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Re: bad reader, i am
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David Weaver
If something is ancillary and not the main point, I have a tendency to not be such a good reader of it.

While it's apparently not what you said, I do think there's still the old fashioned "get this pretty before we take a picture". There's also plenty of commenters in my videos who don't think it's appropriate for me to make videos in a messy shop.

One of the members here in the past didn't like that i tend to work in one area of my shop with the bench up against the wall, too!! (that's a mess minimization technique for me - I used to bring a car in the garage in the winter - shop is an underground garage, but gave up on that. Still work on one spot so that what used to be parking area is open for handling material and items in assembly).

As far as inaccuracy, what we need to do to make it even worse is have a bad reader read my response to your post and then attribute their misreading of my post to your original material :)

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