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Jim Dillon
Steve, for the purpose of this discussion, don't confuse on-screen size of the displayed image with size of the compressed file associated with that image.

The first step in preparing an image for posting is to resize it. That is, resizing your original camera image down to something that will display on a "normal" computer monitor so that it will appear "reasonable" in size. For example, if I am using a monitor set to 1240 pixels wide, then your resizing an image to, say, 620 pixels wide (long edge) will occupy roughly 50 percent of my screen.

So far, so good. But now you need to compress the image file associated with that image in order to comply with WoodCentral's requirements of 100K. Thus, as a second step, you need to compress the file to 100K. Frankly, despite your stated concerns, a 100K file can look great (IMHO) on WC.

There are many programs on the internet that will accomplish the resizing step. but you want to find a program that will do BOTH in a single operation. Ellis has provided assistance in this. Hope this helps. Jim

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