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Re: Moxomless dovetailing

David Weaver
I don't do as many dovetails as you do, but also don't have a moxon vise that I use (I built a hulk of one years ago that was also a router table fence, depending on what you want to have on it or not).

I think that if most people built first and read the forum later, they'd come up with more kludges like yours (I do something similar - my leg vise is good for grip on the left side of a board and I just use a quick grip clamp for the other side).

No clue what a paying shop would do. I like to do this type of work with me in motion as much as possible because it helps me pay attention better.

I no longer have a router table other than a tiny portable one just for flush trim on guitar bodies, but sometimes it would've been nice to have kept (for things like guitars that have a design made for power tool making).

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