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Ditto on the tub, but with buckets..

David Weaver projects are smaller, but if they are wandering projects away from the shop, I put the tools in 5 gallon buckets. Same reason - it's not always lovely to dig through a bucket, but it beats checking every windowsill, floor, corner, doorway, etc, for tools. For the honey-do stuff that I used to get an armfull of tools for to go outside or upstairs, and then constantly get a partial armfull, and then over and over, I use the "load the bucket" time to try to think of all of the tools I'll need. What seems like it should be a 4 tool job is always 15, and two trips is easier than 6 (it ultimately appeals to laziness, which I think is a function itself of being more interested in results than pride in process).

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