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David Weaver makes for gorgeous looking cherry and mahogany, but my threats to my health will have to end at lack of exercise and appreciation of junk food.

Carcinogenic stuff like that is beyond me.

Glad I don't work in a lab and have to make a judgement call about stuff like this - from the videos of it, it appears to really do a superb job cleaning glass.

Bill has posted before that many of the old recipes for stains and various things with woodworking are half necessary and half BS where additional ingredients added by guessing have no beneficial effect, and sometimes are counter to the goal, on top of being highly toxic.

I don't even like thinking about sucking in the fumes from water base crosslinked finish (I spray with a mask, but once in a while run in and out of the shop while I'm waiting for the dust to settle) - who really knows what the effects are?

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