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Re: A product of circumstance

Hank Knight
My walnut wall seem like an extravagance; but, actually, it's a product of circumstance. I bought a lightly used Hammer A3-32 jointer planer from a local woodworker who was moving to California. He offered me about 75 BF of walnut at a price I couldn't refuse because he didn't want to haul it to the left coast. It sat in a pile on the floor of my tiny shop where I tripped over it many times a day for a couple of months while I built my redial arm saw bench. My shop walls are poured concrete and originally, the wall above the bench was white pegboard - a pretty dismal combination.

[url=][/url][url=]207C4E97-980E-4EC0-9EBC-5B5283C5F081_1_105_c[/url] by [url=]Hank Knight[/url], on Flickr

When I finished the bench, I looked at the wall and the walnut pile on my shop floor and a light went off in my dim brain. I hauled the walnut to a friend's millwork shop. He milled it into T&G paneling and I nailed it up on the wall. It changed the whole ambiance of my shop; it's a much warmer and more inviting place now. I'm much happier with it as wall paneling than as an annoying obstacle on my shop floor.

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