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hear is the problem
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
There will be solvents that will dissolve the glue, expensive for you to buy ketones for example. Apply solvent and you will be left with a solution of glue in solvent, exactly what was started with when the glue was applied- gooey! More solvent will make it less viscous and then one could absorb the less viscous glue solution in rags, towels, ??? Add more solvent and repeat. Add a spark and the room will blow up. The fumes from all this solvent will probably overpower you if the spark doesn't get you. You could open the windows and fan but this is MN, you will get frost bite.

Bleach will kill every kind of mold ever invented. I would be surprised if the mold is growing within the glue. Bleach the crap out of it and I predict you will be good to go unless.....see below.......

This all started with water trapped under this floor. You need to solve the source of the water problem that started it all. Mold will not grow in a dry climate.

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