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Re: Jointing for stock prep question/technique

Don Stephan
My approach is the same as yours Barry, and I concentrate on NOT applying any downward pressure so that I create a side whose resting state is flat. After making the other side parallel with the planer normally I sticker the pieces for a week to allow acclimatizing (sp?) to the changes. Often I've read the moisture content in lumber is seldom uniform - the middle may be higher or lower than the surfaces - and I often find a small amount of further warping during that week, calling for a second round of the same jointer then planer process.

I've been poo-pooed on this forum before for allowing a week and jointing and planing a second time, but to my knowledge I've not had shelves, tabletops, or panels show any warping later on. I don't mind the extra work and love the results.

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