5/24/2007, 8:48 am
OT Internet Favorites Transfer5/24/2007, 8:37 am
My old ugly bench, as per Ellis' request5/24/2007, 12:27 am
Maple or Cherry -- Need Advise5/23/2007, 11:14 pm
Buying a table saw "link" *LINK*5/23/2007, 11:04 pm
Smoothing a floor by hand scraping *PIC*5/23/2007, 9:34 pm
Work Sharp WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener5/23/2007, 9:09 pm
electrical questions *PIC*5/23/2007, 8:24 pm
Sanding sealer5/23/2007, 4:52 pm
When and why did a 2x4 become a 1 1/2 x 3 1/2?5/23/2007, 3:49 pm
Sizing Wood5/23/2007, 2:49 pm
Refinishing5/23/2007, 12:52 pm
Ceiling Procedures5/23/2007, 12:32 pm
Carving out top of log *PIC*5/23/2007, 12:02 pm
Another Workbench Question...5/23/2007, 8:41 am
If you had $400 to spend?5/23/2007, 6:52 am
Stupid congealed Waterlox...5/22/2007, 6:57 pm
A case of scribetosis *PIC*5/22/2007, 5:06 pm
Sicko Movie5/22/2007, 2:32 pm
OT- HDPE & UHMW plastic supplier *LINK*5/22/2007, 1:52 pm
Yee Ha! FedEx guy just left…5/22/2007, 1:26 pm
OT: High line maintenance *LINK*5/22/2007, 11:22 am
Tangerine Orange Zinger and Yellow Pine5/22/2007, 9:31 am
Tuesday Night Hand Tool Chat5/22/2007, 8:37 am
Finish carpentry question5/21/2007, 9:07 pm
Jointer Pushy Blocks5/21/2007, 6:32 pm
May 30th on PBS *LINK*5/21/2007, 6:22 pm
Exterior door question5/21/2007, 5:29 pm
Pepper mill5/21/2007, 4:59 pm
Where hardwood lumber comes from *PIC*5/21/2007, 3:28 pm
emergency stop for saw5/21/2007, 1:12 pm
Gluing pressure treated with titebond 35/21/2007, 12:15 pm
"Growing the Business" *PIC*5/21/2007, 11:34 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....5/21/2007, 10:29 am
OT - Microsoft IE75/21/2007, 10:15 am
totally OT: reversed mortgage5/21/2007, 9:48 am
Follow up on Painting and TSP5/21/2007, 9:33 am
workbench5/21/2007, 9:30 am
Better adesive for structural exterior wood ?5/21/2007, 8:47 am
New Bar Stool Design *PIC*5/21/2007, 8:32 am
OT-Plumbing - Hot and cold lines5/21/2007, 8:15 am
digital photo frames5/21/2007, 1:03 am
Compound Miter Angles?!?.....5/20/2007, 11:04 pm
New Articles up *LINK*5/20/2007, 10:24 pm
table lift5/20/2007, 10:15 pm
I occasionally do some woodworking.. *PIC*5/20/2007, 10:13 pm
Insulate the heat duct or?5/20/2007, 9:30 pm
The LOML has requested I buy a new shop vacuum....5/20/2007, 9:24 pm
A couple of new projects *PIC*5/20/2007, 8:48 pm
Installed New Riser Block5/20/2007, 4:56 pm
OT - Cedar hedge clippings5/20/2007, 10:36 am
OT- A Tear Jerker *LINK*5/20/2007, 9:12 am
Cabinet saw opinions please5/19/2007, 5:07 pm
You were right Ellis...5/19/2007, 1:10 pm
Atlanta Tool Sale *LINK*5/19/2007, 12:38 pm
Grrr, Bearings!5/19/2007, 8:55 am
Exterior wood doors (what is best)5/19/2007, 8:49 am
Bandsaw blade5/19/2007, 7:47 am
bandsaw upgrade5/18/2007, 11:04 pm
Looking for 8/4 Black Locust5/18/2007, 11:01 pm
Another house painting question OT5/18/2007, 6:35 pm
RO sanding disk storage?5/18/2007, 4:37 pm
planer manual5/18/2007, 12:37 pm
Flatten a cupped board5/18/2007, 11:31 am
*** SURVEY: THE IDES OF MAY *** *LINK*5/18/2007, 11:20 am
Swivel frame connection *PIC*5/18/2007, 11:01 am
Screaming Bandsaw5/18/2007, 10:53 am
Cumaru supplier5/18/2007, 8:13 am
Stripped hinge screw question5/18/2007, 7:32 am
Furniture ID, and damage *PIC*5/17/2007, 11:13 pm
OT - Hooray - I've got my driveway back...5/17/2007, 8:40 pm
Jointer Upgrade, Helical Head Installation5/17/2007, 8:31 pm
OT google stuff *LINK*5/17/2007, 7:58 pm
Laminate Flooring Question5/17/2007, 6:08 pm
Molding instilation . . .5/17/2007, 4:32 pm
Repair for finish that won't cure?5/17/2007, 3:44 pm
Saw Stop Dust Collection5/17/2007, 1:22 pm
Crowded in the New Yankee Workshop Today *PIC*5/17/2007, 1:10 pm
Where to buy Waterproof lid supports5/17/2007, 12:33 pm
Random Orbit Sander - do I need a new one?5/17/2007, 12:31 pm
value in old motors?5/17/2007, 12:25 pm
Finish spray gun -help5/17/2007, 12:07 pm
Cutting melamine??5/17/2007, 11:31 am
Porch Swing5/17/2007, 10:51 am
Powermatic pm2800 drillpress- Is it worth Buying?5/17/2007, 10:36 am
In line filter on Air Comprerssor5/17/2007, 9:01 am
Help, I'm A Rock5/17/2007, 8:26 am
Granite5/16/2007, 7:10 pm
English dovetail5/16/2007, 7:04 pm
Jewelry making question5/16/2007, 7:00 pm
20"King planer5/16/2007, 7:00 pm
Pictures (OT)5/16/2007, 6:45 pm
Name that Tree *PIC*5/16/2007, 6:00 pm
Production shaping/planing of MDF5/16/2007, 4:40 pm
How smart is my computer?5/16/2007, 1:35 pm
rush weaving *PIC*5/16/2007, 12:53 pm
burning bore box bit revisited5/16/2007, 12:23 pm
OT Painting Questions on Rental house5/16/2007, 10:59 am
Bench Dog Workbenches...Cheap *LINK*5/16/2007, 10:57 am
Birdseye Maple5/16/2007, 10:43 am
Finish ID? *PIC*5/16/2007, 8:23 am
woodcentral support5/16/2007, 8:16 am
Motor trouble follow-up5/16/2007, 8:14 am
Powermatic 665/16/2007, 7:57 am
Armoire project5/16/2007, 1:57 am
wooden braclets5/15/2007, 10:23 pm
Parents reason to drink OT5/15/2007, 8:48 pm
Felder $ ?5/15/2007, 8:46 pm
New Delta machines?5/15/2007, 8:30 pm
interior walnut beams; how dry?5/15/2007, 3:22 pm
Miter Fence Suggestions? *LINK*5/15/2007, 2:32 pm
Info on this power drill please....5/15/2007, 1:37 pm
Tuesday Night Hand Tool Chat - Special Guest5/15/2007, 7:48 am
which glue5/15/2007, 7:13 am
new store for tools and hardware5/14/2007, 11:50 pm
Hand Plane Restoration5/14/2007, 11:20 pm
drawer boxes5/14/2007, 10:39 pm
Anyone Here Ever Built A Pool Table?5/14/2007, 10:33 pm
Dressing table w/o top *PIC*5/14/2007, 9:13 pm
Convertable dressing table *PIC*5/14/2007, 9:11 pm
"Color" matching your wood.. before staining5/14/2007, 8:51 pm
Sawmill owners - - which metal detector?5/14/2007, 4:10 pm
thanks for stripping advice5/14/2007, 4:01 pm
Look what followed me home *PIC*5/14/2007, 3:14 pm
OT - Electrical question.?5/14/2007, 2:45 pm
refinishing5/14/2007, 2:01 pm
OT-cordless drill, LOL5/14/2007, 1:48 pm
Another finish question5/14/2007, 1:30 pm
Finish question5/14/2007, 1:19 pm
Irridescent finishing with Pearl Ex? *LINK*5/14/2007, 1:17 pm
Friday's Off to work in the Shop?5/14/2007, 10:22 am
Hardest wood question5/14/2007, 10:12 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....5/14/2007, 10:05 am
Great hardware store5/13/2007, 10:32 pm
OT Linoleum flooring installation5/13/2007, 9:49 pm
Wood type for window sill.5/13/2007, 9:04 pm
Cordless drill battery question...5/13/2007, 8:40 pm
O.T.Need some MP#3HELP!5/13/2007, 7:17 pm
***No official chat tonight***5/13/2007, 3:14 pm
Web Page Bell & Whistles5/13/2007, 1:32 pm
NEW Shop Shot!5/13/2007, 11:39 am
" Home Again " ? . . .5/13/2007, 9:16 am
Happy Mothers Day5/13/2007, 9:12 am
Square or round...what is your favorite...5/13/2007, 8:17 am
Festool Canada5/13/2007, 6:07 am
Mentor5/12/2007, 10:35 pm
Removing dried white glue5/12/2007, 8:36 pm
OT Automobile navigation system reviews?5/12/2007, 7:19 pm
Need cabinet door repair help please!! *LINK*5/12/2007, 2:52 pm
Sanding belt splice?5/12/2007, 10:50 am
an odd combination5/12/2007, 9:28 am
Need advise on kitchen cabinet refinish5/12/2007, 1:42 am
Stanley 386 jointer5/11/2007, 10:37 pm
Sawmill operator book needed5/11/2007, 3:39 pm
Wood scrap....5/11/2007, 12:02 pm
burning core box bit5/11/2007, 10:52 am
Mark Nowicki, prince among men5/11/2007, 10:32 am
Birthday Present!5/11/2007, 9:28 am
5 Barns and Cleveland5/11/2007, 7:15 am
ROCKLER RoutaSketch5/11/2007, 5:53 am
Cleaning up the end grain on a raised panel5/10/2007, 11:59 pm
It seemed like a good idea at the time...5/10/2007, 10:25 pm
Exterior cabinetry5/10/2007, 9:54 pm
OT-Funny Fake Commercial *LINK*5/10/2007, 7:10 pm
Any Adventurous Firefox Users? *LINK*5/10/2007, 7:04 pm
Woods that go with Zebrawood5/10/2007, 6:40 pm
Delta Paint?5/10/2007, 6:32 pm
Squaring up to my problems....5/10/2007, 4:02 pm
Name that wood! *PIC*5/10/2007, 3:02 pm
Oil polyurethane varnish v. alkyd varnish?5/10/2007, 2:15 pm
Leaning stack of oak - problem?5/10/2007, 1:50 pm
OT - Need computer help5/10/2007, 1:30 pm
Shop finally *PIC*5/10/2007, 12:36 pm
Fitering air in my shop5/10/2007, 12:15 pm
Help w/Delta Miter Box 34-0805/10/2007, 11:13 am
Square the hole or round the peg?5/10/2007, 10:55 am
Leather Cushions...Black or Brown?5/10/2007, 10:24 am
fein multimaster blades5/10/2007, 8:03 am
Hide glue question5/9/2007, 11:29 pm
Slope to concreet patio5/9/2007, 8:39 pm
What material? *PIC*5/9/2007, 5:16 pm
Headboard Fit for a Plumber *PIC*5/9/2007, 2:39 pm
Air compressor question5/9/2007, 12:36 pm
stickers for bandmilled cherry logs5/9/2007, 9:52 am
OT Question for a car Guy, About battery5/9/2007, 9:30 am
Copper plumbing question OT5/9/2007, 7:24 am
My B-day present and Gloat5/9/2007, 7:19 am
Andrew "F" from Downunder Happy B-Day5/9/2007, 7:14 am
doll houses5/9/2007, 4:12 am
Walnut & Cherry Coffee Table *PIC*5/9/2007, 3:09 am
Hey Chico......5/8/2007, 11:54 pm
ply medalions on solid5/8/2007, 10:08 pm
OT: underlayment for linoleum5/8/2007, 9:24 pm
Unisaw top is cracked !!!5/8/2007, 8:58 pm
This is mesmerising! *LINK*5/8/2007, 6:18 pm
NEW Shop Shots!5/8/2007, 5:11 pm
piano5/8/2007, 3:14 pm
River Cabin door latch ideas5/8/2007, 2:36 pm
Chat Log: Mark Chaimberg, May 1 *LINK*5/8/2007, 12:14 pm
'Nother Lensboard... *PIC*5/8/2007, 12:09 pm
OT. I probably need someone to hold my hand.5/8/2007, 11:54 am
All is not lost5/8/2007, 11:39 am
The Amazing Shrinking Hand Plane5/8/2007, 9:17 am
Tuesday Night Hand Tool Chat5/8/2007, 7:34 am
Jake's Chair5/8/2007, 7:01 am
HDPE Folgers Coffee Cans for dyes5/7/2007, 4:24 pm
Can we please end this polyurethane myth?5/7/2007, 4:05 pm
Router glue joint bit adjustment5/7/2007, 2:43 pm
Kudos to Taunton press, Fine Woodworking mag5/7/2007, 11:17 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....5/7/2007, 10:24 am
Design question - using spalted maple5/7/2007, 9:47 am
"New" pen turner questions5/7/2007, 8:51 am
And you thought Craftsman vac HP was overrated? *LINK*5/6/2007, 11:18 pm
A bit OT...Countertop installation?5/6/2007, 9:46 pm
OT - Metal Frame Pools5/6/2007, 9:16 pm
Titebond Glue5/6/2007, 8:41 pm
Bandsaw upgrade reprise5/6/2007, 7:33 pm
power to unisaw5/6/2007, 5:34 pm
Carter Band Saw Tires5/6/2007, 5:25 pm
WAY O.T. - Craft Glue/Adhesive5/6/2007, 1:10 pm
finishing salvaged heart pine5/6/2007, 12:39 pm
"A River Runs Through It"5/6/2007, 12:12 pm
glue5/6/2007, 7:34 am
Vacuum Veneering5/6/2007, 6:51 am
FINIS COMPLET: Expanding Table is finally finished *LINK*5/6/2007, 3:51 am
OT Old GE Gas Clothes Dryer5/5/2007, 9:40 pm
table saw vs band saw5/5/2007, 9:19 pm
Minor Tool Gloat *LINK*5/5/2007, 9:16 pm
Semi OT - Woodworkers are the nicest people....5/5/2007, 6:55 pm
O T socket for rounded bolt head?5/5/2007, 5:13 pm
Router bit storage question...5/5/2007, 4:54 pm
Redmond Spring Cleaning sale *LINK*5/5/2007, 4:05 pm
Lady Morris *PIC*5/5/2007, 3:57 pm
Ohio Forge Tablesaw??5/5/2007, 2:42 pm
OT - car trunk lock out follow up5/5/2007, 8:38 am
Bandsaw upgrade - which blade?5/5/2007, 6:40 am
Electrical Information CORRECTION5/5/2007, 6:34 am
New Blog *LINK*5/4/2007, 11:09 pm
accuride drawer guides5/4/2007, 9:06 pm
Bandsaw blade alignment question5/4/2007, 8:16 pm
Cyber Truck Validator5/4/2007, 8:02 pm
Ms. Adler, Happy Birthday!5/4/2007, 6:11 pm
Setting up a shop5/4/2007, 4:35 pm
OT computer question5/4/2007, 2:14 pm
ERROR in my Festool DOMINO pages5/4/2007, 1:02 pm
A Beading Tool5/4/2007, 12:47 pm
John Lucas5/4/2007, 12:34 pm
My Final Friday at Work!5/4/2007, 11:57 am
OT - One of the things I miss about the old days..5/3/2007, 9:35 pm
Mahogany Chest *PIC*5/3/2007, 9:26 pm
OT - Thunderbird 2 *LINK*5/3/2007, 7:59 pm
Ring source5/3/2007, 7:28 pm
Food safe woods5/3/2007, 5:41 pm
OT> Lost A Hero Today5/3/2007, 5:29 pm
Semi OT - TV storage *LINK*5/3/2007, 5:10 pm
Telling Red Oak from White Oak5/3/2007, 4:40 pm
Cabinet door repair??? *LINK*5/3/2007, 11:50 am
Miter Saw Blades5/3/2007, 11:24 am
Wavy OSB5/3/2007, 10:55 am
2007 Milwaukee Fine Furnishings Show *LINK*5/3/2007, 9:27 am
OT - John Lucas and other Photogs - LONG5/3/2007, 8:14 am
Hand Tool Chat Tonight!5/3/2007, 7:00 am
OT Warbird fans in the Cincy/Indy area (link) *LINK*5/3/2007, 6:10 am
Delta 34-445 Contractors table saw dust collection *PIC*5/3/2007, 1:12 am
New Yankee Workshop Filming Schedule *PIC*5/2/2007, 10:58 pm
OT:Our Curious People5/2/2007, 10:30 pm
OT: Major Faux Pas (long)5/2/2007, 10:28 pm
Formica unrolling5/2/2007, 9:46 pm
Horse liniment5/2/2007, 8:26 pm
Pressure Treated Dowel Source5/2/2007, 6:49 pm
No, Colonel, it wasn't a hassle using a plunge... *PIC*5/2/2007, 4:51 pm
Video on Spray Finishing - Which One(s)?5/2/2007, 4:20 pm
Quartersawn WO Stickley legs5/2/2007, 1:39 pm
hardwood floor refinishing - Mr Sandless?5/2/2007, 12:13 pm
Does Anybody Remember 5ive Barns dates? *NM*5/2/2007, 11:57 am
Is this allowed?5/2/2007, 10:46 am
OT Computer? WORD question5/2/2007, 9:03 am
OT Looking for an old Planetary distance model po5/1/2007, 11:38 pm
Andy Rae and a new DVD5/1/2007, 10:55 pm
New router table *PIC*5/1/2007, 10:40 pm
Cutting patterns in 5/4 stock5/1/2007, 10:06 pm
Festool - Package Discounts5/1/2007, 9:49 pm
Douglas Fir Playset5/1/2007, 8:44 pm
round finials5/1/2007, 7:04 pm
instructions for using wood dyes5/1/2007, 5:48 pm
Laminate over MDF5/1/2007, 4:06 pm
More Woodworking house work advice needed.5/1/2007, 3:24 pm
Veto Pro Pac *LINK*5/1/2007, 12:49 pm
Floor Leveling Compound Question5/1/2007, 12:19 pm
Help - Router Problem5/1/2007, 10:32 am
Finished up another workbench *PIC*5/1/2007, 10:31 am
OT Electric problems with contactor *PIC*5/1/2007, 10:00 am
Bending plexi5/1/2007, 12:06 am
Wood Floor Refinishing and Training *LINK*4/30/2007, 8:47 pm
stains for birch??4/30/2007, 8:21 pm
OT - Heating and air question *LINK*4/30/2007, 6:21 pm
Slots for drawer bottoms....4/30/2007, 4:00 pm
Beis. Fence - Sticky Friction Problem4/30/2007, 2:08 pm
Bandsaw Recommendations?4/30/2007, 12:55 pm
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....4/30/2007, 12:06 pm
Guest Chat Tomorrow *LINK*4/30/2007, 12:02 pm
I want a tool that does this....4/30/2007, 10:40 am
