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Re: point of data - difference

David Weaver
As long ago as it's been that I had the euro beech, I couldn't tell you for sure what the pre-filthy color was (it's filthy saw handles now).

My understanding of american beech is that there's just no organized market for it and if there was one, dumping of european wood eliminated it (guessing the furniture mills that use it probably get wood from eastern europe more cheaply than american). But I'm just guessing, and that's it. A lumber dealer here in the states told me he has a couple of large boules of beech to sell in case there's a customer, but the lumber is "utility wood" and the market for it was ruined by euro dumping.

I do have euro beech 16/4 quartered billets, but they aren't pink - perhaps they weren't steamed. If the pink is subtle on some specimens, I'm probably too dense to notice it.

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