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David Weaver
For woodworking, just about anything is probably acceptable....

.. but i noticed that the listing says that even those cheapies have hardened tips. I can't locate mine right now, but HF is literally 1/2 mile from my door, so I guess i know where to go to get more.

No kidding, I'm waiting for the shellac to dry on a rosewood guitar neck that had enough grain conviction in the peghead to bungle the spacing for the tuners. Making a deep mark and avoiding that is something I'd have gladly paid $11 to fix.

On the other end of the spectrum, I have a machinist and mechanical engineering friend who is well heeled and appreciates everything being made precisely. He'd spend the difference, and that's fine.

When I went to google to look these up relative to others, I noticed something we're all familar with - there are some import sets sold in different places, and the same set in the same holder may be $19 at one place and $74 at the next. if there's a middle ground on these in anything other than intentional pricing tiers. I'd be surprised.

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