JET tablesaw with split v-belt pulley - - update4/30/2007, 9:12 am
Cab Doors with Glass and Mirror-Mounting4/30/2007, 8:33 am
New Grandpa Tale Unearthed *LINK*4/30/2007, 8:20 am
Best glue for Plastic? OT (refrigerator parts)4/30/2007, 8:00 am
Sawstop4/30/2007, 6:19 am
OT: yard work observation4/29/2007, 10:38 pm
Table Saw Zero Insert4/29/2007, 10:00 pm
New Tablesaw Fence4/29/2007, 9:09 pm
NEW Shop Shots!4/29/2007, 7:19 pm
Weekend Gloat4/29/2007, 3:57 pm
Festool DOMINO - illustrated example *LINK*4/29/2007, 12:53 pm
Wipimg on Poly4/29/2007, 11:35 am
Locating Plastic Caps4/29/2007, 11:13 am
Tablesaw lubrication4/29/2007, 10:40 am
OT - getting into locked car trunks4/29/2007, 9:52 am
Disc/belt sander4/28/2007, 10:39 pm
Laquer spraying4/28/2007, 9:22 pm
LV Windsor Stool Class, Long/pics4/28/2007, 8:51 pm
OT opening a pool4/28/2007, 8:44 pm
Bar top overhang4/28/2007, 8:44 pm
Cutting Melamine4/28/2007, 4:19 pm
OT UCLA Study4/28/2007, 2:29 pm
OT: Are big TVs Faster?4/28/2007, 1:50 pm
The Sawmill Saga Continues (pics!) *LINK*4/28/2007, 11:59 am
way OT.New car4/28/2007, 10:17 am
Questions on "truing up" a table under contruction4/28/2007, 7:25 am
Tenoning jig for table saw4/28/2007, 7:08 am
OT- gas price story4/28/2007, 1:32 am
Rockwell Int. 10" motorized saw, Model #34-3454/28/2007, 1:11 am
Got a new fav-oh-right toy for the shop4/28/2007, 1:10 am
Festool DOMINO few A week of use & study *LINK*4/27/2007, 11:42 pm
Alan Womack4/27/2007, 10:57 pm
Plumbing question, Ice maker connection4/27/2007, 10:27 pm
Router Verse Shaper4/27/2007, 9:21 pm
Ebay help4/27/2007, 8:59 pm
I was a stupid kid!!!4/27/2007, 6:15 pm
OT Solution to making masks from plaster moulds4/27/2007, 4:46 pm
OT Long Post - My Profile4/27/2007, 2:30 pm
cutting plexiglass4/27/2007, 12:59 pm
Counter top4/27/2007, 12:43 pm
Kitchen stool4/27/2007, 11:31 am
"Coatings" or whatever on bits and blades...4/27/2007, 11:02 am
April Showers4/27/2007, 10:50 am
Vegetable Table Saw *LINK*4/27/2007, 7:51 am
12" miter saw won't cut square?4/26/2007, 11:56 pm
Question about slot mortisers4/26/2007, 11:44 pm
Air compressor trouble4/26/2007, 9:38 pm
Wood choice4/26/2007, 7:55 pm
Much delayed panel saw-long *PIC*4/26/2007, 3:02 pm
Need Supplier for Plastic Strips for Glass Doors4/26/2007, 2:56 pm
OT - Good supervision is always important.. *PIC*4/26/2007, 1:43 pm
I actually have been a little busy.. *PIC*4/26/2007, 12:38 pm
need opinion4/26/2007, 10:53 am
Shop Clutter--- Now where'd I put those...?4/26/2007, 10:53 am
I Know I've Seen One, But4/26/2007, 10:19 am
Purchased drawings - long explanation and question4/26/2007, 9:10 am
conference table touch up4/26/2007, 8:18 am
What is it about driving screws...4/26/2007, 8:07 am
Spelling questions, not OT4/26/2007, 7:43 am
OT Car Guy question? Alternator/diodes4/26/2007, 7:38 am
Need a good belt....4/25/2007, 11:47 pm
A Review of the The Work Sharp 3000 *Many Pics4/25/2007, 11:27 pm
efficiency of air filters in series4/25/2007, 9:47 pm
OT Don't Eat the Chicken sandwiches!!!4/25/2007, 9:20 pm
ReptiGlo Lizard bulbs *LINK*4/25/2007, 7:19 pm
What fluorescent lamp to darken cherry?4/25/2007, 6:52 pm
Shellac Happens4/25/2007, 6:52 pm
Flatten a Twist?4/25/2007, 5:55 pm
Turning on a drill press4/25/2007, 5:41 pm
New video reviews posted... *LINK*4/25/2007, 5:20 pm
walker turner band saw4/25/2007, 2:30 pm
need manual for BOSCH 1617EVS router4/25/2007, 1:52 pm
Warping4/25/2007, 1:44 pm
Help finding a lock...4/25/2007, 12:37 pm
You girly girls and your so called 3hp routers *PIC*4/25/2007, 11:06 am
Cruel Chair question. ( Somewhat OT)4/25/2007, 11:01 am
Router combo kits4/25/2007, 10:54 am
walnut4/25/2007, 9:44 am
can any one read Japanese? Dave Burnard? OT *PIC*4/25/2007, 8:28 am
Bosch 1594K power planer4/24/2007, 3:42 pm
Aligning Delta Tennon jig.4/24/2007, 1:35 pm
OT - Video streaming question4/24/2007, 1:25 pm
What projects do you want to see in Mags?4/24/2007, 1:16 pm
Rikon equipment4/24/2007, 12:50 pm
OT- video game dangers,funny stuff *LINK*4/24/2007, 10:33 am
Thumbnail molding update4/24/2007, 10:04 am
OT - Road Names *PIC*4/24/2007, 9:58 am
If you think your job has pressure *LINK*4/24/2007, 9:55 am
OT - Time to launch trailer boats *PIC*4/24/2007, 9:49 am
Tuesday Night Hand Tool Chat4/24/2007, 8:58 am
Interesting tablesaw incident last night4/24/2007, 7:32 am
carvings *LINK*4/24/2007, 12:43 am
Ian Kirby....drafting??4/24/2007, 12:31 am
Baldor motor response-computer glich4/24/2007, 12:00 am
Cherry Table (w/ pics)--long4/23/2007, 11:11 pm
Table Rail/Leg connection questions.4/23/2007, 10:45 pm
Ideas needed Dream Shop/House search4/23/2007, 10:32 pm
router dust collection4/23/2007, 9:24 pm
Doug Abbott / Scary Sharp Table Saw4/23/2007, 6:05 pm
Pershing II Up-date ( gloat ) . . . *PIC*4/23/2007, 5:35 pm
Crown Mldg. in a bathroom question4/23/2007, 5:29 pm
New cabinet saw - Griz or Jet?4/23/2007, 3:29 pm
Speaking of a double-bass balalaika.... *LINK*4/23/2007, 2:16 pm
Measured Drawing Book4/23/2007, 2:10 pm
PC router sale4/23/2007, 12:02 pm
Anyone been to the Dogwood Institute?4/23/2007, 12:00 pm
Large Cherry Tree4/23/2007, 11:27 am
trick for removing great stuff4/23/2007, 11:04 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....4/23/2007, 10:47 am
Robert Frost *LINK*4/23/2007, 10:01 am
Are there different grades of Melamine?4/23/2007, 9:39 am
Disc/Belt sander question4/23/2007, 9:32 am
"YELLOW Planing woes4/23/2007, 8:13 am
What band saw?4/23/2007, 1:55 am
New gas station in town4/23/2007, 12:27 am
Compost Bin4/22/2007, 8:03 pm
OT Need help making masks from plaster moulds4/22/2007, 7:21 pm
HELP, need witty saying.4/22/2007, 6:38 pm
Question ?4/22/2007, 6:00 pm
Quartrer sawn oak drying - - it's cracking on me !4/22/2007, 4:19 pm
OT: Protecting car rubber trim4/22/2007, 3:01 pm
OT: Hard disk partition question.4/22/2007, 2:39 pm
Log splitters?4/22/2007, 2:00 pm
NEW Shop Shots!4/22/2007, 11:52 am
Life is Good!4/21/2007, 11:22 pm
My new Magazine Rack (Pics)4/21/2007, 11:18 pm
OT So I am looking for a new house4/21/2007, 10:33 pm
Dewalt DW788 scroll saw4/21/2007, 10:24 pm
Way Far Out useless OT4/21/2007, 7:26 pm
Omnijig problem4/21/2007, 6:47 pm
Cutting a Thumb Molding Question4/21/2007, 5:03 pm
Finished Mahogany Lensboard... *PIC*4/21/2007, 4:58 pm
Cutting glass for the first time, revisited.4/21/2007, 3:22 pm
Discussion protocol4/21/2007, 3:04 pm
Jet 14" Bandsaw Restoration Finished... *PIC*4/21/2007, 12:58 pm
OT-MP3 accessories?4/21/2007, 10:56 am
cutting foam4/21/2007, 6:32 am
shaper powerfeed4/21/2007, 3:57 am
OT - Printer (cont)4/20/2007, 8:49 pm
bench tools on mechanics rollaways?4/20/2007, 8:26 pm
plywood4/20/2007, 8:08 pm
Great customer service from Rockler4/20/2007, 6:56 pm
OT - Windows Movie Maker4/20/2007, 6:25 pm
Mark Goodall or Other ATL area Folks4/20/2007, 4:59 pm
Drawer carcass joints... *PIC*4/20/2007, 3:15 pm
Tennensse Redwood sources4/20/2007, 1:51 pm
killing red in brown stain4/20/2007, 12:06 pm
Rockler Brad Nailer Deal4/20/2007, 10:05 am
Demagnetizing chisels?4/20/2007, 7:57 am
Belated thank you...4/20/2007, 7:55 am
workbench4/20/2007, 6:56 am
FYI: Putting wood waste to work *LINK*4/20/2007, 6:22 am
OT- Printer recommendations4/20/2007, 6:12 am
Good deed for the day (or maybe corrupting...long4/19/2007, 7:53 pm
What type of wood??4/19/2007, 4:32 pm
Using old scraper blade4/19/2007, 4:30 pm
OT. Off line because of what?4/19/2007, 3:42 pm
Wood Gloat!4/19/2007, 12:47 pm
Inflatable drum sander *PIC*4/19/2007, 12:28 pm
Tiny Lil' Breadboards - Update *PIC*4/19/2007, 11:23 am
Porter-Cable templet guides4/19/2007, 11:06 am
Glue Squeeze out question?4/19/2007, 10:23 am
JET 14X -vs- 14DX bandsaw ?4/19/2007, 10:22 am
Drywall Tips4/19/2007, 5:06 am
Wiring needed for 3hp/220v motor?4/18/2007, 11:31 pm
OT photo switch...4/18/2007, 8:11 pm
OT - Must See- Rube Goldberg lives! *LINK*4/18/2007, 3:23 pm
OT---download speeds4/18/2007, 1:46 pm
Which came first, mortice or tenon?4/18/2007, 1:38 pm
Mission fumed finish on Red Oak.4/18/2007, 1:11 pm
Mark Goodall...4/18/2007, 1:02 pm
Colonel DART! A....tenTION!4/18/2007, 12:44 pm
Flattening a warped cabinet door4/18/2007, 12:20 pm
Gordon Sampsopn's plans for router cabinet4/18/2007, 12:11 pm
Wood movement and joinery question4/18/2007, 11:43 am
Square Steel Tube for Fixtures?4/18/2007, 8:30 am
Jet contractor saw vertical adjustment woes (long)4/17/2007, 9:38 pm
If you donate your work to Chariety, *LINK*4/17/2007, 9:31 pm
Laminate countertop design question4/17/2007, 9:27 pm
Small box hardware sources4/17/2007, 9:12 pm
OT - Man Rules ;)4/17/2007, 9:09 pm
Melamine Dilema4/17/2007, 7:13 pm
UHMW Plastic Follow-Up4/17/2007, 5:16 pm
Tom Skaggs4/17/2007, 4:51 pm
OT - mail browser - Thunderbird?4/17/2007, 2:59 pm
Cut of Zinsser Amber Shellac4/17/2007, 10:44 am
Dying wood4/17/2007, 10:39 am
Quick electrical box question4/17/2007, 10:04 am
Slightly OT:Paducah, KY Quilt show4/17/2007, 9:16 am
Tuesday Night Hand Tool Chat4/17/2007, 8:58 am
Tablesaw choice?4/17/2007, 7:55 am
Right coasters all OK?4/16/2007, 11:29 pm
Workshop News Came Today and....4/16/2007, 9:22 pm
Installing wooden drawer slides. Assistance? *LINK*4/16/2007, 8:54 pm
warped coffee table top4/16/2007, 7:17 pm
Planer4/16/2007, 6:49 pm
Credit cards- wireless at Craft Fair4/16/2007, 3:45 pm
Cabinet Doors - opinions sought4/16/2007, 2:18 pm
Shop heating4/16/2007, 2:04 pm
New Yankee workshop4/16/2007, 1:43 pm
Work Sharp sharper - Comments please *LINK*4/16/2007, 11:56 am
Plant Stand *PIC*4/16/2007, 11:55 am
Drill Drivers Review & Tests *LINK*4/16/2007, 11:00 am
Changing Planer knives....Mistake4/16/2007, 10:49 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments..... *PIC*4/16/2007, 10:49 am
dining table - router jointing *PIC*4/16/2007, 9:57 am
They call me the breeze....4/16/2007, 8:09 am
Is my bandsaw blade toast?4/16/2007, 1:33 am
Need a good book4/16/2007, 12:51 am
OT - I'm dreaming of a white Tax Day??4/15/2007, 6:16 pm
I blew it - need a piece of scrap Cherry4/15/2007, 4:40 pm
OT- Washing machine drain hose4/15/2007, 3:53 pm
Need tape measure recommendations4/15/2007, 3:47 pm
Homemade buffer Q4/15/2007, 3:44 pm
OT Jackie Robinson4/15/2007, 3:16 pm
Finishing panel: What happened? *PIC*4/15/2007, 1:36 pm
OT: Water bladder tank capacity specs4/15/2007, 11:51 am
Chat tonight -- Design processes4/15/2007, 11:04 am
For Paul Jordan4/15/2007, 10:27 am
Seven New Book Reviews! *LINK*4/15/2007, 8:59 am
Plans for wind Chimes4/15/2007, 6:42 am
Thanks for the info, bought impact driver & drill4/15/2007, 12:16 am
Who created The Shrinkulator?4/14/2007, 10:28 pm
Size doesn't matter. (A gloat is a gloat) *PIC*4/14/2007, 7:20 pm
UHMW Plastic4/14/2007, 6:37 pm
Delta Unisaw Arbor question *PIC*4/14/2007, 4:48 pm
OT- Introducing Lola4/14/2007, 3:31 pm
Music Box etc. Picture 1 *PIC*4/14/2007, 2:39 pm
Ellis, sighting ?4/14/2007, 2:12 pm
You mean hefty????4/14/2007, 1:47 pm
Toy wagon wheels & undercarriage4/14/2007, 11:00 am
O.T.: HP Printer question4/14/2007, 9:25 am
Making a Studley frame.....4/14/2007, 8:57 am
identifying wood4/14/2007, 6:20 am
Time saving idea for Rod Peterson4/14/2007, 5:49 am
Cutting Sheet Goods4/14/2007, 12:21 am
Jointing4/13/2007, 8:47 pm
Free, powerful 3D CAD...sort of. *LINK*4/13/2007, 8:44 pm
Craft show credit cards4/13/2007, 6:34 pm
battery replacement4/13/2007, 6:04 pm
Fixed louver shutter jig...4/13/2007, 2:48 pm
Glass cutting, for the first time.4/13/2007, 2:23 pm
OT MP3 player4/13/2007, 11:17 am
Dulling Satin Poly??4/13/2007, 10:18 am
OT-Ford F-150 Rust Problem4/13/2007, 9:58 am
OT (very) - Did you know Timbuktu exists? *LINK*4/13/2007, 9:20 am
LV Tape Tip4/13/2007, 9:15 am
Japan Drier: How Toxic?4/13/2007, 9:06 am
OT - Taxes4/13/2007, 8:42 am
OT: Listerine recall4/13/2007, 8:37 am
A new show opened here in Little Rock, AR4/13/2007, 12:29 am
Digital Readout for table saw fence4/12/2007, 10:20 pm
Trees--What happens after a heavy frost?4/12/2007, 9:52 pm
Nailers - A heads-up *LINK*4/12/2007, 9:09 pm
OT Samsung Printer4/12/2007, 8:43 pm
Rockler and Bosch 1617EVSPK4/12/2007, 8:08 pm
OT - Top 10 Coolest Grills *LINK*4/12/2007, 6:55 pm
Lifetime battery warranty for Ridgid drill?4/12/2007, 6:09 pm
Workshop cabinet finish?4/12/2007, 5:46 pm
Help! I need 1/16" and 1/8" stock...4/12/2007, 5:14 pm
OT - for a laugh, try Google from NY to London4/12/2007, 3:47 pm
Tool values4/12/2007, 3:36 pm
Tool values4/12/2007, 3:36 pm
Help! Cordless Drill Driver / Hammer question4/12/2007, 2:49 pm
Fire protection(OT Maybe)4/12/2007, 12:10 pm
OT: Cleaning Angel Stone4/12/2007, 10:05 am
Bosch PS104/12/2007, 9:14 am
Cabinet Doors with Glass Panel4/12/2007, 9:05 am
FOUNTAIN PEN DISPLAY BOX4/12/2007, 8:34 am
Walnut with "Character" Question.4/12/2007, 8:15 am
Walnut Allergy, One more time.....4/12/2007, 8:06 am
Richmond, VA woodworkers get ready.... *LINK*4/11/2007, 8:05 pm
Ridgid Sander4/11/2007, 6:59 pm
Some woodworking involved.4/11/2007, 4:01 pm
Ridgid sander4/11/2007, 3:43 pm
Building a Veneer Vacuum Bag4/11/2007, 2:17 pm
Are machinery reviews looking at the wrong thing?4/11/2007, 11:44 am
What do y ou know about this Radial Arm Saw?? *PIC*4/11/2007, 10:54 am
Rust remover And Protector4/11/2007, 8:54 am
Major Gloat!!! :o) Domino, Baby!!!!!4/11/2007, 12:18 am
Anybody with a Powermatic 24" scroll saw4/10/2007, 11:48 pm
Breathing protection4/10/2007, 9:59 pm
walking stick, camera Mono pod *PIC*4/10/2007, 9:30 pm
Tenoning Jig4/10/2007, 9:25 pm
Finished one of our bath cabinets a while ago... *PIC*4/10/2007, 8:17 pm
Finished one of our bath cabinets a while ago... *PIC*4/10/2007, 8:16 pm
Sharpening spiral cut router bits4/10/2007, 6:45 pm
Cabinet opinion?4/10/2007, 1:57 pm
Thinking about a bandsaw4/10/2007, 1:54 pm
OT: Gas Price everywhere........4/10/2007, 1:51 pm
Real small breadboard ends...4/10/2007, 1:20 pm
On Topic at last--Bearing question4/10/2007, 12:52 pm
Strange stain problem4/10/2007, 12:01 pm
Matched Bits for Glass Doors4/10/2007, 10:50 am
Fetch me....the Comfy Chair!!!! An Inquisition...4/10/2007, 10:13 am
