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David Weaver
I don't know if it's always true for woodworking, but there was a period where a lot of youtubers had stickers made and sold them directly for extra income.

(pre-patreon). I'm sure it's still done, but maybe they figured like the old race track fences that they could put up stickers for things they like or channels they kind of had a buddy system with and promote each other.

There's a reviewer of fine watches (i won't mention his name - he's beyond profane) who sells sticker space behind him (he does this actively, it's not a guess- his terms are in the summary section of his videos). It's almost hilarious - he says horrible things and then behind his head on his fridge are stickers like "book the dublin clown" or "travel to maine!". :b

People more or less pay him to insult their watch collections.

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