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Interesting on the floor boards...

David Weaver
... an about face since then as big lumber is harder to find and machine sizing is automatic in some places. A trip to IWF 12 years ago was interesting - train-like contraptions that take stock in one end and make shapes of things come out of the other at a high rate.

I wouldn't be surprised if they finish them now, too.

FIL made a workbench out of green 8/4 oak a few decades ago. He butted the boards together (I didn't know this) - he lives out near warren where getting wood sawn is no big deal if you have the wood and take it to and from the sawyer. Sawyers are amish or mennonite and reasonable. The boards were about 1*10 or 1x12 and bolted down in the centers. There's big gaps between each. I asked him if he made the bench like that to be able to sweep dirt off and he told me that he'd gotten the lumber sawn and didn't know they'd form. They'd require serious action if they were on a floor. They all cupped a little bit, too (all oriented the same way). Interesting work bench now, but he's not a woodworker, so functional enough.

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