Walnut/Moisture Content Question?4/10/2007, 7:43 am
Tuesday Night Hand Tool Chat4/10/2007, 7:29 am
OT -Marking all Msgs as Read w/Firefox4/10/2007, 7:28 am
Table top4/9/2007, 9:56 pm
Ukelele4/9/2007, 6:44 pm
Look Ma' , no lathe ! . . . *PIC*4/9/2007, 5:41 pm
Craftsman 103.23321 Jointer4/9/2007, 11:46 am
OT - I can see through walls4/9/2007, 11:06 am
minimum sloap for shingle roof?4/9/2007, 8:56 am
Discontinued Knob & Pulls for .99 at Rockler *LINK*4/9/2007, 8:54 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....4/9/2007, 8:52 am
Jointer table alignment4/9/2007, 8:43 am
Delta DP300L Drill Press?4/9/2007, 8:23 am
Looking for a specific drawer pull4/9/2007, 8:05 am
OT? - Need Advice on Building a Garage/Shop4/9/2007, 12:32 am
New tool...ROS disc life questions4/8/2007, 9:05 pm
Very weird frame joinery... (w/pics)4/8/2007, 9:05 pm
Rant-Trying to get the "feel" of tools at HD/Lowes4/8/2007, 8:48 pm
OT---Taxes. Life insurance payout as income?4/8/2007, 7:55 pm
OT: 87 Y.O. Blacksmith Warmin' Up *LINK*4/8/2007, 6:52 pm
New House New Shop Almost4/8/2007, 6:26 pm
tools/furniture/woodworking in London & Paris4/8/2007, 2:42 pm
OT Wiring Question4/8/2007, 9:38 am
fuming white oak4/8/2007, 9:21 am
Benefit Auction Reminder, Ends Today! *LINK*4/8/2007, 9:06 am
8" gloat *PIC*4/7/2007, 11:18 pm
wishing well4/7/2007, 10:08 pm
I Think Our OT Messages are Getting4/7/2007, 9:41 pm
veneering plywood4/7/2007, 6:19 pm
Woodhaven Angle-Ease for routers *LINK*4/7/2007, 4:46 pm
Cabinet levellers *LINK*4/7/2007, 4:29 pm
a big thank you to all4/7/2007, 3:51 pm
220 jointer back to 110?4/7/2007, 2:49 pm
imitation fumed oak finish4/7/2007, 1:53 pm
Jessem 7500 slider Killer Deal *LINK*4/7/2007, 12:41 pm
A little OT--electronics questions (fairly long)4/7/2007, 12:34 pm
OT---Cheapest long-distance to Canada?4/7/2007, 11:03 am
EASTER4/7/2007, 10:04 am
OT - Exodus?4/7/2007, 8:39 am
OT: Paint Question4/7/2007, 7:50 am
A market for small clocks? Kaleidoscopes?4/6/2007, 11:57 pm
Rigid Drill Press Chuck4/6/2007, 11:52 pm
Wooden Works Clocks *LINK*4/6/2007, 10:56 pm
Clock insert replacement?4/6/2007, 10:39 pm
Who gave spring the boot?4/6/2007, 10:03 pm
Another OT: Have you ever wondered...4/6/2007, 7:51 pm
Most extreme OT poll ever!4/6/2007, 6:47 pm
JessEm is coming!4/6/2007, 6:34 pm
career change4/6/2007, 6:10 pm
OT -Just thought I'd pop in and say hello.4/6/2007, 5:09 pm
Glue for green lumber4/6/2007, 1:18 pm
OT new p.c. and security4/6/2007, 12:41 pm
Which multi base router?4/6/2007, 10:17 am
OT Curious lazy cat caught in soffit4/6/2007, 10:03 am
Help a family in need *LINK*4/6/2007, 9:39 am
Can wood be Too dry ? (slightly OT?)4/5/2007, 11:18 pm
O.T.: Computer monitor display problem4/5/2007, 10:50 pm
Drum sander4/5/2007, 7:08 pm
Frank Klausz seminar 4/21/07 hosted by CJWA4/5/2007, 6:46 pm
Harvesting Free Standin g Dead Charry Tree4/5/2007, 6:22 pm
Happy Birthday Alan Young!!! *NM*4/5/2007, 4:56 pm
which domestic hardwoods do you want QS?4/5/2007, 2:37 pm
Way more OT- US gas prices4/5/2007, 2:23 pm
OT - 10 Items or ... (English Grammar)4/5/2007, 2:00 pm
OT: Teaching Math 1950 - 20064/5/2007, 10:22 am
Shop organization4/5/2007, 10:19 am
Benefit Auction Reminder *LINK*4/5/2007, 8:53 am
Need a 4" adapter4/5/2007, 8:29 am
Link to free hearing protection offer.. *LINK*4/5/2007, 6:55 am
Lee Valley on the news this morning New Tool... *LINK* *PIC*4/5/2007, 6:12 am
Turning on Messages forum4/5/2007, 12:57 am
Bosch 3725 ROS--- worth repairing?4/4/2007, 11:04 pm
aftermarket pc 7539 micro depth adjustment ?4/4/2007, 9:56 pm
Way OT, sorry Bri4/4/2007, 8:41 pm
Hybrid picnic table4/4/2007, 4:54 pm
What this place needs...4/4/2007, 3:32 pm
Looking for a tool holder that uses a marble4/4/2007, 3:04 pm
New Mexico Woodworkers meet?4/4/2007, 1:09 pm
OT - rant: e-filing4/4/2007, 12:58 pm
OT - Megapixels for large prints?4/4/2007, 12:54 pm
What would you put your $ on?4/4/2007, 12:21 pm
I won the Powerball Lotto!!!4/4/2007, 12:05 pm
Disappointed with Festool4/4/2007, 11:57 am
John's Missing4/4/2007, 10:46 am
Remember the Carlo Venditto post from Sat?4/4/2007, 10:38 am
Faceframe & Rail/Style wood shrinkage *PIC*4/4/2007, 9:37 am
Anyone build a mobile plant growing cart. *LINK* *PIC*4/4/2007, 8:54 am
Rockwell tablesaw repair?4/4/2007, 8:01 am
The Multi-tool (Too Long) *PIC*4/4/2007, 5:44 am
OT---How 'bout them Vols!4/3/2007, 11:04 pm
polishing cement?4/3/2007, 10:56 pm
-OT- converting quick time move to DVD format4/3/2007, 9:26 pm
making a tub inclosure4/3/2007, 9:17 pm
24T CMS Blade4/3/2007, 7:35 pm
Moving Quandary4/3/2007, 7:18 pm
Hot Water Pipes Making Noise4/3/2007, 2:43 pm
New Yankee Workshop on PBS Create *LINK*4/3/2007, 1:53 pm
Problem with Woodfinder4/3/2007, 11:03 am
Rockler coupon code?4/3/2007, 10:33 am
Totally OT. Milk in coffee *LINK*4/3/2007, 10:18 am
Snakes on a Plane *PIC*4/3/2007, 9:59 am
Bandsaw enroute4/3/2007, 9:42 am
OT - These students didn't study.......*HUMOR* *LINK* *PIC*4/3/2007, 9:15 am
Tuesday Night Hand Tool Chat4/3/2007, 8:36 am
Dust collector bag maintenance4/3/2007, 12:06 am
Computer Neanderthal needing help!4/2/2007, 11:45 pm
OT - Questionable eBay ratings4/2/2007, 11:15 pm
MS at the cricket world cup (OT).... *LINK*4/2/2007, 9:06 pm
METAL CUT OFF SAW4/2/2007, 8:55 pm
Plywood for shop cabinets4/2/2007, 8:38 pm
OT - Back down to one house!4/2/2007, 8:22 pm
Benefit Auction, Koa Pen *LINK*4/2/2007, 8:20 pm
Pittsburgh, Pa4/2/2007, 7:21 pm
Bandsaw purchase suggestions4/2/2007, 6:27 pm
Board support in a planer sled ?4/2/2007, 5:53 pm
Need Help Locating Grinding Wheels4/2/2007, 4:56 pm
Joanne - do you know the fate of that big elm?4/2/2007, 4:21 pm
Is it me, or are lumber prices climbing?4/2/2007, 4:15 pm
Plate joiner4/2/2007, 3:52 pm
Cookie Please *NM*4/2/2007, 3:16 pm
turning olive wood4/2/2007, 2:35 pm
Insect help needed4/2/2007, 1:26 pm
Hood Wood Finishes *LINK*4/2/2007, 1:22 pm
Interesting design chat last night *LINK*4/2/2007, 11:21 am
OT - Crabgrass Treatment4/2/2007, 11:11 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments..... *PIC*4/2/2007, 10:03 am
Gota Love Technology OT4/2/2007, 10:01 am
A Must Read *LINK*4/2/2007, 7:47 am
Resaw blade for 24" bandsaw4/2/2007, 7:05 am
Stanley 386 jointer4/1/2007, 9:24 pm
Wall bracket *PIC*4/1/2007, 9:12 pm
Totally OT freaky plants with eyes *LINK*4/1/2007, 8:36 pm
Inca 12" Table Saw4/1/2007, 7:49 pm
I managed to get4/1/2007, 5:05 pm
The first electric router?4/1/2007, 3:57 pm
Split Log OK?4/1/2007, 2:05 pm
Dado Blades can be dangerous4/1/2007, 11:12 am
June Woodwork magazine4/1/2007, 10:14 am
Where is it, Did the Spoof go Poof?4/1/2007, 8:45 am
routing a depression4/1/2007, 8:35 am
OT - Google offers new free wireless internet *LINK*4/1/2007, 6:42 am
EXTREME Snowboarding *LINK*3/31/2007, 7:55 pm
OT Truck Running Boards-Long3/31/2007, 7:21 pm
Carlo Venditto3/31/2007, 4:03 pm
Interesting designs3/31/2007, 2:37 pm
Festool Domino Supplemental Owner's Manual *LINK*3/31/2007, 2:19 pm
Parts for older Delta table saw3/31/2007, 1:14 pm
Gutter Guards3/31/2007, 12:46 pm
Windsor Chair classes3/31/2007, 12:44 pm
electricity3/31/2007, 12:06 pm
OT: If People Bought Cars Like They Buy Computers3/31/2007, 11:06 am
Exotics vs Composites for decking3/31/2007, 9:54 am
A funny for Jim S. or any hockey fan3/31/2007, 8:52 am
Band SAw motor question?3/31/2007, 7:20 am
Another veneer question!!3/31/2007, 12:47 am
OT: Tax time *PIC*3/30/2007, 10:43 pm
Veneer question3/30/2007, 10:38 pm
It's That Time of Year Again.....3/30/2007, 9:25 pm
Dewalt model 733 problem3/30/2007, 5:18 pm
Shiplap joint for plank flooring *LINK*3/30/2007, 3:08 pm
Attatching the top of an entertainment center3/30/2007, 12:33 pm
Digital Photo & PhotoShop Question *PIC*3/30/2007, 12:04 pm
Selling a Design...Legal/Business Question3/30/2007, 11:15 am
Fun Web Site *LINK*3/30/2007, 9:30 am
15% off all power tools at Lowes3/30/2007, 9:12 am
Rob Lee's email3/30/2007, 8:09 am
Question Window sash vs mullion router bits3/29/2007, 8:32 pm
Bandsaw problem3/29/2007, 6:35 pm
Sightings3/29/2007, 4:33 pm
Lumber storage question...3/29/2007, 4:24 pm
Should know3/29/2007, 4:07 pm
New Shop Vac is Quiet!3/29/2007, 2:46 pm
Unifence owners - opinions needed3/29/2007, 1:17 pm
Shopmade Shelf Drilling Jigs3/29/2007, 1:13 pm
inside radius cutting of bowls3/29/2007, 12:30 pm
Mark's Goodall's trim router review3/29/2007, 11:27 am
OT--- toughest paint for lumber rack?3/29/2007, 9:50 am
OT-Bill Tindall info *LINK*3/29/2007, 5:29 am
Totally OT just for fun ;-) *LINK*3/29/2007, 12:18 am
pair of jewlry cases *PIC*3/28/2007, 10:41 pm
my new saw *PIC*3/28/2007, 9:53 pm
Drill Press recommendations3/28/2007, 9:17 pm
What type of finish for custom oak staircase ?3/28/2007, 8:56 pm
OT Ceramic Tile application3/28/2007, 8:41 pm
OT--cookie3/28/2007, 7:59 pm
OT - Penny the cat *PIC*3/28/2007, 7:27 pm
Oak filler3/28/2007, 6:34 pm
Festool Domino Are you ____ me?3/28/2007, 6:29 pm
white oak veneer and hide glue3/28/2007, 6:09 pm
Hey, Indiana!3/28/2007, 5:01 pm
OT - Ebay/PayPal problem3/28/2007, 3:46 pm
Band Saw resawing problem3/28/2007, 3:02 pm
***8 NEW BOOK REVIEWS*** *LINK*3/28/2007, 3:00 pm
I can't stand it any longer.3/28/2007, 2:21 pm
OT - Closing games - Rant!3/28/2007, 1:10 pm
Tractor Starter/Generator3/28/2007, 12:25 pm
Help!! Pipe Clamps Slipping...3/28/2007, 11:47 am
Question for Festool Ownters3/28/2007, 11:26 am
Forum Display - Update3/28/2007, 10:31 am
Design-Clean and Simple or Fancy and Frilly?3/28/2007, 10:13 am
OT: Vinyl chemistry?? *PIC*3/28/2007, 9:35 am
OT: tip or not3/28/2007, 9:26 am
Electrical question3/28/2007, 9:18 am
painting a bench vise3/28/2007, 8:39 am
Jet Parallel Bar Clamps vs. Bessey3/28/2007, 7:34 am
Need a fence for Delta bandsaw3/28/2007, 1:26 am
Changing Drum Sander Rolls???3/27/2007, 10:03 pm
shop lighting question3/27/2007, 5:55 pm
O.T. iPod questions3/27/2007, 5:32 pm
Template guides for Bosch Colt3/27/2007, 4:53 pm
Stephen Shepherd back in the Chat Room3/27/2007, 3:41 pm
JET Days at Woodcraft coming up3/27/2007, 1:07 pm
O.T. Hydraulic jacks for sport utes3/27/2007, 12:49 pm
Help with forum display3/27/2007, 11:09 am
Need help with cabinet3/27/2007, 10:32 am
OT Fixing a hydraulic jack?3/27/2007, 9:16 am
Large old bandsaw - ID needed... *PIC*3/26/2007, 10:34 pm
drawers3/26/2007, 10:32 pm
ripping (cutting) oak plywood3/26/2007, 10:07 pm
OT - Roofs... Metal versus shingles3/26/2007, 9:50 pm
metal shrinkages3/26/2007, 9:00 pm
Meber (Laguna) Bandsaw Opinions Wanted3/26/2007, 8:34 pm
OT: Concrete Driveway Repair3/26/2007, 7:50 pm
LV kudos . . .3/26/2007, 6:42 pm
OT A Few Laughs3/26/2007, 6:19 pm
Contemporary column details3/26/2007, 5:54 pm
Million Miles OT3/26/2007, 2:16 pm
Fe$Tool Price Increase3/26/2007, 1:26 pm
OT: Garden fencing3/26/2007, 11:54 am
OT Duct Tape fixes everything, NOT3/26/2007, 10:44 am
System is running slow this morning. *NM*3/26/2007, 10:39 am
Hey Chico!3/26/2007, 10:38 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....3/26/2007, 10:21 am
Bandsaw riser block - - drawbacks ?3/26/2007, 9:43 am
Drywall Again ....... Corners This Time3/26/2007, 8:46 am
Looking for a riser block. Rockwell Model 143/26/2007, 8:46 am
Hey Ellis ...... try this again3/26/2007, 8:33 am
worksharp ws3000 *LINK*3/25/2007, 10:58 pm
box elder3/25/2007, 10:41 pm
Menards customer service3/25/2007, 6:35 pm
Jet 14" BS... table fence hole location?3/25/2007, 6:19 pm
Festool Question?3/25/2007, 5:32 pm
Squeaky Floors - maybe OT3/25/2007, 2:53 pm
Moldings and books3/25/2007, 2:21 pm
It's Spring *PIC*3/25/2007, 12:11 pm
Mahogany outdoors?3/25/2007, 12:05 pm
question about woodstove3/25/2007, 12:03 pm
Here is another picture of the log in action3/25/2007, 10:47 am
Squirrel treadmill3/25/2007, 10:30 am
NEW Shop Shot!3/25/2007, 9:51 am
You Tube3/25/2007, 8:41 am
OT - Guitar Question3/25/2007, 8:25 am
Oral B should make a cordless Drill3/25/2007, 6:18 am
House > Shop intercom3/25/2007, 12:07 am
Moving to Richmond3/24/2007, 11:18 pm
leady ring cutter3/24/2007, 7:52 pm
OT: Can't get Windows XP SP2 to install3/24/2007, 3:51 pm
OT - zip utility in XP somewhere?3/24/2007, 1:19 pm
Dumb Question--- band saw blade lube?3/24/2007, 11:46 am
OT - Electric lawn mowers, what do you think?3/24/2007, 11:31 am
Understanding Hand tools3/24/2007, 11:11 am
In Search Of The Perfect Mobile Base3/24/2007, 10:52 am
fastening cabinets together3/24/2007, 9:23 am
Kitchen Countertop Material choices3/24/2007, 7:26 am
service manual for OLD homelite C723/23/2007, 11:38 pm
Foot switch3/23/2007, 8:25 pm
One Bis Log! **4 Pics**3/23/2007, 8:06 pm
Installing Peg Board3/23/2007, 7:53 pm
Buying Lumber at Auction3/23/2007, 7:28 pm
OT Metal Detectors-not for nails in wood3/23/2007, 3:36 pm
Completed Project *PIC*3/23/2007, 2:34 pm
Finishing question3/23/2007, 12:46 pm
OT - I'm tired of packing.... semi-rant.. (long)3/23/2007, 12:35 pm
Amazon.com3/23/2007, 11:50 am
Marketing Woodturning Genius . . .3/23/2007, 10:44 am
OT Music Gloat3/23/2007, 9:28 am
How would you do this - Need Advice3/23/2007, 8:37 am
Bending for bow-back windsor chair3/23/2007, 1:24 am
Need drill bit storage ideas....3/23/2007, 12:13 am
Silky handsaws *LINK*3/22/2007, 7:24 pm
Tools I need to add?3/22/2007, 5:57 pm
Impact Driver/Battery life question.3/22/2007, 5:56 pm
Opinions needed-Excalibur 50-SLT-60 Sliding Table3/22/2007, 5:54 pm
Experience with Shark Guard *LINK*3/22/2007, 5:53 pm
36-444 Contractor Saw with stuck tilting mechanism *PIC*3/22/2007, 3:05 pm
OT Need a laugh? ... *NM* *LINK*3/22/2007, 11:15 am
Trip to Phoenix - Yuma soon3/22/2007, 11:04 am
OT - Chevy TSB - HELP cannot find - Ending3/22/2007, 10:58 am
Water Leaked, Edge of Boards Appear 2 B Warping3/22/2007, 9:49 am
A Real Loss3/22/2007, 9:40 am
Hardboard questions...3/22/2007, 9:13 am
ATTN: John C. (Virginia)3/22/2007, 9:05 am
Website Critique? *LINK*3/22/2007, 7:39 am
DC Bag MONITOR question?3/22/2007, 7:38 am
table saw dust collection3/22/2007, 5:00 am
benchdog holes3/22/2007, 4:50 am
