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Yet another way for Wasteing away the half blinds *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

The Headley shop way overcuts the pins as is Period Correct for middle Virginia furniture. The base line at the depth of the socket is established with a hollow chisel mortiser, as seen in the picture. The waste in the corners is chiseled out (as seen in picture) much like I do, which is probably where I picked up chiseling this way. What I don't like about this approach is the same reservation I have about routing on the end of the pin board. One is left with a pleasant with-grain paring to the other base line......providing the grain is straight. And when it is not this paring can be troublesome.

The hollow chisel mortise method is quieter and less messy than using a router. Now that I have a good machine I may go back to it.

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