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I WAS WRONG about the prices..

David Weaver
Went to lowes today, and either i misread a listing or a listing (other than lowes) was wrong showing the pint price with a quart.

The wipe on at the local lowes here is indeed $13 a pint instead of per quart, and at that, I am back to it being worth making a wipable product, even if the performance isn't identical.

I calculate 3 pints of brush on around $15 thinned 50%, and at least with what I saw, solids would be in the ballpark.

I can't imagine that bill is wrong, that the wipe on is intended to set up differently, but I ended up leaving with a quart of fast drying poly instead.

I am not a finish worker (the kind of person who paints or wipes an area and keeps getting at it over and over - you know the type), I apply finish, let cure. If it sets up badly thick, then I apply finish thinly.

I learned this (and it sounds dumb or inane to even say this) when I started using S-W paints after a contractor did a room on my house. He said something along the lines of paint it and don't play with it. I had only used cheaper paints prior, and he left me with 14 windows' and a door's worth of trim to paint three coats on (one prime, two cover coats). It was a great learning opportunity for someone who knows little about finishing. Apply the finish, let it be what it will be, don't play with it.

My FIL likes to paint and is retired. He's painted a few rooms in my house when out here on vacation. It's nice to get the help, but he's a fiddler. He's notoriously stingy and is big on makework. It leads to less than stellar results with paint, as he'll go back and rework an area until he does it once or twice too late and leaves a few dull looking spots on the last coat. He prefers cheap paints (like behr at home depot) that don't cover that well and allow you to faff around for a while.

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