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Re: I follow with great interest.....

David Weaver
I believe that's about 2.2 pounds of shellac in a gallon can with a 3 pound cut

8* 3/(3+8) = 2.182

But, yes, as far as i know, that's the cheapest. And it's good for quite a long time before it gets to be slow-hardening if the can isn't already old (you need to take a magazine article with you to read the date on the can now that it's coded, though).

last gallon cans I bought were $38 plus tax. I think it would cost closer to $55 to get a kilo button lac and the alcohol of decent quality (green can kleen strip) to dissolve it - if that's even available in gallons.

I'm sure rustoleum has a much better source for their shellac than my mail order sources, and it's a good deal if you want one of the three colors they sell.

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