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Side track justified by prevailing ignorance
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Deliberate sidetrack ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I was at a SAPFM meeting some years ago where a high school teacher shared work of his talented students. Then he mentioned potassium dichromate was used for staining, oblivious to the chemical and legal danger. In the break I warned him of the peril, then asked the meeting organizers if I could have a few minutes to explain that using this chemical on wood is a very bad idea, legally and toxicology wise. Incredibly my concern was dismissed and I was unable to warn others.

About 2 years ago Fine Woodowrking published an article using potassium chromate. The editor got an ear full from me and a bunch of other chemists. Wisely, the next issue provided appropriate warning.

Mostly I'm railing against the fear of "Chemicals", driers in linseed oil or finishing solvents for example, but not in this case.

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