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Re: Unglamorous.....but, almost essential.....

William Duffield
1) 4" double square with a 4R rule. I like the squares built be PEC. Their 6" 4R double square is almost as useful, but a little less convenient.

2) P500 Pentel Pilot gel pen, black. I buy these by the dozen.

3) Stanley #62 24" fully brass bound boxwood 4-fold rule. I particularly like the architectural scales included on this one.

4) Mini Cree LED Flashlight, in machined aluminum with 1 AA cell. I usually buy these in 5-packs, either black or desert camo, and give them away to anyone who needs to see better. Current batch is labeled Mikafin, but the Chinese brand name is not important.

These are all so useful that I always carry them in my pocket, whether I'm in the shop or out.

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