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why I don't do it your way
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Hand Plane ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
1. Trading hand tool time for machine time seems a poor bargain and inefficient moving lumber between jointer an bench.
2. If the convex side is straightened it complicates the next step, ripping to width. Setting the fence to clean up the opposing side is easier if the narrow part of the board is at the ends than in the middle.

3. I have glued up hundreds of panels, many few thousands. Edge straightening is a trivial operation that should take seconds not minutes. For me it is simply faster to joint the concave edge. Send it across and listen for where it is cutting. If not symmetrical I will start at the end or in the middle depending on where more width needs to be removed. Fast passes are fast and then a slow finish pass when I hear the previous pass removed wood all along the edge. Feed rate is adjusted by sound. If I hear picking I slow down or slow down in the area where I heard picking the previous pass.

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