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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
A good place to start is to assume a technique used in a 4th generation shop that actually makes stuff, a lot of stuff, has merit.

A case where a picture would be worth a thousand words. It has been awhile since I used this technique in the Headley shop and I am having to recall details.

baseline 1- the baseline that matches the length of the corresponding tail.

baseline 2- the baseline that matches the thickness of the piece

As best as I remember.....

The hollow chisel, employing a stop. chops a square hole where one side of this hole establishes baseline 2. One can see the pattern of the hollow chiseler in the picture. The bored depth stops some short of the final length of the tail.

The remaining waste is removed and the other baseline (1) established by chiseling. This chiseling is long grain chiseling that goes quickly if the grain is straight.

The struggle for making the long grain chisel cut in wood that isn't splitting straight is what led me to go to the route-it-out flat technique.

Make enough half blinds in cases and drawers and everyone will figure out what works best for them.

Disclaimer: recognize the difference between providing information and advocating. I reported what I did to build a case (not a drawer) in this thread, or in the case of the Headley shop, what I recall was done. I provide information. Nowhere did I suggest, or imply, someone else should do what I did. Information is based, to the best of my ability, on my experience or what I have observed or in this case what I actually did. I really was faced with the need for removing 7/8" by 9/16" waste. I will defend my information's accuracy but not its application to other's needs.

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