DC bag to cartridge conversion3/21/2007, 9:04 pm
1 1/4 - 8 Nut3/21/2007, 7:52 pm
Formica3/21/2007, 5:56 pm
NYW Student Desk3/21/2007, 5:28 pm
Crooked biscuits3/21/2007, 5:10 pm
Rockwell/Delta Planer3/21/2007, 4:49 pm
Bit the bullet on the Steel City 8" jointer..3/21/2007, 4:42 pm
PVC piping question..3/21/2007, 4:31 pm
delta unifence on jet ts3/21/2007, 4:24 pm
Hey Lee Grindinger- MontanaFest this year??3/21/2007, 2:29 pm
one-sided veneering--final report3/21/2007, 2:00 pm
OT - Cost to have a chandelier installed?3/21/2007, 11:35 am
1/2" QSWO plywood from 1/4" QSWO plywood3/21/2007, 11:02 am
IndyFest 07 - Date Change3/21/2007, 10:29 am
Scallops - It Can't Be This Hard! *PIC*3/21/2007, 9:56 am
I broke a junk tool - ideas for fixing?3/21/2007, 9:26 am
Anyone used a Chainsaw Mill?3/21/2007, 8:38 am
belt size Delta 14" bandsaw?3/21/2007, 12:00 am
OT---Spring steel vs. regular steel *PIC*3/20/2007, 10:56 pm
Odds 'n' Ends3/20/2007, 5:29 pm
OT: Refrigerator -- Yeah, that can't be good3/20/2007, 5:21 pm
Source for threaded inserts3/20/2007, 4:13 pm
OT - Chevy TSB - HELP cannot find3/20/2007, 2:01 pm
New Shop Gloat....SPACE, glorious SPACE *PIC*3/20/2007, 1:01 pm
Zeroing in on 14" JET bandsaw3/20/2007, 12:58 pm
Bottom Line on Grizzly Equipment3/20/2007, 12:54 pm
Today's Herman *LINK*3/20/2007, 12:51 pm
Cremation Casket3/20/2007, 12:42 pm
OT: flat bonding wire in armored cable?3/20/2007, 12:15 pm
Craftsman 9" blades?3/20/2007, 11:50 am
Hey Ellis??3/20/2007, 11:31 am
Hey Denis Chenard Happy Birthday!3/20/2007, 11:04 am
OT - Since we are on spam e-mail3/20/2007, 10:31 am
"Stained Glass Window" Cabinet3/20/2007, 10:13 am
Cribbage Board3/20/2007, 10:07 am
Bending wood pt.1 *LINK*3/20/2007, 9:23 am
Dust Collector Modification ????3/20/2007, 9:21 am
Reminder--Lake Wales Get-Together and BBQ3/20/2007, 8:45 am
NEW VIDEO REVIEW *LINK*3/20/2007, 8:05 am
Need help with sanding (paint removal) *PIC*3/19/2007, 10:25 pm
Job in search of a tool - long3/19/2007, 9:47 pm
Work pricing challenge3/19/2007, 9:26 pm
Windows XP Nightmares3/19/2007, 9:06 pm
Question about sanding3/19/2007, 9:02 pm
Cheapo Bandsaw3/19/2007, 8:05 pm
Finish Carpentry Books Info3/19/2007, 7:57 pm
car siding -dumb question3/19/2007, 7:51 pm
Sanding Epoxy finish?3/19/2007, 5:44 pm
MARRY Go for it OT3/19/2007, 5:29 pm
ebay - 8" Rockwell jointer in Florida3/19/2007, 5:27 pm
OT - funny phising email3/19/2007, 4:13 pm
4" angle grinder3/19/2007, 2:53 pm
How not to store a Unisaw *LINK*3/19/2007, 2:48 pm
Power Washer3/19/2007, 2:44 pm
OT - Network Connections Help3/19/2007, 1:02 pm
Locking Casters3/19/2007, 1:02 pm
Long run of bookcases3/19/2007, 12:51 pm
2 easy questions:3/19/2007, 11:14 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....3/19/2007, 11:04 am
Doorway rough opening.3/19/2007, 10:55 am
solid maple vanity top!3/19/2007, 10:36 am
Bandsaw blade tune up question3/19/2007, 9:16 am
Countertops and cabinets...3/19/2007, 9:03 am
Seat Carving with an Adze *LINK*3/19/2007, 8:26 am
Question for southhwest dwellers3/18/2007, 7:59 pm
Electrical and Cable3/18/2007, 7:43 pm
OT: GPS Opinions3/18/2007, 7:03 pm
New power tool for my wish list *PIC*3/18/2007, 6:29 pm
woodworiking 101 or giving back *LINK*3/18/2007, 5:31 pm
Oak Roll Top Desk *PIC*3/18/2007, 4:15 pm
Mini lathe table3/18/2007, 3:39 pm
OT Kerosene Monitor heater3/18/2007, 3:32 pm
OT---Best glue for rubber?3/18/2007, 3:29 pm
Hollow Chisel Mortiser - do you have a Bridgewood3/18/2007, 3:11 pm
ARGH! How much is too much? (long)3/18/2007, 3:07 pm
Planer question3/18/2007, 1:01 pm
Wooden computers? *LINK*3/18/2007, 8:31 am
Construction Blog: Expanding Round Table *LINK*3/18/2007, 8:25 am
The new bandsaw saga begins *PIC*3/18/2007, 8:02 am
Question about padauk3/17/2007, 8:30 pm
Cassarole carrier *PIC*3/17/2007, 8:29 pm
Ever notice that when you try to log3/17/2007, 8:26 pm
Bed side table3/17/2007, 7:29 pm
How many times to back-up3/17/2007, 6:43 pm
tool gloat!3/17/2007, 6:40 pm
Quick Electrical Question3/17/2007, 2:26 pm
Saw Blades3/17/2007, 11:09 am
Review: NYW on DIY3/17/2007, 10:56 am
Pet Food Recall *LINK*3/17/2007, 10:09 am
Happy St. Patrick's Day!3/17/2007, 8:04 am
OT DishNetwork Greeting *PIC*3/17/2007, 2:30 am
OT: Finishing Drywall3/17/2007, 12:16 am
OT - Dumb iTunes MP3 question3/16/2007, 9:25 pm
sanding metal using a wood drum sander3/16/2007, 8:04 pm
Hey Randy Johnson - Thanks3/16/2007, 6:51 pm
Electrical problem in the house3/16/2007, 6:10 pm
Ol' Yeller Gone3/16/2007, 5:49 pm
*** END OF WINTER SALE *** *LINK*3/16/2007, 5:18 pm
Isn't this site great.....3/16/2007, 4:27 pm
Please help choosing new planer...3/16/2007, 4:23 pm
OT: Free at last...3/16/2007, 3:49 pm
Hughes Net Broadband3/16/2007, 2:27 pm
OT New PC purchase frustration3/16/2007, 2:19 pm
faking antiques3/16/2007, 12:57 pm
Gluing panels and keeping them flat *PIC*3/16/2007, 11:09 am
Whaddya do now?3/16/2007, 9:43 am
Cordless tool Battery question?3/16/2007, 8:25 am
electronics question THANK YOU3/16/2007, 8:20 am
Travisher talk *LINK*3/16/2007, 7:33 am
Edge Guide for PC 890 series routers ?3/16/2007, 6:13 am
OT - keyboards3/16/2007, 12:35 am
Looking for planer3/15/2007, 9:53 pm
Gerber3/15/2007, 7:12 pm
Cookie, please. *NM*3/15/2007, 5:13 pm
Oh No,,,,What Does This Mean?3/15/2007, 4:40 pm
Magazine Subcriptions3/15/2007, 2:56 pm
Shellac Finishing3/15/2007, 2:19 pm
electronics question3/15/2007, 1:22 pm
ot mobile home addition3/15/2007, 11:43 am
Making a vacuum pump from a compressor3/15/2007, 10:08 am
OT - RegisterFly warning3/15/2007, 9:15 am
Strip or plane?3/15/2007, 8:31 am
Burr Management aka Sharpening *LINK*3/15/2007, 7:10 am
Jointer Technique Question3/15/2007, 4:28 am
Customer service--You won't believe this!3/15/2007, 12:44 am
Help - Dewalt 621 router owners3/14/2007, 11:56 pm
Lion miter trimmer knives3/14/2007, 11:46 pm
Holder for power drills3/14/2007, 10:25 pm
Walker Turner lathe *PIC*3/14/2007, 10:08 pm
A visit to a sawmill--warning: lots 'o' pictures3/14/2007, 9:30 pm
Joining MDF panels3/14/2007, 9:05 pm
Yet Another Box3/14/2007, 9:02 pm
long-term furniture storage3/14/2007, 7:12 pm
Joint questions3/14/2007, 6:58 pm
How to read notes on truss plan?3/14/2007, 4:47 pm
Building a New Barn3/14/2007, 4:38 pm
? on Dave Hentzel's Whereabouts. *LINK*3/14/2007, 4:17 pm
anti vibration pads3/14/2007, 3:35 pm
Semi OT - Lexan or Acrylic?3/14/2007, 12:42 pm
Upgrade to Clamp cart *PIC*3/14/2007, 11:05 am
OT removing a few 12x12 floor tiles?3/14/2007, 10:40 am
My new woodworking for money scheme...3/14/2007, 10:15 am
Home Depot CEO reponse *LINK*3/14/2007, 8:49 am
Cost of building a garage3/14/2007, 8:02 am
Something I've been working on... *PIC*3/14/2007, 12:01 am
Omaha Woodworkers Guild - new time and place *LINK*3/13/2007, 10:20 pm
bandsaw tires, what kind to buy?3/13/2007, 9:58 pm
single sided veneer without warping3/13/2007, 8:55 pm
Wine Cabinet - IV *PIC*3/13/2007, 7:52 pm
OT - Signs of Spring...3/13/2007, 5:34 pm
Computer3/13/2007, 5:18 pm
[AD] Steel City Rebate Offer Countdown3/13/2007, 5:10 pm
OT - Need Network Help3/13/2007, 2:27 pm
For Alan Young3/13/2007, 1:08 pm
Glueing plexi to MDF, which glue? *PIC*3/13/2007, 12:34 pm
Reversible motor question3/13/2007, 12:10 pm
OT---Sealing plastic pipe revisited *LINK*3/13/2007, 10:58 am
Wood Shop Sound Proofing3/13/2007, 12:09 am
OT Thinking of Replacement windows?3/12/2007, 11:15 pm
types of veneer Question3/12/2007, 9:12 pm
OT - buffing motor hookup3/12/2007, 8:10 pm
OT - Giving Notice Redux3/12/2007, 6:16 pm
Pricing your Work3/12/2007, 5:56 pm
Bandsaw Tension Gauge3/12/2007, 5:23 pm
Whiteside Router Bits3/12/2007, 5:19 pm
An interesting "anti-woodworking" site... *LINK*3/12/2007, 5:07 pm
Need resawing help3/12/2007, 3:25 pm
dye question3/12/2007, 3:15 pm
110-220 converters *LINK*3/12/2007, 2:52 pm
OT: Running BX cable?3/12/2007, 11:52 am
PERSHING III . . . *PIC*3/12/2007, 11:06 am
OT Yahoo3/12/2007, 10:39 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....3/12/2007, 10:21 am
Mahogany walls - what to do>3/12/2007, 10:15 am
Mark Goodall - Just Clicked Onto Your Link3/12/2007, 10:03 am
Powder Coating equipment?3/12/2007, 8:48 am
Making bent lamination form.3/12/2007, 8:28 am
Steel City TS3/12/2007, 8:24 am
Yellow glue & danish oil3/12/2007, 7:01 am
powermatic 24153/12/2007, 12:32 am
Gordon and Linda3/11/2007, 7:09 pm
OT--Self-propelled lawnmower recommendation?3/11/2007, 6:40 pm
OT - Will a diamond trigger a metal detector?3/11/2007, 6:15 pm
birds eye maple coat rack3/11/2007, 5:15 pm
Hmmm... new rubber feet for a tool base3/11/2007, 5:03 pm
Priming over shellac3/11/2007, 4:52 pm
Triton routers for table, which one?3/11/2007, 3:32 pm
Flexeel air hose3/11/2007, 12:55 pm
Does cutting off fingers w/chisel and wood mallet3/11/2007, 11:46 am
NEW Shop Shot!3/11/2007, 10:50 am
Need a source for piano hinge3/11/2007, 9:55 am
lathe made from wood3/10/2007, 9:48 pm
OT: Thinking of putting up a new web site.3/10/2007, 5:06 pm
Wood Question3/10/2007, 2:17 pm
OT: Worm - VB.AUG3/10/2007, 12:28 pm
Quick Trip3/10/2007, 9:58 am
OT: want to extract audio from mpeg to convert3/10/2007, 9:18 am
Finishing tips for Cypress?3/9/2007, 10:53 pm
Panel Saw Sale *LINK*3/9/2007, 8:30 pm
Any experience with Leopardwood?3/9/2007, 6:47 pm
Old Dovetail machine *LINK*3/9/2007, 4:38 pm
Cabinet Scrapers pt,2 *LINK*3/9/2007, 3:58 pm
Keller Dovetail jig on sale at Amazon *LINK*3/9/2007, 2:23 pm
where to buy custom text wood burner?3/9/2007, 1:34 pm
Grounding question -- before I electrocute myself3/9/2007, 1:26 pm
Carbide BS blade3/9/2007, 11:01 am
NWA Showcase3/9/2007, 9:47 am
15 Ga nailer3/9/2007, 2:01 am
Ouch! *LINK*3/8/2007, 11:08 pm
Delta Table Saw 34-3003/8/2007, 10:40 pm
OT - Neat technology video *LINK*3/8/2007, 10:33 pm
Anyone in Cincinnati??3/8/2007, 10:15 pm
OT--Anybody using Irfanview as your photoeditor?3/8/2007, 9:23 pm
Disston #4 back saw in Classifieds *NM*3/8/2007, 8:51 pm
Homemade slot mortiser w/ PICS *LINK*3/8/2007, 6:59 pm
Glass panel cabinet doors3/8/2007, 6:20 pm
Cabinet Scrapers, Help for what ails you *LINK* *PIC*3/8/2007, 6:15 pm
Looking an an 8" jointer3/8/2007, 4:00 pm
Brush attachment for shop vac?3/8/2007, 3:59 pm
OT - Printer, Copier, Scanner recomendations3/8/2007, 3:36 pm
OT - Daylight Saving Time change info *LINK*3/8/2007, 2:09 pm
Saw Stops at Marc Adams3/8/2007, 1:29 pm
Bill Grumbine!3/8/2007, 12:57 pm
OT Danger OT..... Open Office????3/8/2007, 12:04 pm
A dark question for Tommy Skaggs3/8/2007, 12:02 pm
Delta 22-580 planer3/8/2007, 11:39 am
Kickback followup3/8/2007, 11:22 am
finishing question3/8/2007, 10:28 am
Great deals on new (trailer) workshops? *LINK*3/8/2007, 10:26 am
Not to make you guys feel bad, ...3/8/2007, 9:46 am
Milk Paint pt.3 *LINK* *PIC*3/8/2007, 7:24 am
Osage Orange Discoloration3/7/2007, 9:38 pm
OT printer problems3/7/2007, 9:30 pm
Is Home Depot shafting shoppers? *LINK*3/7/2007, 9:28 pm
Bearings in old Americnan iron vs import iron *LINK*3/7/2007, 8:39 pm
OT Installing a tin roof question?3/7/2007, 8:21 pm
Anyone have plans for a pet casket?3/7/2007, 6:25 pm
Gluing Lignum Vitae?3/7/2007, 6:11 pm
OT New Words3/7/2007, 5:33 pm
To Glue or Not To Glue (Part 2) *PIC*3/7/2007, 4:27 pm
Sightings - it that a statement or question? *NM*3/7/2007, 3:40 pm
Ottoman chronicle - in the shop with LOML *PICS*3/7/2007, 2:57 pm
Shop-built "old-style" -tool box3/7/2007, 1:40 pm
OT - Digital Camera Question3/7/2007, 1:10 pm
shellac and topcoats3/7/2007, 12:33 pm
ebonized wood3/7/2007, 11:34 am
Yet another gimmick......3/7/2007, 9:51 am
WWJ 23 ga. pin nailer review3/7/2007, 8:41 am
DC switch question3/7/2007, 8:19 am
Question on alcohol and heart pine discoloration.3/7/2007, 8:14 am
Best way to bond wood to glass3/6/2007, 11:32 pm
hvlp question3/6/2007, 10:36 pm
Good Customer Service from Steel City3/6/2007, 8:05 pm
Stain Application . . . EUREKA ! ! !3/6/2007, 7:44 pm
OT: CPSC Recall - Weber Genesis Gas Grills3/6/2007, 6:38 pm
OT: CPSC Recall - Ryobi Router Table Throat Plate3/6/2007, 6:37 pm
Sharpening for the Lathe *LINK* *PIC*3/6/2007, 5:59 pm
OT: DVD drive error...3/6/2007, 5:25 pm
installing wide board flooring3/6/2007, 4:42 pm
Stain application . . .3/6/2007, 4:24 pm
Need source for leather handles3/6/2007, 4:08 pm
Makita planer3/6/2007, 2:27 pm
Door Fronts of Woven Wood3/6/2007, 1:18 pm
[AD] Steel City Rebate Offer Ends 3/31! *LINK*3/6/2007, 12:00 pm
other than blu-motion3/6/2007, 10:15 am
upholstry book3/6/2007, 9:44 am
Turning tips unplugged pt.2 *LINK*3/6/2007, 6:26 am
Small projects can be fun too *PIC*3/6/2007, 12:16 am
Parts for Old Homelite chainsaw's3/5/2007, 11:57 pm
Where Do You Get Your Impact Driver Sockets?3/5/2007, 10:55 pm
Sears bandsaws3/5/2007, 9:42 pm
OT: Rain Gutters3/5/2007, 9:37 pm
Local Saw Blade Sharpening3/5/2007, 9:24 pm
Ellis, did you get my3/5/2007, 9:16 pm
Hitachi M12V Question *PIC*3/5/2007, 9:14 pm
Square drill... round hole3/5/2007, 7:58 pm
To glue or not to glue3/5/2007, 7:12 pm
How to make the front of a wine rack3/5/2007, 7:00 pm
Outdoor door construction, cedar3/5/2007, 6:44 pm
14'' bandsaw vs benchtop table saw!3/5/2007, 6:39 pm
off topic question3/5/2007, 6:32 pm
Drawknife3/5/2007, 6:28 pm
off topver hears and gals eic question3/5/2007, 6:21 pm
OT: Address & ZIP Code Validation3/5/2007, 5:22 pm
Workbench advice needed.3/5/2007, 3:30 pm
Wiring multiple fluorescent fixtures to one switch3/5/2007, 3:15 pm
Blum TandemBox drawers3/5/2007, 2:20 pm
Woodworkers Get-Together in Lake Wales--UPDATE *PIC*3/5/2007, 1:36 pm
Finishing help *PIC*3/5/2007, 12:39 pm
Steel City 8" jointers... *LINK*3/5/2007, 12:26 pm
Recommendation re: Vacuum Bag Veneering Pump3/5/2007, 10:45 am
Exposed wood - marine question?3/5/2007, 10:30 am
An Introduction to Eva *PIC*3/5/2007, 10:23 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....3/5/2007, 10:01 am
Why is it? OT3/5/2007, 9:08 am
Spindle Turning Tips, Unplugged *LINK* *PIC*3/5/2007, 8:55 am
lubing ways on table saw3/5/2007, 8:35 am
OT, Wheel barrow troubles?3/5/2007, 7:29 am
