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Re: tellme how to delete goggles information

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
What is there is there ... permanently. Any time you surf the 'Net, you leave a footprint and information about your likes and dislikes. Every message you leave on a forum, such as this, or public media, such as FaceBook, is collected and filed away by one of the search engines. Deleting past posts and messages is to little avail since there are websites, such as the Wayback Machine, which can retrieve all.

Those in human resources who want information about a prospective job seeker know this, and look for posts on FaceBook. No doubt lawyers do the same. Many of my patients tell me that they researched me on the'Net before making contact (there are forums where patients may discuss their therapeutic experiences). We warn children and adolescents about posting impulsively and with poor political correctness. It will catch up with them, one day.

I do not post on any public media other than a couple of woodworking forums and a couple of closed (?!) professional forums. Google are welcome to my ramblings on woodworking forums, and my professional forums are about strictly for sharing clinical information and asking clinical questions.

What is done is done. Just do not add to it from here on in.

Regards from Perth


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