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David Yoho
I have been wondering if a platen running continuous to smooth the path through the machine.

I use a Delta 22-580, which is a 2-speed 13" planer with the supplied short infeed and outfeed tables. I can't say I never get any snipe but it's very minimal when it does occur and only on the trailing end.

I do have a piece of 1/2" MDF I place in the planer with a little cleat under the front edge to keep it in place. The cleat rests against the front edge of the infeed table and the MDF is just wide enough to fit the planer opening. I use this whenever I need to plane something to 1/4-inch or less.

The point is, I don't use it fulltime but I don't recall getting snipe when I use it. Maybe a "platen" like this would help you get better results. Maybe you might try it and see if it improves your problem. If not, something is in need of adjustment elsewhere.

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