Hand mirror article?3/5/2007, 12:34 am
Stripping bark from logs3/4/2007, 11:44 pm
CHILDS HALLTREE PLANS3/4/2007, 10:08 pm
NYW tablesaw 101 part 23/4/2007, 7:18 pm
Cherry Platter Quandry *PIC*3/4/2007, 7:09 pm
Inserts3/4/2007, 6:24 pm
APB!! Tool missing. Check the milk cartons...3/4/2007, 5:54 pm
OT - Giving notice...3/4/2007, 5:10 pm
Firefox bug fix3/4/2007, 5:06 pm
Plans for outdoor planters3/4/2007, 5:04 pm
OT-Stainless Steel Gas Grills3/4/2007, 12:50 pm
OT: Best way to remove bathtub caulk?3/4/2007, 11:36 am
Milk Paint Pt. 2 *LINK* *PIC*3/4/2007, 8:54 am
NEW Shop Shot!3/4/2007, 8:49 am
Super Dado3/4/2007, 8:29 am
New woodworking show on PBS!3/4/2007, 8:18 am
Jointer Blade Question3/4/2007, 7:58 am
Testing Chisels article3/3/2007, 8:25 pm
Tenon length and table design questions3/3/2007, 8:20 pm
O.T. DVD recorder3/3/2007, 4:28 pm
[AD] Woodcraft 10%-Off Sale *TODAY ONLY* *LINK*3/3/2007, 12:27 pm
OT: Well pump3/3/2007, 12:05 pm
OT - Plumbing vent question3/3/2007, 10:54 am
O.T.: Computer question3/3/2007, 9:03 am
lathes3/3/2007, 7:09 am
Laminating Press Idea Question3/3/2007, 7:08 am
OT----Plastic piping to steel fitting?3/2/2007, 8:54 pm
Michigan Exhibit "It Grows on Trees" *LINK* *LINK*3/2/2007, 6:47 pm
eBay Bid - Changed Shipping Costs3/2/2007, 5:25 pm
Shop cabinets3/2/2007, 4:23 pm
Dumb baltic birch question3/2/2007, 2:45 pm
question on Delta and Biesemayer fences3/2/2007, 2:13 pm
OT - Floor finishing3/2/2007, 1:36 pm
Milk Paint Primer *LINK* *PIC*3/2/2007, 12:18 pm
OT interesting bicycle *NM* *LINK*3/2/2007, 12:15 pm
Poly over lacquer3/2/2007, 11:48 am
OT - Upgrading to a newer iPod - longish3/2/2007, 9:35 am
Toothpicks3/2/2007, 8:40 am
KAB-NX, anyone know the pros and cons?3/2/2007, 8:30 am
OT: Blackberry GSM 7100 Series3/2/2007, 1:37 am
New 14" Bandsaw Tires--- To Glue Or Not To Glue?3/1/2007, 10:21 pm
3 phase motor question3/1/2007, 9:48 pm
Tom Reul3/1/2007, 8:23 pm
Need Template Routing Info.3/1/2007, 8:17 pm
PIN CHUCK3/1/2007, 7:15 pm
Need Delta Technical Support3/1/2007, 7:14 pm
Sizing - how thick3/1/2007, 5:52 pm
OT: CPSC Recall - Lenovo Thinkpads3/1/2007, 5:50 pm
Is hide glue appropriate?3/1/2007, 4:35 pm
Table saw box joint; brain lock3/1/2007, 3:26 pm
Ridgid 14'' Bandsaw?3/1/2007, 2:21 pm
Howdy!3/1/2007, 2:16 pm
Finishing oak3/1/2007, 1:26 pm
Staining Maple/Birch3/1/2007, 12:17 pm
O T registering on a forum(not wc)3/1/2007, 12:00 pm
Kickback - ouch!3/1/2007, 11:41 am
Dowel rod3/1/2007, 10:56 am
Hide Glue Question3/1/2007, 9:47 am
testing the waters3/1/2007, 9:45 am
Drilling setup for accuracy *LINK*3/1/2007, 8:50 am
Power feeders3/1/2007, 6:51 am
KD lumber stored outside3/1/2007, 4:54 am
A box for my dad's beam compass3/1/2007, 12:52 am
Introduction3/1/2007, 12:43 am
PM 2000 Saw -Receptacle Information?2/28/2007, 11:37 pm
bCad for Furniture Design. *LINK*2/28/2007, 8:42 pm
OT Cell Phone Battery Question2/28/2007, 8:25 pm
download2/28/2007, 5:12 pm
hairline fracture in painted wood2/28/2007, 5:02 pm
OT - Algae on my Vinyl Siding *LINK*2/28/2007, 3:33 pm
Door Patch Idea needed2/28/2007, 3:32 pm
Is there a way to color paste wax?2/28/2007, 2:37 pm
cat house - long, not so O.T.2/28/2007, 1:49 pm
Clamp Storage Rack PICS needed.2/28/2007, 1:18 pm
planer depth stop problem2/28/2007, 11:55 am
Drawers2/28/2007, 11:41 am
Sharpening stones *LINK* *PIC*2/28/2007, 11:26 am
Southwest lumber haul...2/28/2007, 11:09 am
PERSHING III update . . . *PIC*2/28/2007, 11:02 am
Saw blade washers.2/28/2007, 10:51 am
paint trim before or after installation?2/28/2007, 10:07 am
Time for a new ROS2/28/2007, 8:07 am
Lacquer peeling off...2/27/2007, 10:38 pm
OT - Pinball Website2/27/2007, 10:23 pm
OT-- electrical conduit2/27/2007, 10:03 pm
Computer geeks - Motherboards2/27/2007, 9:59 pm
OT---Whatever happened to usury laws? RANT2/27/2007, 8:39 pm
Philosophical musings2/27/2007, 7:41 pm
software for cutting layout2/27/2007, 6:33 pm
Custom DC Pipe Hangers *PIC*2/27/2007, 5:13 pm
Fine Woodworking Article Question2/27/2007, 5:13 pm
Motor Guru needed2/27/2007, 4:08 pm
OT: Metal paint cans2/27/2007, 3:13 pm
planner depth of cut2/27/2007, 2:56 pm
My Latest Maple Project *PIC*2/27/2007, 2:52 pm
COFFEE TABLE! *PIC* *LINK*2/27/2007, 1:32 pm
Planer Knives2/27/2007, 1:09 pm
How do you all get bigger pics on here?2/27/2007, 1:07 pm
coffee table again2/27/2007, 12:56 pm
coffee table *PIC*2/27/2007, 12:42 pm
OT Chainsaws2/27/2007, 12:18 pm
Palo Blanco table *PIC*2/27/2007, 11:51 am
polyuethane2/27/2007, 11:37 am
Router table with cabinet2/27/2007, 10:42 am
New Sharpening Post *LINK* *PIC*2/27/2007, 10:35 am
Glueing Mesquite2/27/2007, 10:08 am
ethical question regarding selling "your" work2/27/2007, 9:54 am
Yellow Jacket Extension Cord2/27/2007, 9:40 am
Poor mans mortises2/27/2007, 9:33 am
Freeform Burl Bowl *PIC*2/27/2007, 8:47 am
Pets vs Bamboo Flooring2/27/2007, 8:33 am
Slightly OT Invest in books2/27/2007, 6:18 am
OT- Request a favor??2/26/2007, 11:08 pm
PEN TURNING!!!!2/26/2007, 10:08 pm
cutting board *PIC*2/26/2007, 5:52 pm
SUPER GLOAT-OT- Digital Cameras2/26/2007, 4:01 pm
OT Replacing Flails in a chipper/shredder2/26/2007, 1:20 pm
Need Source for 6' Hardwood Columns2/26/2007, 1:09 pm
Cat Rescue~~~~Warning! Very Long2/26/2007, 12:43 pm
A better joint *LINK*2/26/2007, 10:27 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....2/26/2007, 9:34 am
Small, cordless handheld drivers *PIC*2/25/2007, 10:00 pm
Cross Grain problem2/25/2007, 9:52 pm
drawer slides2/25/2007, 9:03 pm
preparing wood...2/25/2007, 8:34 pm
***No official chat tonight***2/25/2007, 7:20 pm
1/4 sheet orbital sander2/25/2007, 6:46 pm
Perfomax/Jet2/25/2007, 6:44 pm
OT Computer geek question...2/25/2007, 6:35 pm
splitter for unisaw2/25/2007, 6:15 pm
OT-DST upgrade2/25/2007, 5:47 pm
telephone Push blocks in Classifieds2/25/2007, 3:59 pm
OT Removing mirrors/ foam sticky pads?2/25/2007, 3:49 pm
Spray equipment 15% off at Amazon2/25/2007, 3:44 pm
Engineering/math help for Performax clone2/25/2007, 3:39 pm
High speed Jet Service2/25/2007, 1:58 pm
NEW Shop Shot!2/25/2007, 11:06 am
Planer Feed Problems - Redux2/25/2007, 10:32 am
OT - Thank you and update on suspended ceiling2/25/2007, 9:23 am
ShopNotes #86??2/25/2007, 1:07 am
Question for all you Sparky's.... Elect. Motors2/24/2007, 10:11 pm
Second pic post *PIC*2/24/2007, 9:37 pm
How to repair the finish on a wood floor?2/24/2007, 8:25 pm
Guess who's coming to dinner *PIC*2/24/2007, 8:14 pm
OT: Screw Drive Garage Door Opener2/24/2007, 7:42 pm
Way OT, Car questions2/24/2007, 3:45 pm
OT Late night visitors2/24/2007, 3:14 pm
Router crosscut sled... *LINK*2/24/2007, 12:21 pm
Bench top table saw recomendations2/24/2007, 11:23 am
Migrating Moouse Update2/24/2007, 9:20 am
rounding toy edges2/24/2007, 8:51 am
OT-Nighttime Tornado2/24/2007, 8:08 am
AIr Compressor Thoughts? Long2/23/2007, 11:03 pm
Old floor restoration2/23/2007, 9:57 pm
Wine cooler rack replacement2/23/2007, 8:59 pm
Info on 14" versus larger bandsaw2/23/2007, 7:32 pm
Yet more mags for sale in classifieds2/23/2007, 7:00 pm
Drywall crack repair- Advice needed2/23/2007, 5:33 pm
Performax Conveyor Belt Replacement2/23/2007, 4:01 pm
Toothpicks: Alternative Wood?2/23/2007, 3:38 pm
Drum Sander Question *LINK*2/23/2007, 3:00 pm
Hey Johanna... *PIC*2/23/2007, 2:39 pm
O T Draft meter???2/23/2007, 12:55 pm
WW Mags 4 Sale in Classifieds2/23/2007, 12:51 pm
Des Moines Stops - Long2/23/2007, 12:14 pm
Lazy Susan Display into 2 shelves??? *PIC*2/23/2007, 10:45 am
Hey Alan Young2/23/2007, 10:04 am
OT - Dbl Hung Window Rope - need help!2/23/2007, 8:20 am
New site for Chairmakers *LINK* *PIC*2/23/2007, 7:00 am
lunch box planer problem2/23/2007, 5:31 am
pheromone trap2/23/2007, 4:39 am
Ok, I can't hold it. ( caution, gloat )2/22/2007, 11:59 pm
Dark spots on oak2/22/2007, 11:26 pm
First pic post *PIC*2/22/2007, 9:55 pm
VicMarc controller question2/22/2007, 9:16 pm
Glue for cloth2/22/2007, 8:57 pm
lawsuit re: condemnation of wood shop *LINK*2/22/2007, 8:33 pm
triangle???????????????2/22/2007, 8:04 pm
Router table redo *PIC*2/22/2007, 7:10 pm
Cheap AFS - bad design *PIC*2/22/2007, 7:10 pm
When do you sand?2/22/2007, 6:02 pm
Dimar 3 flute router bits - Mini Review *LINK*2/22/2007, 4:05 pm
sanding sealer2/22/2007, 3:55 pm
Congatulations Mr. Skaggs *LINK*2/22/2007, 2:34 pm
Sawing and drying beech2/22/2007, 2:01 pm
Trying Imageshack to Post Pictures *LINK*2/22/2007, 1:00 pm
Miter Saw Station2/22/2007, 12:06 pm
Lack of daylight in the shop (Need a flare gun!) *PIC*2/22/2007, 11:48 am
Posting a PIC2/22/2007, 10:59 am
Michigan Exhibit "It Grows on Trees" *LINK*2/22/2007, 9:59 am
Broken pot metal knob-- any hope of repair?2/22/2007, 9:51 am
2 speed planers2/22/2007, 9:38 am
Delta Band Saw motor2/21/2007, 11:31 pm
wood vaneer on MDF2/21/2007, 11:15 pm
mullion doors2/21/2007, 11:00 pm
Sandpaper Storage2/21/2007, 10:59 pm
OT: Gluing Porcelain2/21/2007, 10:34 pm
Belt Sander.........2/21/2007, 9:34 pm
bowl on barn wood stand *PIC*2/21/2007, 9:25 pm
What did I do wrong?2/21/2007, 8:43 pm
OT Heating/Cooling Question2/21/2007, 6:18 pm
Lubricating SkilSaw question.2/21/2007, 5:17 pm
clamp rack plans2/21/2007, 4:35 pm
OT: CPSC Recall - Tankless Water Heaters2/21/2007, 3:40 pm
Milk paint advice2/21/2007, 1:07 pm
Bandsaws - 14 vs 17/18 inch models2/21/2007, 12:54 pm
Strange Warping Revisited *PIC*2/21/2007, 12:03 pm
Rabbet cuts2/21/2007, 10:47 am
Riser Kit, older Jet BS with octagon guide post?2/21/2007, 10:11 am
Bed rail attachment options/opinions2/21/2007, 9:44 am
Jointing wide boards2/21/2007, 8:38 am
table saw problem2/20/2007, 10:57 pm
Cookie, please....2/20/2007, 8:41 pm
Finish over Restore-A-Finish???2/20/2007, 5:57 pm
OT - suspended ceiling installation2/20/2007, 5:28 pm
OT - Andy Halterman2/20/2007, 4:57 pm
You were right!2/20/2007, 4:33 pm
OT-Chimes of Death2/20/2007, 4:04 pm
What kind of joiner does David Marks use?2/20/2007, 2:49 pm
Today's Deep Thought2/20/2007, 2:45 pm
Melamine bookcase?2/20/2007, 2:41 pm
Grain Orientation *PIC*2/20/2007, 11:16 am
Source for ABS Sheeting?2/20/2007, 11:14 am
How Wide is too Wide for Cabinet Door2/20/2007, 9:59 am
shop-made drum sander drum material?2/19/2007, 9:31 pm
OT: Computer Image Question - Reprise2/19/2007, 9:18 pm
Happy New Year.2/19/2007, 8:11 pm
Arkansas Woodworkers forum/BB2/19/2007, 7:24 pm
wood movement2/19/2007, 6:51 pm
Need Instruction Manual *PIC*2/19/2007, 5:55 pm
Cherry madness, or How come WC doesn't...2/19/2007, 5:30 pm
Strange Warping/Cut? Anyone Explain? *PIC*2/19/2007, 3:40 pm
I FEEL GREAT!2/19/2007, 1:57 pm
pella windows2/19/2007, 1:05 pm
Cherry finish question2/19/2007, 11:37 am
OT: Redoing phone wiring2/19/2007, 11:30 am
OT: Static Balancing2/19/2007, 11:29 am
Visit to Yorktown / Norfolk , VA2/19/2007, 11:11 am
Fireplace Surround *PIC*2/19/2007, 10:56 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments.....2/19/2007, 10:24 am
best wood for outdoor furniture???2/19/2007, 10:08 am
What's the cheapest T&G.....2/19/2007, 9:23 am
Sort of OT - Thumbnail software *LINK*2/19/2007, 9:17 am
My new/old jointer *PIC*2/19/2007, 8:21 am
down load manual Web site???2/19/2007, 7:54 am
drum sander info needed - again2/19/2007, 1:03 am
Router Bit ???2/18/2007, 11:49 pm
Chicago Black hawks question2/18/2007, 10:37 pm
Wipe On Finish2/18/2007, 10:33 pm
Chicago questions2/18/2007, 10:31 pm
OT: Another HD Hassle2/18/2007, 10:24 pm
finishing my koa wood bartop2/18/2007, 10:11 pm
Woodworking stops in Des Moines2/18/2007, 10:01 pm
Router2/18/2007, 9:36 pm
URL's2/18/2007, 9:24 pm
Resting in Carson City2/18/2007, 8:30 pm
OT: Transferring dig video to computer-->DVD2/18/2007, 5:04 pm
OT-A couple great airplanes *NM* *PIC*2/18/2007, 4:29 pm
How dry is dry2/18/2007, 4:24 pm
Cabinet conundrum2/18/2007, 1:55 pm
OT: Calling All PC Gurus - Hard Drive Question2/18/2007, 1:34 pm
OT: Web Page//Dreamweaver Experts? *LINK*2/18/2007, 1:20 pm
Near miss2/18/2007, 12:57 pm
Bosch Colt router, anyone using Fixed.vs Variable2/18/2007, 12:04 pm
Portable Planer - yeah right - the old stand *PIC*2/18/2007, 10:37 am
One for the car battery experts (OT)...2/18/2007, 10:25 am
Source - Mahogony???2/18/2007, 10:18 am
Alaskan Mill question?2/18/2007, 8:10 am
Performax Gloat2/17/2007, 11:24 pm
Contractors table saw dust hood *NM* *PIC*2/17/2007, 11:03 pm
heating your workshop2/17/2007, 10:03 pm
HELP!!! 2x lumber splitting like crazy...2/17/2007, 9:57 pm
Unisaw bearing replacement2/17/2007, 7:50 pm
OT- Windows XP Netscape question *PIC*2/17/2007, 6:41 pm
OT Thar be eagles *PIC*2/17/2007, 6:37 pm
Soaking sanding Belts Question again?2/17/2007, 6:12 pm
OT email problem2/17/2007, 4:54 pm
SALT IV Treaty . . . *PIC*2/17/2007, 3:48 pm
Door Hanging and Hinge? *PIC*2/17/2007, 2:46 pm
Fasttrak honing guide2/17/2007, 2:04 pm
OT: How long to change an oil pan gasket2/17/2007, 1:28 pm
Unifence - shorter length2/17/2007, 1:19 pm
OT Computer Purchasing Service2/17/2007, 11:48 am
OT > Log Drivers *LINK*2/17/2007, 10:45 am
cookie2/17/2007, 10:16 am
Drill Press Pocket Hole Jig2/17/2007, 9:06 am
Had To Scrape Frost Off Windshield This A.M.2/17/2007, 9:03 am
Finishing tiger maple2/17/2007, 8:38 am
Hinges vs pivot?2/17/2007, 8:33 am
Garnet sand paper disapearing?2/17/2007, 8:24 am
# HP Grizzley Shaper2/16/2007, 8:13 pm
Bamboo hardwood supplier2/16/2007, 7:55 pm
Two piece drill bits; drill two diameters at once?2/16/2007, 6:56 pm
OT Computer and Ebay Mystery2/16/2007, 5:56 pm
Anyone using a Modine Hot Dawg...2/16/2007, 3:23 pm
Snow Dogs Revisited *PIC*2/16/2007, 2:23 pm
OT- Frozen Gutters2/16/2007, 12:57 pm
Cleaning Proformax Sanding Belts?2/16/2007, 12:04 pm
Society in Corpus Christi2/16/2007, 11:59 am
Hot Melt Glue2/16/2007, 11:28 am
Ellis?Did ja ever2/16/2007, 11:09 am
Not too OT What is this?2/16/2007, 9:28 am
Shuffling boards during air drying?2/16/2007, 9:19 am
OT - Home Security. ADT - long2/16/2007, 8:30 am
Good news for New Yankee Workshop fans.2/15/2007, 11:33 pm
Feedback needed for Craftsman 15 in. Planer/Molder2/15/2007, 9:47 pm
OT Airforce Planes *LINK*2/15/2007, 9:43 pm
