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Re: Jointing for stock prep question/technique

Sgian Dubh
Barry, both methods have their place, and generally I prefer to machine plane with the concave edge down. However, if the board is very long, say twice as long as the beds of the surface plane (US Jointer) or more, sometimes it can work out easier if the convex edge is straightened first. This does require the ability to prevent the board rocking for the first few passes until a decent length of straightened edge is established, but after that the job's pretty straightforward.

The problem, only occasionally though, with very long boards that are bent (bowed in the length or bent on the edge) is that placing the the concave face or edge down to flatten can result in the tail end lifting up too much as it passes over the leading edge of the infeed table of the machine, which can make life a bit difficult: and that's the time where I might choose to straighten the convex face or edge. It's not something I do very often, if I can help it, but it's not very hard to do ... if you know what you're doing, ha, ha. Slainte.

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