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that is a wise plan.....
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Potassium dichromate?! ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
For if you used it at home and your neighbor was pissed off at you they would call the various state and federal agencies that deal with the workplace and the environment and you would be fined, jailed, both because if anyone is ignorant enough to use this stuff they are probably too ignorant to use it according to the multitude of state and federal requirements imposed on it.

It is one of the few proven carcinogens by respiration. I have shown that it persists in the sanding dust after staining with it. (It raises grain so sanding is required after application)

For what it is worth, I tested its light fastness on mahogany vs premetalized dye and the dye won. There is no valid reason to use this stuff.

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