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Re: follow-up from looking up prices

Sgian Dubh
"French beech by the cubic meter, sawn "F-B1" grade, which I guess ..."

David, it indicates mainland European appearance grading. F = Fagus (beech); B = boule (sawn log reassembled to dry as sawn, therefore retaining the sapwood and more often than not, the wane [bark]); 1 = highest quality, i.e., least faults. Numbers used in the appearance grading go through 1, 2 and 3 to 4, the last number indicating lowest quality, i.e., most faults.

Additionally, because the designation B is used indicating the buyer must expect to find sapwood, and most likely wane too, simply because the boards are a boule, the additional commonly used designation of X (indicating the presence of wane) is omitted. X is used for sawn boards sawn to width where wane remains on one edge (X) or on both edges (XX). Slainte.

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