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David Weaver
..not trying to pick a fight with the potential savings (for simplification purposes, here, it appears to be somewhere in the ball park of 10-25%, depending on brand. I was looking for minwax, but where I live, I guess home depot decided they couldn't get enough out of minwax and wanted to change the brand to watco so that they could get the extra $1 for a quart. I quite like most of what i've tried from minwax in the oil based realm).

At any rate, I would look at something like this and call it $3 on a project with $200-$400 worth of materials and write it off on whatever I liked to use better, or whatever is more convenient. That doesn't mean I think other people should uniformly agree with me - I've got plenty of other irrational things. Like I hate to spend money on consumables that "go away", like sandpaper. If I spend $10 in sandpaper on something, it's no big deal - but I rarely sand because the act of using the sandpaper and constantly getting bits and pieces out and throwing more away drives me up a wall.

It's gotten to the point that I can plane and scrape faster than I ever could, and i'm "not good at using sandpaper" these days.

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