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There are meme apps and resizers..
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David Weaver
two different things.

1) I like the meme apps because they allow you to post full size images and they don't charge or care how much bandwidth you're using (as opposed to the older free image and album serving websites that want to collect a fee).

They don't know that you're not posting memes or social media focused pictures, so no big deal.

I like to use IMGUR.

2) There are also resizing apps for your phone that will attempt to resize to a certain size that would be within the limits of this site. The only trouble with that is that the site limitation is small and thus the resulting images are also small.

Personally, I'd rather keep the images full size, have them all in one place, and not put the burden of serving bandwidth on this site, so I chose the first.

It meets your criteria - the app makes uploading images very easy, and you may actually get meaningful response in the comments to your uploads once in a while (you can upload private images and serve them, too).

(when you click through, you'll see that you can get to a very large version of this image - in this case, I was trying to illustrate a french polished test piece where the shellac was applied directly to wet stain in one session with no follow-up work, and I used the wet oil based stain further as the oil to rub more and more finish on. If the image gets too small to get down to 100kb, it can be hard to see what you want to see).

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