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Re: Yet another way for Wasteing away the half bli

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
One is left with a pleasant with-grain paring to the other base line......providing the grain is straight. And when it is not this paring can be troublesome.

Bill, this is not my experience ... and I work with particularly interlocked and hard woods.

This 20mm wide Jarrah board was routed with a 5/32" carbide upcut bit. The shoulder line is clean, and there is about 1mm at the outer line ..

The outer line (is there a name for this?) comes away cleanly and safely.

It is relevant to not that the important line in a half blind socket is that outer line. That is why I would rather leave this line with a smidgeon to remove with a chisel,

The line that is less important is the shoulder line since this is not a strong glue area (being end grain). A joint will still be strong if this area is cut a little too deep (and the socket given a shaving to level up).

Regards from Munich


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