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I haven't got a clue...

David Weaver
..which one water spots more easily, but any significant contact with water for more than just a little bit will cause all of it to spot.

I made two cases for my kids, and both have had slobber (they've outgrown that) and other drips on them. In each case, a mark is left behind (the shellac is blonde zinsser, but I've had the same thing on seal coat dewaxed).

Fortunately, a very light wipe seems to eliminate it.

Fresher shellac apparently has better water resistance, and I wouldn't be surprised if freshness was more important than wax or not.

For my two cases, I allowed them to take marks, etc, for five years for one and 8 for another until the static from the mrs. became too much. As lazy as I am, I used a piece of scrap cloth and a can of spray shellac, sprayed the rag and then wiped as little as I could on the problem spots (so as not to create a transition area) and all of the marks are gone. Total time spent for all of this with both pieces wasn't more than 5 minutes, and my one-time diversion to spraying water based finishes (they do, after all, last really well) is on hold and i'm back to using shellac, realizing that as long as i'm alive, every fix will likely be easy.

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