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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Buckaroo, I had this problem a year ago. You do not say what you are using, but in my case it was a new 2018 MacBook Pro. I referred to the issue as a ghost writer. It was not a joke, however, as I spent as much time repairing text in professional reports as in writing.

After completing a number of Google searches, it became apparent that many of the new generation MacBooks had this issue. The problem lay with the change of design in the keyboard (to fit the thinner laptops), and the keys were ultra contact sensitive. After some to-and-froing, Apple agreed to replace the laptop for a new 2019 model. This has been fine.

If you are running 2007 software, it is probable that you do not have a recent Mac. But it is possible that you have a problem keyboard. Have you changed it for another?

Regards from Perth


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