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Barry Irby
No, but,,,I do a lot of planning for snipe when breaking down stock. If the board has a ragged end on it from when the tree was felled, I leave it on and use it to "catch" the snipe. If I cut near a defect I leave it on for the same purpose. I cut pieces in multiple lengths so that I can cut three or four pieces out of them after they are planed if the stock is flat enough. And sometimes I leave it in place and sand it out. Sadly, I have trouble seeing it and sometimes it escapes detection until I put on the "reveal" coat. I try to use water to raise the grain and it makes a good reveal coat, if I am paying attention.

For those of you who don't understand the reveal coat, it's the first thing you apply, like a primer coat and that's when all the defects (sanding scratches, glue spots, snipe, silicon, and whatever) show up. I was talking to a Car Guy friend of mine and mentioned the Reveal Coat and he said, "Oh Hell Yeah, The primer coat shows everything!" Something to be learned there.

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