Salmonella and Peanut Butter2/15/2007, 5:26 pm
HD TV Antana?2/15/2007, 4:06 pm
Ellis2/15/2007, 3:29 pm
Finished the office at last! *LINK*2/15/2007, 2:38 pm
PriceCutter Bits *LINK*2/15/2007, 2:21 pm
Palmgren Planer/Molder *** Any reviews?2/15/2007, 1:59 pm
OT - Cleaning up phone and Cable wiring *PIC*2/15/2007, 1:22 pm
steam damage to table2/15/2007, 11:40 am
viberation in jet 1442 lathe2/15/2007, 11:27 am
Router with a dynamic brake ?2/15/2007, 11:02 am
OT> Snow and Dogs2/15/2007, 9:08 am
Staircase trim2/15/2007, 8:48 am
8 years and going *NM*2/15/2007, 8:26 am
Spray Rig for Latex or Enamel Paint...2/15/2007, 6:37 am
Pay no attention to the cookie behind the curtain *NM*2/14/2007, 10:45 pm
Tomorrow is the day for Lasik for me!!2/14/2007, 9:58 pm
Filling small gaps2/14/2007, 8:10 pm
Band Saws blades and straight cuts2/14/2007, 8:05 pm
Need 2 Woodworking Jig Plans2/14/2007, 7:28 pm
OT I am Cheap but I need some info *LINK*2/14/2007, 6:49 pm
best stain for cedar2/14/2007, 6:19 pm
[AD] Cosman Dovetail Seminar in Boston *LINK*2/14/2007, 4:57 pm
Cheap AFS - another version *PIC*2/14/2007, 4:23 pm
scratch repair on wooden dining table *PIC*2/14/2007, 3:59 pm
Cryongenic hardening *LINK*2/14/2007, 3:28 pm
Help finding an assembly bench base...2/14/2007, 1:10 pm
Way OT: Rod Peterson, have you seen these? *NM* *LINK*2/14/2007, 1:07 pm
Minimax & Electrical Engineers2/14/2007, 12:10 pm
Can I Mix ...2/14/2007, 11:53 am
Half-inch Plywood2/14/2007, 12:11 am
Ernie Miller - I Thnk You're A2/13/2007, 11:34 pm
Contractor Saw Stand Designs *LINK*2/13/2007, 11:32 pm
The Utter Guys...anybody deal with them?2/13/2007, 11:31 pm
Looks Like Rob O. Got 220 in His Shop2/13/2007, 11:11 pm
wood movement?2/13/2007, 10:22 pm
Totally (almost) OT but fun *LINK*2/13/2007, 10:08 pm
unknown tool *PIC*2/13/2007, 9:21 pm
Wow, Did you see...2/13/2007, 8:29 pm
OT, anyone know National Health Care Discounters2/13/2007, 8:04 pm
Veneering Face Frame?2/13/2007, 7:42 pm
Slip-Plate2/13/2007, 7:03 pm
Twilight Zone garage door opener -- not OT2/13/2007, 5:40 pm
miter/chop saw stand2/13/2007, 4:40 pm
[AD] Steel City Tools Rebate Offer Still On! *LINK*2/13/2007, 4:23 pm
Free Enterprise-Ain't it Wonderful2/13/2007, 3:38 pm
? of ethics2/13/2007, 2:45 pm
school2/13/2007, 1:23 pm
deep wood staining2/13/2007, 1:02 pm
Drawing an elipse2/13/2007, 12:07 pm
Whatever happened to Prairie Tool Co?2/13/2007, 11:29 am
Small Bench *PIC*2/13/2007, 10:25 am
Moving to Chicago2/13/2007, 9:55 am
Planer/Tool Caddy question?2/13/2007, 9:51 am
Drum sander?...thinking out loud2/12/2007, 11:33 pm
Garden Arbor *PIC*2/12/2007, 10:42 pm
Anyone ever heard of a 3-1/2" long router bit???2/12/2007, 9:37 pm
dc power2/12/2007, 8:49 pm
mice in the cupboards2/12/2007, 8:39 pm
Filling small knot hole in table top2/12/2007, 8:10 pm
Belt Grinding Jig *PIC*2/12/2007, 7:51 pm
Has anyone upgraded their Leigh Dovetail Jig?2/12/2007, 6:00 pm
Another wood ID question *PIC*2/12/2007, 2:44 pm
Wood Plane Restoration2/12/2007, 2:25 pm
Repairing a beam in a mortise/tenon barn2/12/2007, 1:16 pm
MDF question2/12/2007, 1:00 pm
Entertainment center *PIC*2/12/2007, 11:43 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments....2/12/2007, 10:11 am
Five Barns 20072/12/2007, 10:10 am
Need a Real Practical Answer2/12/2007, 9:29 am
Glue oak to pine?2/12/2007, 8:32 am
A really good book on Shaker furniture2/12/2007, 8:26 am
SOFA TABLE FINISH2/12/2007, 7:41 am
wood choice for sign in Texas2/12/2007, 7:18 am
how would you deal with this?2/12/2007, 4:38 am
Bench dogs come in various sizes *PIC*2/11/2007, 9:21 pm
Air Riveter Problem2/11/2007, 7:13 pm
Router bit question...2/11/2007, 6:55 pm
Art Shows/Fairs2/11/2007, 6:38 pm
Question on finish2/11/2007, 5:20 pm
camelhump2/11/2007, 4:55 pm
Question for Don Buska2/11/2007, 3:45 pm
expansion of wood panel2/11/2007, 1:09 pm
Making a Spoke Shave, Lee Valley Class2/11/2007, 1:07 pm
OT - Does amber light on yellow reflect as gray?2/11/2007, 12:23 pm
V-Draft cad software -- any recommendations?2/11/2007, 12:04 pm
Ron Hildreth2/11/2007, 9:33 am
Windfall2/11/2007, 8:42 am
Help, Shelf holes splintering2/11/2007, 8:11 am
OT? Sophie Authoring for the digital network2/11/2007, 2:43 am
SCMI Si150n *PIC*2/11/2007, 2:29 am
OT: Running Your Own SMTP Server2/11/2007, 12:10 am
Tool Handle Installation2/10/2007, 11:22 pm
Orange peel2/10/2007, 10:51 pm
Cherry curio(usity) *PIC*2/10/2007, 10:50 pm
Planer sled - Works Great!2/10/2007, 9:32 pm
LV dust collection bag question2/10/2007, 5:26 pm
The right glue for furniture repair?2/10/2007, 2:56 pm
OT - Reducing noise from plumbing2/10/2007, 11:11 am
kitchen bench / storage area plans2/10/2007, 10:43 am
joining sander belts2/10/2007, 3:24 am
OT: FTP speed2/10/2007, 1:03 am
February 1997Ö.2/10/2007, 12:36 am
cabnet construction concern2/9/2007, 11:28 pm
I Turned 48 Today2/9/2007, 11:24 pm
Electrical Question2/9/2007, 7:24 pm
OT: Clearwire ISP Service and TW Rant2/9/2007, 5:29 pm
Sorta, kinda OT digital camera batteries2/9/2007, 5:01 pm
Cheap cordless drill recommendation2/9/2007, 4:55 pm
What do yo think will happen?2/9/2007, 4:36 pm
OT - getting concrete off a rock2/9/2007, 4:34 pm
I NEED HELP!!!!2/9/2007, 4:05 pm
Spar Varnish Red oak Bubbles2/9/2007, 3:12 pm
Festool ROS Dust Extraction?2/9/2007, 2:42 pm
wood and glass display case2/9/2007, 1:53 pm
Unisaw lubrication2/9/2007, 12:58 pm
Cribbage boards2/9/2007, 10:53 am
Redwood source2/9/2007, 10:46 am
Anyone have a Powermatic PM 2800 Drill Press? *LINK*2/9/2007, 10:19 am
MM16 Start Switch Died - Replacement Ideas?2/9/2007, 8:42 am
Dumb Google Sketchup question2/9/2007, 8:36 am
Clamps?2/8/2007, 9:05 pm
Migrating mouse question2/8/2007, 7:22 pm
Spare lathe chuck2/8/2007, 3:09 pm
OT - ? on Search2/8/2007, 1:38 pm
Table With Leaf on Pedestal Base2/8/2007, 1:07 pm
Drill Press supply wall cabinet2/8/2007, 11:58 am
OT: Entry door weatherstripping2/8/2007, 11:48 am
OT-- IE 7 Again2/8/2007, 11:43 am
OT - DIY Carpet Question2/8/2007, 11:24 am
New and Improved Website *LINK*2/8/2007, 11:02 am
Burnt Chisel question2/8/2007, 10:56 am
IE 7 ?2/8/2007, 10:51 am
Koa in the Northwest2/8/2007, 10:45 am
Porter Cable 18ga Brad Nailer Cheap *LINK*2/8/2007, 9:34 am
You make 'em, you don't buy them....2/8/2007, 9:34 am
Jackshaft?2/8/2007, 9:06 am
I need a new brad nailer - this any good?2/8/2007, 9:05 am
What tools for letter carving2/8/2007, 7:15 am
Is this router toast?2/7/2007, 11:35 pm
OT> YouTube2/7/2007, 11:30 pm
Wall-mounted tool cabinet pics needed2/7/2007, 11:19 pm
router bit slippage2/7/2007, 10:40 pm
Making a Variable-height Flip-Top Table *PICS*2/7/2007, 10:27 pm
Inside outside turning2/7/2007, 10:11 pm
Moisture content question?2/7/2007, 8:39 pm
Moisture Meters2/7/2007, 7:40 pm
Will Shellac Dry in Cold Temperature?2/7/2007, 5:14 pm
OT Furnace Blower Motor Wiring2/7/2007, 4:38 pm
Tackboards2/7/2007, 3:49 pm
Shop Expansion Progress *LINK*2/7/2007, 3:45 pm
Bruised or dented wood question?2/7/2007, 3:42 pm
Funny Rockler Story2/7/2007, 3:08 pm
I'm Just Curious...2/7/2007, 1:15 pm
Plans for Nutcracker Soldier?2/7/2007, 12:36 pm
Bandsaw Blade prices2/7/2007, 11:59 am
Shopping for a laptop2/7/2007, 11:57 am
HELP ... Mobile Home Porch2/7/2007, 11:11 am
51 years young today:o)2/7/2007, 10:32 am
Delta Drill Press2/7/2007, 10:10 am
They're baaaack!2/7/2007, 9:59 am
Ladder Back Rocker restoration2/7/2007, 9:34 am
Shaker #7 restoration2/7/2007, 1:20 am
Need for plans for a Victorian2/7/2007, 12:27 am
OT: Iím a College Grad Woodturner now!!!! *LINK*2/7/2007, 12:23 am
Putting together a group lumber buy for PNW *LINK*2/6/2007, 10:58 pm
Another Ebay question.........2/6/2007, 10:41 pm
What do you use to mark your stock?2/6/2007, 10:37 pm
Latest Project2/6/2007, 10:10 pm
Dado Blade?2/6/2007, 9:23 pm
OT - is e-bay feedback legit?2/6/2007, 7:17 pm
Remote Control Sensor Devices for Cabintry2/6/2007, 6:11 pm
Mesa ,Arizona Feb.20072/6/2007, 3:44 pm
Horizontal Mortiser Question2/6/2007, 2:36 pm
Router Bit Help...2/6/2007, 2:02 pm
kinda OT: Finding Instruction Manuals2/6/2007, 12:27 pm
Way OT - Vehicle Cold Air Intake Question2/6/2007, 12:12 pm
Finish stripping question2/6/2007, 11:05 am
Nedd Ideas to extend desk legs2/6/2007, 10:36 am
Covering porch posts *PIC*2/6/2007, 10:20 am
OT - Way OT - Antique radio speaker replacement2/6/2007, 10:16 am
OT - Rant about PVC leather2/6/2007, 10:00 am
Need HVLP Air Hose2/6/2007, 9:04 am
dovetail jigs2/6/2007, 8:09 am
V-Draft, Virtual Drafter, any recommendations?2/6/2007, 3:13 am
Pics2/6/2007, 12:14 am
x-point power tool set-up gauge question2/5/2007, 10:49 pm
Forrest Woodworker II vs. Freud Fusion2/5/2007, 8:48 pm
Gloat update2/5/2007, 8:35 pm
Cheap Air Filtation System *PIC*2/5/2007, 5:13 pm
The site is reallllllyyy slow...2/5/2007, 4:18 pm
Incra TS-III2/5/2007, 3:20 pm
link belts2/5/2007, 2:25 pm
Plywood edging router bits *PIC*2/5/2007, 2:23 pm
Amber Shellac vs Orange Shellac2/5/2007, 1:39 pm
What's the general rule here?2/5/2007, 1:38 pm
Good finish for Makore?2/5/2007, 1:22 pm
round toothpicks2/5/2007, 1:14 pm
Plywood Joints - Range Hood2/5/2007, 1:14 pm
wooden toothpicks2/5/2007, 1:00 pm
OT: They're on their way!2/5/2007, 12:50 pm
Bending Plastic Wood2/5/2007, 12:48 pm
Handy home make shop task light *PIC*2/5/2007, 11:13 am
Garage door torsion spring - replacment2/5/2007, 10:50 am
Designing *LINK*2/5/2007, 10:33 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments....2/5/2007, 10:11 am
Wooden Bar clamps2/5/2007, 9:47 am
OT: proxy server2/5/2007, 1:24 am
OT: Truck Radio Follow-Up2/5/2007, 12:34 am
OT: any use webhostingbuzz for thier personal site2/5/2007, 12:10 am
OT: How about those Colts2/4/2007, 10:36 pm
OT granddaughter sighting *PIC*2/4/2007, 9:59 pm
Blum cliptop hinges. Cool item.2/4/2007, 8:46 pm
OT: Yahoo Email2/4/2007, 8:03 pm
Greene and Greene and Marty and Doc2/4/2007, 7:10 pm
Watch Out Lee and Wolfe *LINK*2/4/2007, 4:24 pm
Found a terrific new product2/4/2007, 4:14 pm
Need Help Squaring Crosscut on TS2/4/2007, 4:10 pm
It's Too Cold! - complaint2/4/2007, 3:08 pm
Guide bearing for Bandsaw Question.2/4/2007, 12:26 pm
making your own plinth blocks2/4/2007, 12:02 pm
cyclone installation w/low ceiling help!2/4/2007, 11:57 am
NEW Shop Shots!2/4/2007, 10:33 am
Fireplace Plans2/4/2007, 9:39 am
WaterLox Question2/4/2007, 9:37 am
Squaring a square question?2/4/2007, 8:34 am
Lordy, Lordy, look who's 40!2/4/2007, 8:32 am
Wood Seasonal Expansion question?2/4/2007, 8:23 am
Tool investment value going down? (long)2/3/2007, 11:27 pm
compressor for HVLP2/3/2007, 10:48 pm
15" Planer2/3/2007, 9:44 pm
Rough and Ready (Lots of pics!)2/3/2007, 9:00 pm
Redmond and Sons "Specials".. *LINK*2/3/2007, 6:01 pm
Dewalt radial arm saw2/3/2007, 5:25 pm
Black lite2/3/2007, 4:52 pm
GF Clock Plans2/3/2007, 3:33 pm
jointer message2/3/2007, 1:53 pm
using the magna set for jointer2/3/2007, 1:50 pm
Airmate battery.2/3/2007, 1:41 pm
OT Garage door opener problem2/3/2007, 11:14 am
Soffit Construction Question2/3/2007, 9:06 am
Bow saw blade2/3/2007, 8:14 am
air lines Plastic VS Metal2/3/2007, 12:35 am
OT: Electronics Question2/2/2007, 11:43 pm
Red Oak Plywood2/2/2007, 9:55 pm
What's left of Delta still made in the US?2/2/2007, 9:51 pm
O.T. Computer back up question2/2/2007, 6:47 pm
Check out the scam I am receiving2/2/2007, 6:04 pm
semi OT - Chain Saw *LINK*2/2/2007, 4:46 pm
Rod Peterson Check In2/2/2007, 3:47 pm
Glue question?2/2/2007, 2:56 pm
I Know i've posted this one before but....2/2/2007, 1:19 pm
Jim Shaver, Sorry to hear the Gumper has passed2/2/2007, 10:23 am
Jointer not doing well on convex board face2/2/2007, 10:02 am
draw benches2/2/2007, 8:57 am
Food For thought2/2/2007, 6:04 am
shop planning software2/2/2007, 5:10 am
Next Installment:Expanding Table Construction Blog *LINK*2/2/2007, 3:59 am
Happy Birthday Ellis!!!!!!:o)2/1/2007, 11:59 pm
Jointer "dilemma"2/1/2007, 10:33 pm
soapstone countertop2/1/2007, 9:33 pm
Holy smoking mortises!!!2/1/2007, 8:47 pm
How long would it take you to.....?2/1/2007, 8:30 pm
router2/1/2007, 8:24 pm
any table builders in here? *LINK*2/1/2007, 5:01 pm
This Old House wrap party *LINK*2/1/2007, 3:13 pm
Shop Heat - Wood Stoves2/1/2007, 1:17 pm
How do you cut your sheet goods?2/1/2007, 11:36 am
How do you cut your sheet goods?2/1/2007, 11:35 am
Atlanta things to do2/1/2007, 10:24 am
Lacquer-Followup to Shellac Question Below2/1/2007, 8:51 am
Michael Dresdner in a kilt2/1/2007, 8:23 am
Sanding Disc Supplier2/1/2007, 6:44 am
Anybody got a good varmit rifle?2/1/2007, 5:58 am
Cypress for woodworking?1/31/2007, 11:27 pm
OT Brrrrrrrrr.......1/31/2007, 11:03 pm
Electric1/31/2007, 7:41 pm
Acetone on table top1/31/2007, 4:56 pm
Anyone ever worked at a Home Depot or Lowes?1/31/2007, 3:46 pm
Sanding Heart pine question?1/31/2007, 2:55 pm
Cut sheet program1/31/2007, 2:40 pm
Performax sandpaper sources1/31/2007, 1:33 pm
Orlando and Siesta Key1/31/2007, 10:00 am
Thank You1/31/2007, 9:17 am
Bed Headboard - Didn't Want To Hijack Thread Below1/31/2007, 9:14 am
Windsor chair making?1/31/2007, 9:05 am
face glueing1/31/2007, 9:04 am
Computer help Please1/31/2007, 8:21 am
Wood ID - ash? *PIC*1/31/2007, 7:54 am
Semi-OT Shop 220V Cube heater1/31/2007, 7:04 am
Woodworking at Home Magazine gone!1/30/2007, 10:13 pm
Some of the reasons I like Kali-four-ni-ah1/30/2007, 9:23 pm
OT Electrical Outlet Grounding Question1/30/2007, 8:14 pm
Matching Bartley's gel varnish1/30/2007, 7:23 pm
Router spiral jig1/30/2007, 6:54 pm
[AD] Steel City Rebate Offer *LINK*1/30/2007, 5:28 pm
Cooktop hood thread hijack - why do I need one?1/30/2007, 5:11 pm
OT MP3 Players and Snowblowers1/30/2007, 4:49 pm
Heart Pine glue and finish questions? *PIC*1/30/2007, 2:54 pm
Senco Hardened Nails for sale *PIC*1/30/2007, 2:51 pm
Bed Headboard1/30/2007, 1:19 pm
Dowelmax *PIC*1/30/2007, 1:08 pm
Boat Cabin Re-model Pictorial *PICS*1/30/2007, 1:06 pm
OT: MS Excel help needed1/30/2007, 1:01 pm
Case construction - how do you do this? *PIC*1/30/2007, 12:42 pm
