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Young and dumb!
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Jim Dillon
Bill, thanks for memories. During my chemistry
"intern" years, I remember vats of concentrated sulfuric acid/potassium dichromate along-side vats of sodium hydroxide solution both used to clean out carbonaceous polymers from glassware. And tons of acetone to wash the clean glassware. Ah, those were the days! Lab safety (?). Instructions said to make sure one wore rubber gloves before dipping your hands into the vats! Dah!!! Not so young and but still dumb, Part II. Flash forward to my first real job synthesizing a biodegradable polymer made from propiolactone. Splashed that stuff everywhere! Only later did I find out it (the monomer) was a suspected carcinogen. :(
Hey, live and learn/survive. So far, so good, but knock-on-wood.

I agree with you regarding the usage of potassium dichromate for furniture. With so many other viable options available, I would avoid it.

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