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Barry Irby
Hmm? Why do I have snipe? I guess I have just accepted it.

I have a Dewalt 733 (?) planer. It's more than ten years old. Maybe fifteen. It's the version that has two knives you can sharpen. I have replaced the bushings (bearings) once.

I just assumed snipe was part of the territory. I use all the tricks I know to eliminate it or at least minimize it. Run pieces end to end, side by side in overlapping sequences. And I lift the ends on the way in and out.

Now I am wondering if there is something I have overlooked....some adjustment I could make to improve it further. The snipe is not bad, maybe a few thousandths I can usually sand out if necessary.

I have been wondering if a platen running continuous to smooth the path through the machine.

Anybody got suggestions?

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