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I'm confused

David Yoho
Barry, I've read all the responses, as well as your original post. Call me thick headed but I'm not sure what you're asking. It looks like I'm the only one too. I can't determine if the question is about jointing the edge, which is how it sounds to me, or the face.

I never joint stock starting with the edge. I always start with flattening one face side, move to the planer for the other, then back to the jointer to straighten one edge before moving to the saw for the other edge. Perhaps it's this order I employ that has me confused about exactly what you're trying to do.

I can say I usually try to dimension stock when I'm ready to use it. However, those times I know it won't be used right away, I dead stack it on a flat surface and put some weight on top. Once I'm ready to use it I cut to finished size and assemble.

Could you help my vapor locked brain understand better what you're trying to do? Has the stock in question been face jointed and/or thicknessed and you're needing to joint the edge? Or you're starting with the edge first, which doesn't make sense to me. Help a confused man out!!!

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