Dust Collection Trunkline1/30/2007, 12:39 pm
Temperature and Applying Shellac1/30/2007, 11:49 am
My Jointer lives!1/30/2007, 11:08 am
CUTTING BOARD MISHAP1/30/2007, 10:50 am
OT-Trundle bed mattresses1/30/2007, 9:58 am
Vacu-Pres Compact 100...enough for me?1/30/2007, 9:19 am
Framing issue *PIC*1/30/2007, 8:44 am
Advice on end table1/30/2007, 8:41 am
Need Part for HVLP Cup Gun1/29/2007, 10:16 pm
Norms pinned dadoes1/29/2007, 9:58 pm
DC motors1/29/2007, 9:26 pm
Chat? *NM*1/29/2007, 9:21 pm
OT Auto Starters *LINK*1/29/2007, 9:15 pm
Electric heater (not OT)1/29/2007, 9:15 pm
chair repair???1/29/2007, 7:50 pm
Installing switch on Powermatic table saw1/29/2007, 7:42 pm
OT: Car Radios1/29/2007, 7:10 pm
sparking drill press motor1/29/2007, 6:56 pm
Link Belts?1/29/2007, 6:55 pm
Gloat1/29/2007, 5:36 pm
Kitchen questions!!1/29/2007, 4:51 pm
Cook Top Hood1/29/2007, 4:12 pm
Time to finish, what does everybody else do?1/29/2007, 2:55 pm
Windsor Chair Bow taper1/29/2007, 2:01 pm
Above table height adjustment for PC75291/29/2007, 1:52 pm
Book matching question1/29/2007, 12:42 pm
OT-Strange Weather Video from the Island *LINK*1/29/2007, 11:01 am
Finish for outdoor wheels1/29/2007, 10:42 am
David Marks and tung oil1/29/2007, 10:40 am
Itty Bitty Belt Sander...Itty Bitty Review1/29/2007, 10:30 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments....1/29/2007, 10:03 am
How can I safely make a 1/4 round moulding piece1/29/2007, 9:43 am
Bit discouraged selling my work..1/29/2007, 8:28 am
Bellawood Flooring? Any opinions?1/28/2007, 11:54 pm
Finally finished a piece - Couldn't wait *PIC*1/28/2007, 10:25 pm
A project for my toughest client yet *PIC*1/28/2007, 9:37 pm
Yet another chair... *PIC*1/28/2007, 7:34 pm
Rick Van Schoick1/28/2007, 7:06 pm
Just saying hello1/28/2007, 7:00 pm
New clock finished *PIC*1/28/2007, 4:06 pm
OT: Wireless cable1/28/2007, 3:55 pm
OT - Decaffeinated coffee1/28/2007, 2:10 pm
Central Florida Get-Together1/28/2007, 12:18 pm
lambswool aplicators1/28/2007, 11:58 am
White glue consistency1/28/2007, 11:55 am
Wood Gloat1/28/2007, 11:32 am
Chopzilla sighting *PIC*1/28/2007, 11:15 am
OT RANT: why is 99% of technical support idiocy!1/28/2007, 10:43 am
Cookie Please *NM*1/28/2007, 7:28 am
Where to find wood working class in SC1/28/2007, 6:41 am
Glue Question *PIC*1/28/2007, 2:36 am
OT- Lap Top Dilemma1/27/2007, 9:33 pm
2 ft square1/27/2007, 6:16 pm
FS: Woodsmith Magazines1/27/2007, 5:07 pm
dust collector plasic pipe1/27/2007, 5:02 pm
Belt sander belts1/27/2007, 12:04 pm
Flip-over Table1/27/2007, 12:03 pm
Pipe Clamp tip.1/27/2007, 11:52 am
Dryer ducting question1/27/2007, 11:14 am
festool sanders1/27/2007, 1:51 am
Band saw fence?1/27/2007, 12:15 am
Can you say old Iron.1/26/2007, 11:39 pm
OT (again) Mostly of interest to South FL folks.1/26/2007, 11:13 pm
Shop Flooring 'Live' Load1/26/2007, 10:35 pm
finishing in a screened tent?1/26/2007, 6:18 pm
What Books on Spray Finishing?1/26/2007, 5:50 pm
Jet canister dust collector1/26/2007, 2:59 pm
OK what is it with "scraped" vs "sanded" floors?1/26/2007, 2:48 pm
Pipe Clamps1/26/2007, 1:39 pm
Porter-Cable Omnijig Video1/26/2007, 12:24 pm
OT: Interesting birthday day1/26/2007, 12:16 pm
Hitachi P12RA1/26/2007, 11:33 am
Way OT - Anybody here like to go fishing?1/26/2007, 11:33 am
Don't you hate it when...1/26/2007, 11:10 am
Why is it1/26/2007, 11:03 am
This guy is crazy *LINK*1/26/2007, 10:11 am
New Mexico Woodworkers1/26/2007, 7:44 am
OT - WWII Fighters - You can call it a gloat....1/26/2007, 3:32 am
Is this a fungus? *PIC*1/26/2007, 1:09 am
Mr. Christopher Schwarz1/26/2007, 12:49 am
Putting shop in storage?1/26/2007, 12:46 am
Placement of hinges on cabinet doors1/25/2007, 11:02 pm
atlanta woodworking show1/25/2007, 10:18 pm
Source for new blade for Stanley #4 baliey wanted1/25/2007, 7:28 pm
Questions for Mike Fitterling & Ellis/Drawing.1/25/2007, 6:55 pm
Design/construction question1/25/2007, 5:18 pm
Delta 12-1/2" planer dust hood question *LINK*1/25/2007, 5:01 pm
Frame and Panel Drawer Fronts & Cabinet Side1/25/2007, 4:58 pm
Half-Lap Dovetail Joints1/25/2007, 3:31 pm
HELP!1/25/2007, 3:00 pm
Thanks for the info (gloat) bought a bandsaw1/25/2007, 1:48 pm
OT- Pres. Ford - Flag Half Staff1/25/2007, 11:26 am
want some bedtime reading material? *LINK*1/25/2007, 11:22 am
OT- Paul Sr. vs Paul Jr.1/25/2007, 10:58 am
Delta 12" Radial Arm Saw arbor question1/25/2007, 9:50 am
Planer question1/25/2007, 6:32 am
I want/need to build a Master-Bed ...1/25/2007, 4:23 am
How I would improve a woodworking show1/25/2007, 3:45 am
Bees' Wax screw lube1/24/2007, 7:28 pm
Government Auction *LINK*1/24/2007, 5:14 pm
Metal Cutting Band Saw or Cold Saw *PIC*1/24/2007, 12:16 pm
Lowes - Saved a buck on DW Router1/24/2007, 10:41 am
Gluin & Screwin...1/24/2007, 9:42 am
Festool Domino1/24/2007, 6:35 am
OT: Tankless Water Heaters1/23/2007, 11:42 pm
OT: SketchUp Question1/23/2007, 10:52 pm
OT--buying computers on e-bay1/23/2007, 10:51 pm
Kind of o.t but useful...1/23/2007, 10:44 pm
Mitre saw dust control1/23/2007, 9:54 pm
Shop insulation question1/23/2007, 9:00 pm
To buy or not to buy1/23/2007, 7:38 pm
staining glazing1/23/2007, 7:32 pm
Resaw question?1/23/2007, 7:18 pm
OT- scan software1/23/2007, 6:55 pm
Isobutonal Alcohol1/23/2007, 6:24 pm
BOOM (OT) *LINK*1/23/2007, 5:34 pm
OT Medicare (laugh)1/23/2007, 5:33 pm
Potential scam using Pop. Wood. as cover?1/23/2007, 4:41 pm
Happy Birthday Don Henthorn.1/23/2007, 3:57 pm
Shuffleboard table *LINK*1/23/2007, 3:50 pm
framing nailer question1/23/2007, 3:18 pm
Guaranteed OT: Chocolate Milkshakes.1/23/2007, 11:15 am
Dog Tries to Become Gorilla...Safety Alert *LINK*1/23/2007, 10:39 am
Cummins $40 drill press1/23/2007, 10:36 am
NEW Shop Shots!1/23/2007, 10:22 am
Kitchen Cutlery1/23/2007, 10:12 am
Jointer decision1/23/2007, 9:04 am
18ga Nailer/Stapler Help1/23/2007, 8:30 am
Green & Green Style QSWO Door *LINK* *PIC*1/22/2007, 11:13 pm
Shop light ballasts?1/22/2007, 9:50 pm
Parallel or not1/22/2007, 8:27 pm
Might need a new router.....Need1/22/2007, 7:04 pm
Delta contractor saw switch1/22/2007, 6:30 pm
OT: Inexpensive Web Authoring Tools (Long)1/22/2007, 4:58 pm
Wood working shows1/22/2007, 4:06 pm
Making a Pipe1/22/2007, 3:59 pm
WHO Smokes A Pipe Besides Me?1/22/2007, 2:20 pm
Somewhat OT: Window Construction & Replacement1/22/2007, 2:06 pm
Resawing; 1 of 8 *PIC*1/22/2007, 12:43 pm
Plastic Resin Glue questions?1/22/2007, 11:39 am
controlling humidity in the shop1/22/2007, 11:27 am
Engineered Hardwood Flooring1/22/2007, 10:29 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments....1/22/2007, 9:19 am
Acclimatizing lumber in/or out of the shop?1/22/2007, 7:56 am
I had to post this1/22/2007, 7:49 am
Shop update, putting on the drywall1/21/2007, 11:15 pm
Tool cabinet from Wood magazine1/21/2007, 11:09 pm
OT EBay HTML Question *LINK*1/21/2007, 9:22 pm
Bed for my son, Week end (several) Accomplishment. *PIC*1/21/2007, 9:16 pm
Picture Resizing again.1/21/2007, 8:17 pm
Hide Glue1/21/2007, 8:13 pm
Air Compressor Question1/21/2007, 7:39 pm
Bending metal rod ??????1/21/2007, 7:25 pm
restaining1/21/2007, 6:30 pm
Compressor wiring question1/21/2007, 6:22 pm
Finishing a wooden counter top1/21/2007, 5:26 pm
Factory Finish for Cherry1/21/2007, 2:24 pm
Bandsaw Bridgewood 18" vs Grizzly 17" or 19"1/21/2007, 12:38 pm
Jointer knife adjustment...1/21/2007, 12:36 pm
Not-My-Job Department *NM* *PIC*1/21/2007, 12:33 pm
OT: WWII P47 Fighter Footage *LINK*1/21/2007, 12:13 pm
OT: From the "couldn't care less" department.1/21/2007, 11:12 am
Storage door construction ideas?1/21/2007, 11:10 am
glider bearings1/21/2007, 10:44 am
Coolness Test1/21/2007, 10:35 am
Fireplace moisture meter1/21/2007, 10:17 am
DISPLAY TABLE PLANS1/21/2007, 9:11 am
To Burn ...or ....Not to Burn1/21/2007, 1:18 am
OT-Question for Web Gurus *LINK*1/20/2007, 3:57 pm
Furniture Makers1/20/2007, 3:44 pm
WoodSucker Dust Collection1/20/2007, 2:47 pm
MDF Dust Question1/20/2007, 2:43 pm
Remove dried glue on Bessey clamp1/20/2007, 12:19 pm
Reply to Tandy in Connersville.1/20/2007, 12:05 pm
Table with butterfly *PIC*1/20/2007, 11:45 am
I completed a Project! (Long)1/20/2007, 10:49 am
Mag Jig Magnets1/20/2007, 10:15 am
Makita chop saw problem solved!1/20/2007, 9:38 am
Fix this warp help. *PIC*1/20/2007, 7:15 am
stain/finish 30 tables1/20/2007, 7:14 am
Gluing Soft Maple1/20/2007, 6:36 am
OT: Windows XP Network ?1/19/2007, 11:21 pm
OT - garage vent question1/19/2007, 10:11 pm
OT Compressor problem1/19/2007, 9:56 pm
Don't Know What You Did, Boss . . .1/19/2007, 5:14 pm
Looking For Wooden Handles1/19/2007, 4:57 pm
Rikon jointer/thicknesser?1/19/2007, 4:53 pm
Concerned about Finishing in Basement Shop1/19/2007, 3:28 pm
shop heater1/19/2007, 3:19 pm
kinf of OT- DIY Ultimate Elec Toolbox1/19/2007, 2:22 pm
Glu'ing MDF Sheets1/19/2007, 10:32 am
OT - IE Bookmark file location1/19/2007, 9:59 am
Happy Birthday to Ernie Miller this Sunday. *NM*1/19/2007, 9:20 am
peppermills1/19/2007, 8:24 am
finishes1/19/2007, 7:55 am
Question on butterfly repairs?1/19/2007, 7:42 am
Veneer Raised Panel Door1/19/2007, 1:22 am
JDS 1 Micron Canister Kit Low Price Alert *LINK* *PIC*1/18/2007, 11:47 pm
Ask This Old House... Extension Cord Tip1/18/2007, 10:51 pm
About Time! *PIC*1/18/2007, 10:19 pm
Slllllooooooowwwwwww1/18/2007, 9:10 pm
Question on digital pictures1/18/2007, 8:19 pm
great gadget *LINK*1/18/2007, 7:34 pm
Is epoxy inert once cured?1/18/2007, 7:05 pm
OT: Mouse Pad Material1/18/2007, 4:50 pm
Ides of January Observation1/18/2007, 4:31 pm
Design Question1/18/2007, 4:30 pm
Finishing a maple computer desk1/18/2007, 2:22 pm
19" LCD Monitor Update1/18/2007, 1:43 pm
OT-Earbuds for iPod?1/18/2007, 1:05 pm
OT: Whirlpool Duet 9300 Vibration in Spin Cycle1/18/2007, 12:46 pm
Opinions on grain on drawers1/18/2007, 11:52 am
Magnetic switch modification OK? *PIC*1/18/2007, 11:43 am
Why is this site so slow?1/18/2007, 11:02 am
Carol Reed is coming to INdy!1/18/2007, 8:10 am
Spring Break , Way OT1/17/2007, 11:42 pm
Anyone catch "Jeopardy" tonight? Sorta OT1/17/2007, 10:54 pm
OT-Any Lock Pickers out there? *PIC*1/17/2007, 9:50 pm
"Right side" of veneer1/17/2007, 9:24 pm
sanding beyond 2201/17/2007, 8:26 pm
Powermatic replacement parts1/17/2007, 5:55 pm
Dining Table Alignment - Dowel or Pins? *LINK*1/17/2007, 5:38 pm
need plans for an Eagle Scout project1/17/2007, 3:22 pm
Cypress trees for sale1/17/2007, 2:59 pm
DISPLAY TABLE PIC # 2 *PIC*1/17/2007, 12:56 pm
DISPLAY TABLE PIC # 1 *PIC*1/17/2007, 12:54 pm
Drawer "slides" Cheaper.1/17/2007, 12:14 pm
***SURVEY: THE IDES OF JANUARY *** *LINK*1/17/2007, 9:44 am
Somewhat OT, Lacquer finish question?1/17/2007, 9:34 am
OT Ozone?1/17/2007, 9:23 am
Iím Surprised by the Popularity of This... *LINK* *PIC*1/17/2007, 3:34 am
OT: Something to ponder1/17/2007, 12:36 am
Slight OT question1/16/2007, 11:41 pm
OT Really dumb website question.1/16/2007, 10:18 pm
OT WIN XP (Home) and new computer1/16/2007, 10:05 pm
Carter Bandsaw Guides...Worth the Money?1/16/2007, 9:53 pm
Rockwell Cabinet Saw Question1/16/2007, 9:29 pm
biscuits or pocket holes for plywood??1/16/2007, 8:42 pm
Table saw adjustment - How do I ...1/16/2007, 8:39 pm
Where can I get curio door hardware1/16/2007, 6:51 pm
performax 16-32 plus1/16/2007, 6:46 pm
mdf vs 2 flute vs 3 flute1/16/2007, 6:38 pm
I'd like you to meet ----- *PIC*1/16/2007, 5:43 pm
Clamping tapered boxes1/16/2007, 4:30 pm
Anyone have the Kehoe Dovetail Jig? *LINK*1/16/2007, 3:56 pm
small alder tree1/16/2007, 3:54 pm
Bath Tub Stains1/16/2007, 3:27 pm
Offcut vs. trash1/16/2007, 12:01 pm
Parts source for 20 year old Rockwell Unifeeder?1/16/2007, 10:36 am
Heat in the future shop out at the woodlot *PIC*1/16/2007, 9:55 am
Show me you miter saw stations...1/16/2007, 9:03 am
Modifying the General TS switch?1/16/2007, 5:22 am
2006 Cartouche winner to speak at Feb meeting1/15/2007, 10:28 pm
Questions on Wood flooring?1/15/2007, 10:19 pm
OT: Migrate from small HD to big one1/15/2007, 9:17 pm
New Club in South Jersey1/15/2007, 8:56 pm
A vist with Jim Reed *PIC*1/15/2007, 8:43 pm
Rail & Stile Set1/15/2007, 8:02 pm
Laws of Probability1/15/2007, 8:01 pm
Spray Finishing1/15/2007, 7:42 pm
OT Exciting Wildlife Sighting Today1/15/2007, 7:39 pm
Anyone buy a Compucarve or a Carvewright?1/15/2007, 6:43 pm
Dad's first Drill-press is the 4th time a charm? *PIC*1/15/2007, 4:14 pm
Dad's first Drill-press restore finally finished *PIC*1/15/2007, 4:06 pm
Dad's first Drill-press restore finally finished *PIC*1/15/2007, 4:06 pm
Dad's first Drill-press restore finally finished *PIC*1/15/2007, 4:06 pm
Bessey Clamps - again *PIC*1/15/2007, 3:03 pm
Tip: Archiving your WC aquired knowledge1/15/2007, 2:29 pm
New Yankee Workshop Entrance Door Musings *PIC*1/15/2007, 1:35 pm
BLO Odor in cabinets.1/15/2007, 1:26 pm
glue roller vs brush on1/15/2007, 12:26 pm
Shop made 'thick' veneer for table top1/15/2007, 11:49 am
A Circular saw, or a Miter/Chop Saw or a ?1/15/2007, 11:41 am
Turned Pen finishes1/15/2007, 10:38 am
Makita Mitre Saw Question1/15/2007, 10:13 am
Need accurate miters - tips & tricks?1/15/2007, 9:24 am
Help wanted1/15/2007, 9:17 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments....1/15/2007, 8:58 am
Round countersink hole (minor gloat)1/15/2007, 7:48 am
Festool Dust Collection1/15/2007, 12:03 am
bad dog biter1/14/2007, 11:01 pm
OT: Lenovo TFT 19" LCD Monitor1/14/2007, 10:20 pm
critters?1/14/2007, 10:17 pm
8" Jointer comparison1/14/2007, 10:12 pm
Veneer Mill Tour *LINK*1/14/2007, 8:35 pm
China Closet *PIC*1/14/2007, 8:20 pm
200/230/460-Volt 3 Phase1/14/2007, 7:38 pm
Bush Oil *LINK*1/14/2007, 6:47 pm
finishing problem1/14/2007, 6:28 pm
Phone # for Myron Buehrer, BC Parts1/14/2007, 4:10 pm
OT-Motorola E815 Cell Phone1/14/2007, 2:30 pm
multi router plans1/14/2007, 1:49 pm
Electrical OT1/14/2007, 1:30 pm
Columbus Woodworking Show1/14/2007, 10:38 am
Anybody for Texas Hold 'Em - little long *PIC*1/14/2007, 9:52 am
OT some neat paintings (murals) *LINK*1/13/2007, 9:48 pm
Slurry splash1/13/2007, 9:15 pm
