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beetle damage...

David Weaver
beetle damage is less common over here, but some of the reason may just be that the american planes are often not as old as common planes found in england, and that the decent ones left were in drier areas.

I noticed a flooring site mentioned that beech floors are bug attractive and though that may be an issue in a cabin (humidity here in the summer with dewpoints reaching into the 70s sometimes would probably be enough, especially combined with trapped air and temperature drops).

I opened 4 beech billets this weekend in an attempt to make a pair of jack planes. Every one of them so far has some kind of fault, even though all were delivered in pristine shape. I think they're on average about 5 years old. :\

Steamed euro beech is probably more cooperative, but at this point, I can't imagine sawing an american beech tree through and through in any significant thickness and attempting to find defect free wood several years later (which is no problem with cherry, etc, over here - our local cherry is under attack from borers, though, and most anything that's not really old is over on the ground and full of woodpecker holes).

Still jealous, and would love to get a through and through sawn steamed beech pallet for $2 a board foot at retail!

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