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Identical vs. Similar

David Weaver
I don't know the answer in this case, but could see it going either way.

I found an old MSDS for the fast drying poly that specifies the exact % of mineral spirits (58%) instead of the current range that's published.

And then one for the wipe on poly (69.7%).

There are some other low percentage hazardous materials listed, and then all of the non-hazardous are left out so that the "secret formula" isn't known.

I wouldn't be surprised if experimentation made a fast-drying wipe on that is similar to the wipe on product in a can, but not identical. Same as I wouldn't be surprised if some of the oils are modified so that the way the wipe on finish behaves is slightly different due to less assumed material on the surface of a piece to flow out.

I don't use either on a regular basis, and have no horse in the race, but sometimes when you're Dresdner, it's easier to say something that's very similar is "the same thing" than it is to explain in six bullet points what the exact answer may be.

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