Out of round jointer cutterhead? Help1/13/2007, 9:05 pm
OT: Winter Weather1/13/2007, 8:25 pm
Corner Post Dovetail Box *PIC* (cross posted)1/13/2007, 7:46 pm
OT: Cleaning out dryer vent pipe1/13/2007, 6:37 pm
Got a calender in the shop??1/13/2007, 5:46 pm
Windows1/13/2007, 2:47 pm
Use particle board for router table1/13/2007, 2:43 pm
OT: Paypal Fraud Alert1/13/2007, 1:39 pm
Side-Hung drawers1/13/2007, 1:11 pm
OT: I am re-designing my web site1/13/2007, 12:35 pm
The Wood Whisperer *LINK*1/13/2007, 10:46 am
Bessey clamp storage *PIC*1/13/2007, 9:54 am
Another photo resizing Question.1/13/2007, 8:27 am
pro finish repairman1/13/2007, 8:11 am
Heading out to the WW show in Columbus today1/13/2007, 6:45 am
Turning Workshops1/13/2007, 12:48 am
My Dad's first Drill press *LINK*1/13/2007, 12:01 am
What forum to post in about drill presses?1/12/2007, 11:18 pm
I've been pondering...1/12/2007, 10:36 pm
Hide glue vs. fish glue - creep resistance1/12/2007, 9:09 pm
Got Clamps?? *PIC*1/12/2007, 8:41 pm
Any sources for used AC motors?1/12/2007, 8:32 pm
Question on cabinet hinges1/12/2007, 8:25 pm
Request for SS Number???1/12/2007, 7:35 pm
In an effort to speed up Posts.....1/12/2007, 5:42 pm
Removing white/water marks from a old table1/12/2007, 5:40 pm
Finishing in a basement shop1/12/2007, 4:28 pm
Is this ok to use?1/12/2007, 3:17 pm
steam bending with a garment steamer? *LINK*1/12/2007, 3:05 pm
router bit selection1/12/2007, 1:56 pm
Grip tites1/12/2007, 12:35 pm
Another Sherman's Lagoon strip *NM* *PIC*1/12/2007, 12:26 pm
How to remove a stuck bearing1/12/2007, 11:43 am
Shopfox DC remote problem *PIC*1/12/2007, 11:21 am
Gift Suggestion--Long *PIC*1/12/2007, 10:23 am
Poker Chip Case1/12/2007, 9:53 am
Laid Off after 21 years OTJ :-(1/12/2007, 8:42 am
OT - Paging John Lucas1/12/2007, 8:26 am
Activated Charcoal Mask Question?1/12/2007, 7:25 am
Need veneering advice...1/12/2007, 1:57 am
Another Bench Dog Lost *PIC*1/11/2007, 8:15 pm
T-Bushings1/11/2007, 8:01 pm
simple? wood ID *PIC*1/11/2007, 4:58 pm
Manzanita turning square1/11/2007, 4:51 pm
OT What is a ".cwk " file and what do I need1/11/2007, 3:05 pm
Full-face Respirator1/11/2007, 2:36 pm
Did anyone deal with, 1:56 pm
Bosch Jigsaw -mini review1/11/2007, 11:52 am
OT thin black plastic that's light weight1/11/2007, 11:34 am
Today's Sherman's Lagoon *PIC*1/11/2007, 11:24 am
Unisaw Upgrade1/11/2007, 11:05 am
Plans for silverware chest1/11/2007, 10:53 am
Blade recommendations1/11/2007, 10:53 am
Hardwood suppliers in Florida???1/11/2007, 8:55 am
Way OT - Any Experience Here With KIA Cars?1/11/2007, 8:08 am
finishing1/11/2007, 2:39 am
And Another thing......Stupid stuff servay1/10/2007, 11:31 pm
Way OT: Rant about Kodak Easy Share1/10/2007, 11:16 pm
Ohmigosh!! I'm a celebrity!!1/10/2007, 10:57 pm
Tool Repair1/10/2007, 10:47 pm
DC Set Up Help for My Band Saw *PIC*1/10/2007, 9:31 pm
How to tell if furniture is old.1/10/2007, 8:24 pm
Draw knife handles1/10/2007, 8:01 pm
Drawer repairs1/10/2007, 7:20 pm
Has anyone built a heated storage cabinet?1/10/2007, 6:54 pm
Anyone else get the preview of WOODSMITH?1/10/2007, 6:31 pm
OT - Dave Hentzel Whereabouts1/10/2007, 4:34 pm
Planing problems1/10/2007, 4:05 pm
Way OT: Salt Free Soft Water Systems1/10/2007, 3:56 pm
wood bending1/10/2007, 2:10 pm
OT Instrument Repair1/10/2007, 1:33 pm
Cordless Drill Recommendations?1/10/2007, 12:31 pm
OT: Cellulose Insulation1/10/2007, 12:19 pm
Meguiars Sanding block *LINK*1/10/2007, 9:39 am
cheap router bits *LINK*1/10/2007, 1:01 am
Don't bother opening if you already read this stor1/10/2007, 12:04 am
10" bandsaw blade - how long?1/9/2007, 11:52 pm
JET Model 708315LSB Table Saw1/9/2007, 10:37 pm
How dry should wood be?1/9/2007, 9:53 pm
Wood ID Favor, Please? *LINK*1/9/2007, 8:56 pm
Whitney's Band Saw?1/9/2007, 7:32 pm
OT: Counterfeit Circuit Breaker Recall Square D1/9/2007, 7:28 pm
What shall I do with a....1/9/2007, 6:51 pm
Delta Planer1/9/2007, 6:22 pm
New Guild in South Jersey1/9/2007, 5:40 pm
cut capacity of 10" unisaw1/9/2007, 5:11 pm
OT: House Painting Sprayer1/9/2007, 4:43 pm
Miter Saw Arbor/bore Question1/9/2007, 4:39 pm
X5 Unisaw - what's it worth?1/9/2007, 4:17 pm
HVLP Spray System1/9/2007, 1:44 pm
Bob Dodge: Help with sizing fabric filters?1/9/2007, 1:22 pm
Oak smell - for Jennifer1/9/2007, 12:11 pm
Ridgid bummer... (long)1/9/2007, 11:59 am
How wiggly is wiggle wood?1/9/2007, 11:25 am
What finish for colorful woods?1/9/2007, 11:16 am
posting pictures1/9/2007, 10:57 am
Veneering drawer fronts - help needed (again) LONG *PIC*1/9/2007, 9:26 am
Bandsaw blade -- not for resawing1/9/2007, 8:33 am
Natural Edge Veneer1/9/2007, 8:22 am
ceiling mounted receptacle outlets???1/8/2007, 11:26 pm
Robert Hutchins - Thank You For The1/8/2007, 11:01 pm
My name is Clay, and I'm a resawer *PIC*1/8/2007, 10:58 pm
test1/8/2007, 10:38 pm
OT: Marmoleum linoleum1/8/2007, 9:14 pm
Breathing Room for Motor...1/8/2007, 8:33 pm
OT: Shop Electrical Question1/8/2007, 8:28 pm
Chippendale style thingy I made *PIC*1/8/2007, 8:02 pm
???????? Google SketchUp Pro 61/8/2007, 8:02 pm
Turning Chisels1/8/2007, 6:48 pm
Brushes-Barry Irby1/8/2007, 6:44 pm
Veneer Logs1/8/2007, 5:51 pm
Wood suggestions for a kitchen table *PIC*1/8/2007, 5:43 pm
Using a Festool Guide with a PC router1/8/2007, 5:03 pm
article suggestion1/8/2007, 4:24 pm
Visiting London, UK1/8/2007, 3:47 pm
Cutting "perpendicular " mortices?1/8/2007, 3:21 pm
How do I put a makers mark or signature on wood?1/8/2007, 1:15 pm
TO Transfering video tape to DVD1/8/2007, 12:59 pm
Mark Goodall - Hope the tornado passed you1/8/2007, 12:05 pm
Tablesaw Power ?1/8/2007, 11:03 am
Looking for "weird" connector1/8/2007, 10:27 am
Broken wood table repair-HELP!1/8/2007, 10:04 am
WC Weekend Accomplishments....1/8/2007, 10:02 am
Brass ball catch - how to install? *PIC*1/8/2007, 9:12 am
Shellac - sand between coats?1/8/2007, 8:27 am
Table Saw Covers? *LINK*1/8/2007, 7:24 am
Shop Update, jointer makes a move *PIC*1/8/2007, 2:07 am
Shop tours1/8/2007, 12:03 am
Rigid 6 1/2" Framing Saw1/8/2007, 12:03 am
shop-sawn veneer laminations1/8/2007, 12:00 am
Finished the chair..... and it broke. Help! *PIC*1/7/2007, 10:16 pm
Cordless Power Drill Experience?1/7/2007, 9:13 pm
Powermatic 63 seizing up1/7/2007, 8:42 pm
Potentially stupid shop lighting plan1/7/2007, 7:34 pm
OT: Which INternet Protection Suite?1/7/2007, 7:25 pm
Bosch 1590 jig saw1/7/2007, 5:08 pm
need glue help1/7/2007, 2:42 pm
SWMBO inquiries.1/7/2007, 2:26 pm
Staining Pine?1/7/2007, 2:15 pm
Wetsanding screwup *PIC*1/7/2007, 2:13 pm
Unisaw & Dust collection1/7/2007, 12:11 pm
Drill press runout1/7/2007, 11:09 am
pet stain on hardwood1/7/2007, 10:11 am
Distressed Table Finishing & Trestle Tables1/7/2007, 10:05 am
Shop Tour pics1/7/2007, 9:32 am
straighten tapered board1/7/2007, 12:02 am
Drawer stop idea for 2 sided drawer - Opinions?1/6/2007, 9:37 pm
Oneida Dust Gorilla "adventures".. *PIC*1/6/2007, 7:24 pm
OT - Does this qualify as a Shop Tool? *LINK*1/6/2007, 7:06 pm
Band Saw Blade Tension?1/6/2007, 4:05 pm
Table Shaper vs. Table Mounted Router1/6/2007, 3:52 pm
right angle tool post1/6/2007, 3:01 pm
Baby Highchair Plans1/6/2007, 2:43 pm
OT: Wire Size1/6/2007, 2:36 pm
OT: Garage door opener woes1/6/2007, 2:18 pm
CAD Programs-Question for Bill Hylton1/6/2007, 1:52 pm
Blanket Chest1/6/2007, 10:59 am
Bosch jigsaw1/6/2007, 8:21 am
O T1/6/2007, 7:56 am
OT-Any plumbers out there?1/6/2007, 6:09 am
Stainin'..1/5/2007, 11:36 pm
ShopFox/Grizzly1/5/2007, 10:36 pm
Looking at a Delta TS2001/5/2007, 7:54 pm
Help me flood cyber space with SPAM....1/5/2007, 6:12 pm
Shop Roof1/5/2007, 6:03 pm
removing stain from ipe wood1/5/2007, 5:41 pm
HOW DO I STRIP IPE WOOD? *NM*1/5/2007, 5:32 pm
heeeeeeeeeeellllppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1/5/2007, 5:30 pm
question1/5/2007, 5:23 pm
FWW DC article1/5/2007, 5:01 pm
Cocobolo Kitchen Island top?1/5/2007, 4:09 pm
Premium vs regular hollow mortise chisels1/5/2007, 2:15 pm
Need some ad-vise1/5/2007, 12:06 pm
OT - plumbing/septic question1/5/2007, 11:07 am
Interesting new Festool table saw (sort of) *LINK*1/5/2007, 9:47 am
built in workbench1/5/2007, 9:16 am
Jewelry Box Components1/5/2007, 8:42 am
Horizontal Mortising Bits?1/5/2007, 7:43 am
Shop tour. *LINK*1/5/2007, 12:01 am
Right Handers using Left Handed Circ Saws1/4/2007, 11:24 pm
Wall Cupboard *PIC*1/4/2007, 11:14 pm
Missing Thread ?1/4/2007, 10:08 pm
Bandsaw blade speed?1/4/2007, 9:52 pm
wood drying - acclimation - Bill, Tindall, please1/4/2007, 9:27 pm
Thanks Groucho - my WC year (long)1/4/2007, 9:21 pm
Where do you buy ceiling-mounted drop cords1/4/2007, 8:19 pm
OT...Craft Forum *LINK*1/4/2007, 7:56 pm
Looking for Mini-Lathe Review1/4/2007, 7:44 pm
Making it shine1/4/2007, 6:44 pm
Visit from one of my favorite people today//1/4/2007, 6:02 pm
CPSC Recall: DeWalt Portable Generators1/4/2007, 6:01 pm
OT - synthetic motor oil1/4/2007, 4:27 pm
Bandsaw wheel alignment and tune up1/4/2007, 4:27 pm
OT - Windows Movie Maker And Flash Movie1/4/2007, 4:25 pm
what does SWMBO mean? *NM*1/4/2007, 3:13 pm
Table saw options1/4/2007, 2:54 pm
Need 5" ROS Recommendations1/4/2007, 2:50 pm
OT- Be careful it's addictive!1/4/2007, 2:47 pm
OT: Mechanical question, rear axle as winch1/4/2007, 12:30 pm
SWMBO is complaining about claro table finish1/4/2007, 10:58 am
Delta Contractor TS 36-650 and DC1/4/2007, 10:52 am
Question regarding lazar cutting guides.1/4/2007, 10:03 am
OT: Electronic Forms1/4/2007, 9:38 am
drill press1/4/2007, 9:35 am
OT - .png extension1/4/2007, 9:03 am
Where is the Hardware?1/4/2007, 8:58 am
OT: open cell vs closed cell foam home insulation1/3/2007, 11:39 pm
seal inside of chest???1/3/2007, 11:34 pm
Adjustable Wrench, What's the right way...1/3/2007, 11:31 pm
tip table hardware catch1/3/2007, 11:25 pm
Bandsaw favorites?1/3/2007, 10:31 pm
Anyone going to the Indianapolis IN WW show?1/3/2007, 10:12 pm
OT: Buy Whitney Houston's bandsaw *LINK*1/3/2007, 6:40 pm
MDF vs MDO?1/3/2007, 6:17 pm
OT Money Back *LINK*1/3/2007, 4:59 pm
Totally OT, some nice pictures. *LINK*1/3/2007, 3:14 pm
Porter Cable 557 Biscuit Joiner1/3/2007, 2:22 pm
OT Citation Water Landing *LINK*1/3/2007, 2:20 pm
OT- Opinions on Zone Alarm's Antivirus Program?1/3/2007, 1:24 pm
Church Pews1/3/2007, 1:23 pm
Gallery exhibition *PIC*1/3/2007, 12:41 pm
Favorite tools revisited, Starrett Square?1/3/2007, 12:18 pm
Eye catcher at Home Depot1/3/2007, 11:45 am
Tongue Drum *LINK*1/3/2007, 11:36 am
What veneer with mahogany?1/3/2007, 11:13 am
Cleaning table saw blades1/3/2007, 10:14 am
To biscuit or not?? *PIC*1/3/2007, 9:14 am
Ellis1/3/2007, 9:07 am
Woodworking Show Baltamore1/3/2007, 9:02 am
Anyone Heard of a Reliant Ultra Table Saw Fence *PIC*1/3/2007, 1:33 am
wood species question1/2/2007, 11:12 pm
Steel City tablesaw1/2/2007, 11:04 pm
Veneer---storing veneeró1/2/2007, 10:22 pm
Sharpening Systems1/2/2007, 7:53 pm
Kitchen Canisters *PIC*1/2/2007, 7:10 pm
Flat Screen TV - Funny *PIC*1/2/2007, 5:24 pm
Best Blade for1/2/2007, 4:52 pm
Putting a bigger motor on contractor's saw1/2/2007, 4:51 pm
URL conundrum1/2/2007, 4:06 pm
Way OT: Any art experts here?1/2/2007, 3:09 pm
shop dog question1/2/2007, 1:27 pm
Acrylic Paint/Enamel for wooden toy cars.1/2/2007, 1:08 pm
article "Scrape or Sand Floor"1/2/2007, 12:35 pm
Back from The Dead *PIC*1/2/2007, 11:57 am
Dowlemax1/2/2007, 11:00 am
OT--New e-mail address1/2/2007, 10:35 am
Ducting diameter dilemma1/2/2007, 10:17 am
Freud glue-line rip blade - differences1/2/2007, 10:10 am
[AD] Happy New Year from Steel City! *LINK*1/2/2007, 8:31 am
OT - The bad part of having pets...1/2/2007, 8:17 am
Grizzley Baby Surface Sander - Any Owners??1/2/2007, 7:11 am
WC Holiday Weekend Accomplishments....1/2/2007, 2:34 am
OT - Swedish Plane1/2/2007, 2:11 am
Finish for Red Oak1/1/2007, 10:57 pm
Flooring--Any Suggestions?1/1/2007, 10:54 pm
Cabinet Tv to Flat screen1/1/2007, 9:33 pm
Scariest tool I've ever used. *PIC*1/1/2007, 9:27 pm
Upholstery Staplers1/1/2007, 8:15 pm
Tour My Shop *LINK*1/1/2007, 7:50 pm
Thanks to Grant in IOWA1/1/2007, 7:06 pm
Motor Rotation CW OPE, Direction?1/1/2007, 5:56 pm
Display for Chinese teapot collection *PIC*1/1/2007, 4:53 pm
Finish Bummer1/1/2007, 4:09 pm
Is my shellac still good?1/1/2007, 2:50 pm
Really early warning to all my friends............1/1/2007, 12:51 pm
Bosch Clic-Change Bit System -anyone have it?1/1/2007, 12:26 pm
OT - Ceiling fan wiring burnt1/1/2007, 12:23 pm
question regarding rechargeable batteries1/1/2007, 11:47 am
blind shelf brackets1/1/2007, 11:44 am
rigid planer issue1/1/2007, 11:33 am
Happy New Year everyone!1/1/2007, 11:30 am
I let the PUFF out of my blower motor....1/1/2007, 11:05 am
Happy New Year to all! and a HVAC question1/1/2007, 10:21 am
Woodworking Blogs Anyone?1/1/2007, 10:10 am
Jet slow speed sharpener1/1/2007, 8:51 am
Favorite tool Question?1/1/2007, 7:19 am
Happy New Year!!! *NM*1/1/2007, 5:45 am
Carcase construction?12/31/2006, 11:23 pm
Happy New Year Ellis, and ditto to all. *NM*12/31/2006, 10:49 pm
200712/31/2006, 8:12 pm
saw blade12/31/2006, 7:38 pm
Walnut Dust12/31/2006, 7:32 pm
Semi OT - Good, wierd and questionable Xmas gifts.12/31/2006, 7:15 pm
jigsaw?12/31/2006, 3:59 pm
Olympic One Step Satin Finish stain12/31/2006, 3:35 pm
dowel center finder12/31/2006, 2:11 pm
Shop Update - First ceiling panels are up *PIC*12/31/2006, 12:11 pm
Static cling On DC pipe Question.12/31/2006, 10:23 am
1x4 chippendale...........pic#3 *NM* *PIC*12/31/2006, 2:19 am
Veneer glue12/30/2006, 9:32 pm
Picture of base. *NM* *PIC*12/30/2006, 9:16 pm
Bridgewood Drill Press *PIC*12/30/2006, 9:15 pm
A weird accident12/30/2006, 8:41 pm
Delta Drill Press12/30/2006, 3:26 pm
Pocket hole screws12/27/2006, 12:42 pm
Happy Birthday Dad12/21/2006, 5:00 pm
lumber storage12/21/2006, 3:52 pm
cleaning the floor12/18/2006, 8:58 pm
New finish idea for me?12/18/2006, 6:43 pm
Steaming out a Dent12/17/2006, 6:29 pm
Andi Wolfe- Sightings pictures12/11/2006, 12:20 pm
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